I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


4. Sunday

Sunday morning. My favourite time of the week. Not.

My family is die-hard catholic so every sunday morning for all of the 17 years i spent with them, they made me go to mass. I hated it there, not because i don't believe in god or because I'm satanic or anything. I think its because they tried their best to shove their religion down my throat and it just made me rebel against it. I pleaded, i cried, i threatened. Nothing could get me out of it. With time i learnt to just make up stories in my head to pass the time. Most of them included a zombie apocalypse and the church-goers running around like ants.. You know, fun stuff to take my mind of things.

Now that I'm free, i feel bad about not going. Kind of ironic, but you cant spent your life living a certain way without some things sticking with you.

So now i spent my sunday mornings in bed watching bad tv and thinking about mass. Which made me think about my family. Then the homesickness kicks in and i end up with a tear-stained face and a running nose.

But not today. Today, i was going to get a freaking frapuccino, go to the freaking library, and finish reading my freaking book! No distractions. Thats what told myself. I was doing great, too! Got out of bed, took a shower.. Until i got to Starbucks.

At the end of the line, i was minding my own business (by which i mean i was fixing my cuticles distractedly) when the girl on the front called me.

"Are you Danielle?" At the sound of my name, i looked up to see her waiting for my response.

"Me?" I asked

"Are you?" She was getting anxious..

"Em, yeah..?" What was going on? I did spent a lot of time here, but i didn't think any of the employees knew me by name. Maybe my dream of a Frequent Customer Card was becoming true! Play it cool.

"Great! Come over, we have your frapp ready" and with that she turned to rummage around her workplace. A little taken back now, i got to the front of the line glancing apologetically at the people around me. I hoped it said "i have no idea whats going on!"

The girl appeared again holding a drink with my name on it. It looked just like my regular pick too.

"Im sorry, there must be a mistake. I didn't order anything in advance" a crazy idea was starting to take form in my head, but I refused to believe it. There's no such a thing as a Frequent Customer Card! If i believed it and it was a mistake, i'd be disappointed.

"A boy came earlier and said it was an Im-sorry-and-thank-you gift. So, here you go!" What? A boy? None of the boys i knew would do that for me without some kind of bribe. The frappe the girl presented to me had a phone number scribbled on the side, just over a winky face, a "luke" and a couple of "xx"s. Oh, i got it. My confusions was replaced by annoyance. Really? Was i supposed to call him to express how grateful i was or to profess my love for him like every other girl?

"Did he happen to be over 6feet? Blond? Blue eyes?" I asked looking at the girl. Her name tag read AMBER. She didn't seem to mind the cold cup in her hand, but her smile was kind of tired.

"Im not sure, he had sunglasses on and a beanie. He gave your description though, so we could get it to you" i knew this was stupid and i should just take it and go so the line could get moving but i just couldn't do it.

"Im sorry, I cant take it" her face turned utterly confused, her hands dropped a bit.

"You don't want it?"

"Nope. If he comes back, could you please tell him I don't appreciate people buying stuff for me?"

"I guess.. Yeah sure. What do you want me to do with this, then?"

"You can have it. Have a nice day Amber!" I smiled at her and exited the store quickly just in case she changed her mind and forced to me to take it or something, regretting not being able to get a drink for myself. Stupid Luke! It was a nice gesture i guess, though unnecessary. And it left me Frappuccino-less for the day. Great.

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