I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


1. A Random Guy

I was walking down a busy street in London looking at my cold cup in my gloveless hand. Why does Starbucks always takes forever to get drinks done? I mean, I'm no expert but 15 minutes sounds like a lot for a crème frapp. Just grab everything, throw it in a blender and be done with it, dammit! Tim Hortons is so much better.

But then, Tim is a very canadian thing and I'm not in Canada anymore, am I? Its been a while since I left and going back is out of question for now because of university and stuff. I love Canada, but Im not Canadian. I'm not American either, nor English or Irish. Nope, I'm Peruvian. You know, Machu picchu? In south america? home to hot spanish-speaking tanned girls with long brown hair and big brown eyes. I was born and raised in Peru, even though I never really fit the description. I'm deadly pale, with ashy blond hair that I now wear up to my waist and pale blue eyes. I used to stand out in the crowds, and was teased nonstop for it growing up. The only latin thing i have is my 5'4 curvy frame. And by curvy, i mean that i have hips. Breasts? Not so much.

Believe me, i would trade it any day for a skinny body, but I have to work with what I have. And right now i have a very cold frapuccino freezing my already cold hands.

I think Einstein said that stupidity was doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If so, then I'm one stupid girl. Who in their right mind orders a freaking cold drink in the middle of the winter!? Repeatedly?! Although it is very good and I'm kind of addicted to it.. And I'm still adapting to London, so thats kind of an excuse, right? From where I'm from, the coldest you get is 15 degrees Celsius. Here? Im betting on -15 with the way my hair stiffens after I take a shower and run out of my flat in the mornings.

Don't get me wrong, I love winter, thats one of the reasons I moved all the way to this part of the planet. I just miss the sun sometimes. All this fog is kind of depressing after a while, and my fingers turning blue right in front of my eyes certainly doesn't help.

I was so distracted with my thoughts that I crashed into someone's chest. My drink (which I hadn't had the chance to taste yet, btw) spilt all over the boy and me, I knew it was a boy because of his height, and If i was complaining about being cold before now I was right down near hypothermia.

"holy jesus christ thats cold!" I yelled, tugging on my wet clothing to separate it from my body. Stupid water-absorbent woollen "jumper".

"Yes it is! I don't know if i would've preferred for you to carry hot coffee instead" said my poor victim half laughing. I looked up from my chest to find a tall and skinny broad-shouldered guy in front of me with a messy blond quiff. He was bent over to stay away from his wet white t-shit, that received half of my frappuccino since his jacket was open over a red flannel shirt. He also had black skinny jeans and vans, but i couldnt see his face from this angle. The hood of his jacket made it impossible to make up his features.

"I don't drink coffee.. I mean.. Ah.. sorry! Im so sorry! Here, let me help!" desperately trying to make myself useful, I got my hands under his t-shirt to squish the liquid out of the fabric. But the second my skin touched his, I felt his muscles tense.

"Aah! you're really cold!" he yelled still laughing, and used his hands to take mine away from him. Could this get any more embarrassing?

"I'm really sorry! .. Are you ok?" He finally raised his face, beautiful blue eyes sparkling and a smile playing on his lips. It made his lip-ring stand out.

"yeah, don't worry about it.. wait, are you blushing?" now, I know some people say their cheeks burn when they blush, but mines don't. They just get crazy red out of the blue and the only way for me to know is if someone points it out. Great. I freed my hands form his grasp and covered my face with them, taking a step away to breath. I couldn't look at his face, so I settled for talking trough my fingers.

"I'm sorry! Im just.. Gosh, I'm sorry, I'm such a klutz sometimes. My flat is really close, if its okay with you, I can wash your clothes so you don't walk around wet in this weather..i mean, its ok if you don't want too but .. Im sorry.." I was babbling. Wonderful. He laughed and pulled at wrists to take my hands away from my face. He must've been leaning or something. 6 feet tall couldn't possibly put him at my eyes' level.

"hey, stop apologizing, alright? Its cool. Is it really ok if i borrow your washer? You really don't have to, but I have a meeting and Im staying at the other side of the city soon so.."

