I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


10. Badass

I woke up with a warm body halfway under me. My arm around him and his around me, our legs tangled. At least it was not a cold and dead body, right? How creepy would that be? How did it get here, anyway? Was I drunk last night? I've never been drunk. Well, only that time when I was 15, but still. The previous day's events came back to me in a rush and I groaned. Gosh, there was no getting rid of Luke Hemmings. Opening my eyes slowly I came face to neck with him, his jawline hovering a few centimetres away from my eyelashes. He had some stubble but his slightly ajar mouth and his hair sticking up in every direction made him look younger. I took a few seconds to suck in his appearance. His warmth and softness wasn't making getting up easy. After all, you don't wake up everyday next to a guy that looks like this. Specially if you're plain old me. Ok, I'll count to 5 and move away. 1.. He has amazingly long eyelashes for a boy, and they are blond like mine.. 2.. He has some freckles in his neck, i could join them together to make shapes.. 3.. My god, that piercing.. His eyes opened lazily, looking around and settling on my face. He grinned, squeezing me a bit.

"Hey" his voice was all raspy and sexy.

"Hey yourself"

"Has anyone told you its not polite to stare?"

"Has anyone told you its not polite to go into people's houses uninvited?" He laughed and rolled, getting on top of me.

"I was invited"

"You forced me to!"

"I did not! You invited me to spend the night on your own free will. Now it would be very impolite not to feed me, by the way" he was supporting his weight on his forearms, one on each side of my face. His expression was cheeky to say the least. With every sentence he said, he would move a little bit closer. A little bit more..

"Im going to scream bloody murder if you don't roll away right now" he laughed sitting up. what was he doing to me?

"Its just so much fun to tease you, I'm sorry. Please lead the way, I'm starving." Glaring at him i got out of bed and walked to my kitchen muttering about how fun it was going to be when i mutilated his pride and joy. He must've heard because he chuckled behind me.

Some cupboards were open and a few pills were scattered over the table, presumably from Luke's heroics, so i started by getting everything in order. Turning around to face the boy, i used the countertop to rest my weight on my elbows.

"Are you cooking something for us or do your abilities only cover up clothes-washing and kitchen-messing?" Walking to one of the stoles, Luke sat down in front of me smiling.

"Cooking is not really my thing. Maybe we could go out to get some dinner or something" that made me pause. Dinner?

"Wait, what time is it?" I looked around for a clock with no success. I ended up spinning much like a dog chasing its tail. Damn me and my low-regard of clocks! Some laughter made me stop.

"You're so cute. Come on, I'm buying" he stood up and got his jacket from one of the chairs. I hadn't noticed he had left it there.

"Im not cute! Im intimidating and badass. And i've told you a thousand times i don't like you buying stuff for me!" To back up my statement i growled a bit. Don't judge me, it seemed like a good idea at the time, ok? It only made him laugh harder though.

"Oh yeah, like kitten-badass"

"Hey now, kittens are evil! With the little claws and pointy teeth.. Im assuming you've never been attacked by one" I shivered at the memory. "And what do you know about badass?!"

"What do you mean with what do i know? I have a lip-piercing! And kittens are just cuddly fur-balls! Ducks on the other hand.." The pensive look on his face was funny.

"A lip piercing doesn't make you badass, you dumb-ass! Specially if you're scared of ducks! You're like 7 feet tall, for crying out loud!" My laugher couldn't be stopped, i was half bent to stop my belly from aching.

"It makes me punk rock! I looked it up on google! And ducks bite ok?! And chase you around! Little nasty.." I got the feeling he could've kept insulting them so i cut him off still trying to calm myself.

"You looked it up on google?! Are we really having this discussion?!" He shook his head and laughed at the situation.

"We're getting food! Im taking you out to dinner right now. You can even pick the place"

"As long as there are no scary ducks close by, right?" It was just to good to pass out! He crunched up his nose and looked at me from the corner of his eye.

"I get the feeling I'm gonna regret telling you that"

"You're gonna regret meeting me when I'm done with you" our eyes met, both of us smiling.

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