I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


7. Almost

Yep, it was him. Was he following me? Damon and Daisy saw me looking over and turned in sync. Sometimes i wish for a twin. Other times i think two "me"s would be too much for the world to take. Damon got an evil-looking smile on his face while her reaction was almost ridiculous.

"I..is.. Is that hot guy looking at you?" Her mouth was halfway open and her head was going back and forth between the 2 of us.

"Maybe, whats wrong with a hot guy looking at me?" i shoot daggers at him with my eyes and showed him my tongue. The sunglasses where back and his hood was up this time. I didn't know how she could make up enough of his face to know he was hot. The piercing was all i needed to see, though.

"Nothing, but you're looking at him too" busted. Turning my attention back to her it was really hard not to gaze up again.

"No, I'm not. I was looking at that beautiful 19th century architectural wonder he's leaning against"

"And how come you've never paid any attention to this architectural wonder before?" She knew she was onto something.

"I have. The pillars and all those.. I don't think i actually know what to call them in english but they're clearly wonderful" damon smirked.

"You're blushing. Who is he?" She wasn't taking any crap.

"Luke" i said playing with my fingers and trying not to see her face. Damon came into my line of view. He was enjoying my suffering. Maybe a big brother wasn't such a good idea after all.

"Luke what? Does he go here?"

"Luke something-or-other.. I don't think he goes to university" to be honest i had no idea.

"So, you like him?" Damon asked.

"NO!" He smiled and turned around, starting to walk towards Luke. Oh god.

"Damon!" Daisy and I whispered to his retreating back. Of course, damon doesn't listen to anyone and does as he pleases, so we had no other option but to jog so we could catch up. Oh god, oh god. This was going downhill quickly.

"Are you following me, Luke?!" I asked as soon as we got within hearing range, before damon could mess something up.

"Are you avoiding me, Danielle?" he said putting emphasis on my name. His hands where on his skinny jeans' pockets, the black vans where also here.

"Well, contrary to what you may think, my life doesn't revolve around you. Im going to classes" i was getting closer and closer to him with each sentence, my hands tight fists by my sides. His face got all confused.

"Why're you so mad at me?if its because of what happened earlier, I'm sorry, it wasn't my fault"

"Give her that frapp, Damon" Daisy said seeing how my bad mood was getting worst, she also looked at me with clear curiosity. Probably for the "earlier" comment Luke made. Her brother handed my little piece of heaven over and i scowled before taking it and sipping greedily. Ah, paradise. Forgetting about them, i dropped my bag and sat on a dry patch on the floor indian style. Daisy laughed and Luke smiled down at me. I was still pissed, but my murderous rage was gone.

"Who are you?" Asked damon regarding him with curiosity.

"Luke something-or-other" reminded him daisy before Luke could come up with an answer. She knew i was keeping his name a secret for some reason, maybe her BFF senses where tingling or something. The blond boy could only look at her funny and sit in front of me, tucking his legs to rest his chin on his knees. Would he had given his real name? He pointed to my Frappuccino.

"I don't think thats a healthy relationship. You've got a dependency" the twins sat down next to me and exchanged glances. My cup was half-empty so i was feeling better. They, on the other hand, must've been freezing their butts off.

"I guess, but i could be doing drugs so.." I replied between gulps of the delicious nectar of the gods. That made him laugh. He sprawled on the sidewalk, resting his weight on his arms.

"Aren't you cheerful"

"If you're looking for cheerful, you got the wrong girl mate" i said smiling.

"Look at them, its like we're not even here" cut in Daisy. It was obviously meant to make us do introductions, but Damon laughed, deciding to respond anyway.

"Lovebirds, what do you expect?" Is thats what older brothers do? Luke smiled at me.

"Stop blushing Danielle, we cant keep our love a secret much longer. Might as well tell your friends now" my drink done, i left the empty cup on the floor before laying on my back with half-closed eyes.

"whatever you say dear, right this instant i don't care" that got everyone laughing.

"We should get organized to make sure she always has one" suggested Daisy picking up my trash. Damon started pulling at my hair. I really didn't care right then.

"Im in on that" added Luke kicking my boots. He had a peaceful smile, very nice "she's so much more docile! the big-mouthed girl is way funner, though.."

"I love how you're all discussing me like I'm not here. But remember i will get up eventually. And i will kill some people if i have to" Daisy laughed and stood up.

"Definitively more fun. My morning is not complete without receiving death threats" she said bending at her waist to ruffle my hair. "Im out guys. Class is in 5 minutes and i have to talk to Mr. Stein. Ill see you inside. Nice meeting you Luke something-or-other!"

"Yeah, you too.." He realized he didn't know her name.

"Daisy" she said smiling.

"Daisy" he repeated. She waved at the rest of us and walked inside.

"So, what brought you here Luke?" Wondered Damon still pulling at my loose curls "any particular stubborn girl that we might know?"

"If you came for me, you can get going" i warned him trying to look scary. They both laughed at my attempt.

"Well, contrary to what you may think, my life doesn't revolve around you" he was coping what i said before "I'm actually going to see a Make A Wish girl that asked to see me, and she happens to be studying here" that was.. Very nice of him. Damon seemed impressed too.

"Make a wish foundation? Why would they want..?" Oh no. I sat up.

"Hey damon! Why don't you go look for your tramp?" he stood up reluctantly seeing as i was throwing him out. Maybe remembering he had an easy girl waiting for him also helped. "Sure.. Ill let you two ALONE" he smirked and left after doing the guy-shake with Luke.

"Why is she still studying if she's gonna die?" I asked when damon got inside. I was curious.

"She wants to be normal. what would you do if you knew you where going to die?" Luke answered.

"I know I'm going to die, i just don't know when" i said shrugging. "Normal is boring anyway"

"You're right. Ok, let me put it a different way. If you were told you had..." He looked up at the grey sky "24 hours to live, and you could do anything. What would you do?"

"Something stupid, probably" he laughed.

"Yeah, me too"

"Like, go sky diving.. Travel.. " i was watching him. This beautiful boy right in front of me. Did i like him? I didn't know him. Not enough to get involved with his crazy fame, at least. He looked at me then.

"Yeah! But why wait until you're dying to do all of those things?"

"Not all of us are super rich rockstars" i smiled before standing up "i've gotta go, but i guess i'll see you around wether i like it or not.."

"'Course you will" his smile was so big it almost made me forget that morning. Almost.

"Send my regards to your groupies"

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