"you're not english" I blurted out. No, he surely wasn't, but asking like that sounded rude. He looked at me curiously, shook his head and laughed again.

"Ace mate! I'm an Aussie! But you're not english either, are you? Aye! Im Luke" he said with a very heavy Australian accent as he let me go to offer me his right hand. I bursted out laughing.

"oh gosh, do you all really talk like that? Im Danielle, and no, I'm not from around here." I replied shaking his big and warm hand. We were both sticky, but mine was considerably hotter for being held by him. It was kinda nice.

"Great" he said still shaking my hand.

"Great. Yeah, so.. Hm.. My flat's this way" i pointed over my shoulder to the way i've come. His eyes widened realizing he still had me and let go, getting his hands deep in his pockets. Hunching over a little, he looked as huggable as a giant teddybear.

"Yeah, sorry. Lead the way" i smiled, turning to walk all the 3 blocks home. Luke got next to me easily with his long legs.

"So, a caramel frapp, huh?" He said licking some whipped cream from his finger.

"Crème caramel frapp, they're good" thats just why i don't have a boyfriend. Im terrible at dealing with people.

"Danielle, the girl that likes crème caramel frappes" a small smile played on his lips.

"thats me"

"Oh, Interesting name, btw" he looked at me smiling.

"Thanks, I picked it myself" he laughed before noticing i was being serious. That got his attention.

"You did?"

"Yep, a month or so ago"

"What was wrong with the one you had before?"

"People couldn't pronounce it correctly"

"It must've been weird then.. Hm.. You didn't tell were you're from" I smiled to myself. No, I hadn't told him. But i learnt the hard way not to offer to much information. Specially to good looking strangers. People don't really care.

Keeping the dark thoughts away, i answered without breaking my strides.

"Nope, i didn't" from the corner of my eye i saw his surprise.

"Are you going to?"

"Don't think so"

"Can i get a clue?"

"Im not british or Australian" my smile was getting harder and harder to stop.

"I kind of figured that out" he smiled too and looked at me more closely. "You're not american right? That'd be way to easy"

"And you don't think I'm an easy girl? Im beyond flattered!" I rested a hand over my heart and smiled really big at him, fluttering my eyelashes. Why was he so hot? It was distracting. I was trying to be sassy! He laughed.

"You're such a tease. C'mon! Tell me! How're we supposed to have a loving relationship if you wont even tell me where you're from?" Now I was surprised. I think my mouth hit the floor.

"And who said we are going to have a loving relationship, huh? I like fun relationships way better" he laughed and put an arm around my shoulders. The weight was weird but comfortable at the same time. He had the most amazing laugh and I could tell he was one happy guy from all the laughing he did.

"Well, you don't really get to choose. We'll have a loving relationship until I get my clothes cleaned. Then we can talk about fun.. You're blushing again" he was bitting his lip and looking right at me. Focus Danielle, focus. Breath in, breath out. Take him home. Well, that sounds bad.. Take him to your washer. If he continues to annoy you maybe you can throw him into it.

My building was only a block down from the Starbucks i usually went to and 3 blocks from university. I could surely stand him for that long.

"And why would I want to have fun with you? Im not into blonds. All that bleach makes your brain shrink and it burns my nose" I made a face to make my point and stepped ahead to open the door to the lobby. Turning to look at him, a devilish grin was plastered on his face.

"You are also blonde"

"Not bottle blonde though" i smirked as he played hurt.

"You wound me, you know? My ego is a fragile thing" rolling my eyes I entered expecting him to follow. Where was all this confidence coming from?

"Yeah right. I just met you but i can tell your ego is as fragile as captain america's shield.."

"I heard that!"

"You were meant to! Now come on. I can't feel my belly anymore"

"And here i was thinking you were shy.. Talking about bellies in the first date! Thats scandalous" we got to the elevator's doors and i pressed the call button before looking at him again.

