I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


2. Asleep

He creaked the door open and looked around. "Was that you? I heard a bang" i was lying on my back looking at the ceiling, all my clothes spread around me.

"Naah, Thin walls, loud neighbours"

"Then why is there a giant bump on your forehead?" His face appeared in my line of sight, amused but kind of worried too. A pulsing in my head confirmed there was now in fact a bump in my forehead.

"It was there when we met"

"No it wasn't, i would've noticed"

"You were too busy checking me out to notice" A big grin split his face now. How can he smile so much without his cheeks hurting?

"Your legs look great in shorts, by the way"

"Oh, shut up. I may or may not have fallen, ok? Stop laughing at me"

"Im only laughing at how much you like to argue. And at your socks.. Definitely laughing at your socks" he outstretched an arm to help me get up. I didn't take it.

"I was in my school's debate team. And math team. Not any sports team, though. And you're just jealous of my fantabulous socks"

"I knew you had brains. Can i get a pair of those socks, then? to see for myself about all this fantabulousy?" He was wiggling his fingers right in front of my nose now. We locked eyes, both smiling.

"Maybe for your birthday"

"Are you coming to my birthday then?" Was he flirting with me? Was i flirting with him?!

"Do you want me to?"

"Its in 4 months"

"So?" He sighed and laid on the floor next to me.

"Can the socks have rock bands' name on them instead of yellow dots?"

"Like, the muppets and stuff, right?" He bursted out laughing.

"You're officially invited"

"Ill right it down in my agenda"

"You should" he sighed. How did i get to this point? Lying in my kitchen's floor with a guy i just met, who promised to teach me how to work my washer.

"And you should put some ice on that thing before it gets bigger" he added as an afterthought.

"And YOU should get up, your clothes aren't getting cleaned by themselves, you know?" i sat up and looked over. His eyes were closed, a hand behind his head. No answer.

"Are you comfortable?"


"Should i get you a blanket or something, your highness?" The perfect opportunity to stare at him without getting caught. What was a girl to do?

"The washer is ready to go, throw your stuff in and press start"

"Is that a king's command?" he smiled without opening his eyes or moving at all. He had an arrow-straight nose, high cheekbones, a tall forehead, long light eyelashes, an amazing mouth... And that piercing..

"Yes. Bring some food too.. aaand I can feel you staring"

"Im not staring"

"Sure. And you're not blushing either. Now hurry up!"

"Don't tell me what to do" I stood up anyway, picked up my fallen clothes and got them in the machine with his. Close it up, press start. That wasn't so hard now, was it? Coming out i crunched next to Luke's still figure.

"All done sergeant! Are you..?" Yep. Definitely asleep. "Now what?" I couldn't leave him like that, could I?

"Damn me and my goodness" sitting next to his head i wondered for a bit what was the right thing to do. Almost unconsciously, I found my right hand running through his hair. It was very soft. The light colour contrasted with the dark circles under his eyes. How hadn't i noticed those before? I considered myself an observant person, how did this slip? The answer was simple, i cant think straight with cute guys around.

"Damn you and your cuteness" I continued petting him for a while, hearing him make small sounds now and then. Like a purring cat..

"Hey, come on" i whispered at last in his ear, pulling at his arm to get him up. That hard floor was going to give him a horrible neck pain. He stood up groggily, scratching his head with the hand i wasn't holding and looking around confused. Once in a standing position, i got myself under his arm and got him to my unmade bed. Every single part of my rational self screamed at me, but i just had to take care of him. He laid on his side and snuggled up to my pillow.

I could blame all this in my mother hen instincts. I mean, I often felt like taking care of small kids. Well, more "sometimes" than "often". Kind of the same thing, right? After taking his shoes off and putting a blanket on top of him, i sat on the other side of the bed for a second. Then i laid down with a sigh.This morning i was going to the library to get some reading done. 9am, grabbed a drink, everything was fine. 9:30am and I was back in bed. With a guy. A hot and possible axe-enthusiast stranger guy. Or maybe even trigger-happy. Is it legal to carry weapons in the UK? Hmm, i should look into that.

Something woke me up. Looking around i wondered what had disturbed my slumber, until a shadowy figure leaned over me. Soft lips touched my forehead, a hand grabbed my neck to keep me still. I was so relaxed and at peace that i feel asleep within the second the touch was gone, without thinking about it much really.

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