I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


9. Go To Sleep Already!

We made it upstairs. As soon as i got to my flat, i stumbled into my room and fell on the bed facing the mattress. The bouncy movement disagreed with me.

"Can you close the door?" I mumbled against a pillow.

"What are the magic words?"

"Bite me?" I could hear him laugh from the kitchen. There was also another sounds, like things clashing together.

"Are you rummaging through my stuff? Theres no food in the pantry" the noise stopped, so i turned to lay on my side and saw him standing by the door with a boiling mug in one hand and a pill in the other.

"I founds some things you could use. Sit up or you'll get burned. There's only so much I can cure without medical equipment" smiling, i did as i was told.

"There's a first aid book somewhere in my house. Maybe I could get it for you" he walked in and sat next to me. Giving me what he carried, i swallowed the medicine and gratefully took the hot drink. My body temperature started raising between sips.

"You have a house?" Damn.

"Uh.. My parent do, were i used to live" His smile was so cute i almost gave up more information. I was willing too, but he stopped me.

"Hey, its ok. You don't have to tell me now. Just rest" he took the cup from my fingers and placed it on the nightstand. I didn't get it. What was he doing here? My head was starting to process what had happened.

"Don't you have something better to do?"

"Helping damsels in distress is my job description" that was more like the guy i liked. I laughed and laid on my back, scooting back to get under the covers.

"Oh, you a firefighter then? I thought you were a musician! Thank god." Luke bursted out laughing. He leaned against my headboard, his legs next to me so i was looking up at him.

"I see you're feeling better"

"I would feel much better if you laid with me" moving my eyebrows up and down i laughed at my words. Did I just say that? "Never mind, i think thats the pill talking. Did you drug me?" He smiled and got down with me, extending one of his arms towards me. Thinking about it only for a second, i rolled over until my head was against his bicep. His eyes rested on my face.

"I knew you were a cuddler"

"Im not cuddling!"

"You are"

"Are not!" His chuckles rumbled in his chest, making his hole body shake.

"Are too" his smile was the devilish one. The im-getting-my-way smile i loved.

"Oh, just shut up" closing my eyes, i got my arm around his torso and put my head in his chest. His arms automatically went around me.

"Does this mean you'll accept my frappuccinos?" I smiled a tiny bit.

"Don't push your luck"

"As you so kindly pointed out, I'm a musician. I live from luck"

"I thought you lived from your musical talents and good looks" he laughed softly.

"How about we play a game? I say something about myself.. Say, where I'm from.. And you have to tell me where you're from"

"I can get that info from google. What's in it for me?" His chest moved with laughter. I could also hear his heartbeat, just a little bit too fast.

"Don't ruin the game. I go first... I was born and raised in Sydney" opening my eyes, i saw his expectant expression and exhaled with defeat.

"Fine. I was born in Piura but moved to Lima when i was 5. Lived there till last december" the wheels turning in his head were almost visible from the outside.

"Lima is in.. Latin america? I think.. Yeah, 1D played there a year or so ago. Peru, right?" I smiled big at him.

"Wow, not just a pretty face, huh?" he smiled back.

"'Course not. Im awesome too" the sickness' tiredness was getting to me by this point, so i yawned. "Am i THAT boring to you?" He was making fun of himself. I buried my face in his shirt and threw a leg over one of his. He smelled wonderful.

"Yeah, actually. Can I sleep now?"

"Thats ok, get some rest sleepyhead. Ill get more stuff out of you later" i could hear his smile in his voice.

"Will you stay over?" I asked confused. Raising to a sitting position again.

"Unless you don't want me to" Luke's self-conscious side was showing up. He was so much more than what met the eye. He was actually worried i was throwing him out. I had slept with him once, if he was a murderer or a rapist he would've done something by now. Not to mention all the bad press something like that would get him..

"What would you stay for?"

"Hm.. To, you know, make sure you don't drown in your vomit or something?"

"I guess it could happen..Ok, but only tonight got it? My mom would kill me if she found out" i pointed at him trying to sound badass. Because whats more badass that saying your mom would flip if she found out you've slept with a boy? He smiled.

"Not to make you regret your decision, but I'm kind of a dragon in the mornings. Just letting you know"

"So you're not leaving like last time?" Was that hope in my voice? When did I turn into THAT girl?

"I had that meeting to get to, i didn't mean to sleep over.. i was dying"

"Must be that sleep deprivation from concerts and partying"

"Yeah, we got back from tour 4 days ago and I'm still catching up on some sleep. I love every second of it, but its exhausting. You have to give 100% every day for the fans. I feel like we own them everything and thats our way of paying them back" he seemed so sincere, he really believed all of that. A sweet smile took over my face.

"Thats why you fell asleep on my floor?"

"Well, you have a remarkably comfy floor.. Your bed's much better though." So cheeky this boy, he knew what he was doing. From deep and meaningful to ladies' man in a sec.

"Then go to sleep already! Im way to tired to keep up with your innuendos" with that, I laid down again like before and closed my eyes.

He laughed and hugged me again, running one of his hands up and down my spine. Its weird to say this, but we kinda fitted together. His breathing was so soothing it must've only taken seconds for me to fall asleep.

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