"I am shy, but sometimes my quick wit cant be stopped. Cocky boys bring out the worst of me"

"You cant be stopped all right.. And don't think I didn't notice how you didn't say anything about this being a date" he was having the time of his life! That bastard.. it slipped!

"I.. It.. It just isn't" I lifted my eyebrows at him."I already have a boyfriend"

"No you don't. And aren't you too young to live on your own? And to invite strangers in? Someone's mother didn't do a very good job" The elevator dinged and we got in, both leaning on opposing sides with our arms crossed. I was shooting daggers at him and his stupid self-absorbed smile.

"Just for the record, I'm 17 and yes, my mother did a lousy job raising me"

"Oh poor thing! She didn't give you cookies and warm milk?" Ugh! I didn't reply to him. I just stared at the ceiling. My mom had actually been really nice to my sisters and me, i was just being the melodramatic teenager.

"She didn't read you bedtime stories?" I was not dignifying that with an answer. I could hear his smile in his voice!

"Oh, no. God forbid she didn't buy you barbies!" thats it!

"Thats exactly why I live on my own! I can take care of myself. Im not a child!" his laugh came back.

"Hey, no need to be defensive! I actually am quite a momma's boy myself. Nothing wrong with having someone to buy you candy"

"Oh god, you're incredible"

"I know right? Now back to business.. Is english your first language? Because its very good but i can hear a light thing with your pronunciation" the elevator opened up and we started walking down the corridor.

"Its not" i opened my door and got in with Luke on my heals.

"What is it, then?"

My flat wasn't small but after leaving my hole life in a house i was starting to get claustrophobic. The door lead right to the living room, with a kitchen to the right and my bedroom to the left. A bathroom was connected to my room and the laundry was next to the kitchen. Big windows gave it a great light and the white walls made it feel bigger. The white couches with little blue pillow and a sky-blue carpet under the coffee table completed the space. I didn't have any paintings or photos. The boy made a 180 degree turn to take it all in.

"Are we playing 21 questions? I learnt english at school. But i wont tell you anything else. Take of your shirt" did i really say that out loud? I think i was trying to distract him from the lack of personal stuff on my apartment. He looked at me, a smile slowly taking over his features.

"Aren't you bossy" Im pretty sure i was turning a shade of red close to Mars' surface.

"Im going to wash it! Come on, i can lend you a sweatshirt if you don't want to show me your belly" i was twisting my fingers behind my back. Stupid nervous habits.

"And again with the belly talk! If you wanted me shirtless all you had to do was ask, remember for the next time you feel like throwing a drink at me" He said laughing at the floor, taking of his jacket, shirt and t-shirt; handing the last one to me. His hair got a bit messed up. "I'll stay with my flannel shirt, but only so you can think coherently. I've been told i can be a little distracting." I was glad and pissed at the same time. What an idiot! An idiot with marked abs and a light tan even in the middle of the winter. So he either had a fake one or he traveled a lot. He put on his shirt again. It looked warm enough. I started walking to the laundry room behind the kitchen. All without staring at him, i made myself proud. Take that you egoistical Aussie!

"Oh thank you for your kindness, good sir! Even though Im sure thats not the first drink you've got thrown at you"

"i cant help it if girls just want to rip my clothes o.."

I closed the kitchen's door so i could no longer hear him. I certainly hopped the neighbours wouldn't complain about a guy yelling.

Now the tricky part. The thing is, I don't really know how to make the washer-thingy work. The theory is easy enough. Throw stuff in, close.. Nono! First the soap and then close. Press some buttons and wait. But there's so many buttons! It's the last week of january, which means i haven't washed any clothes for all of the 3 weeks i've been here. And to make things worst, its not even my clothes that I'm washing! Maybe i should wash some of my clothes with him.. Or using his as a experiment would be better? But f i mess it up, Luke'll get pissed! Maybe, i don't really know.. He doesn't seem like the type.. A knock on the door made me jump.

"Did you fall in and drown? Whats taking so long?" Turning around i opened the door and Luke poked his head in.

"Im hiding from you and planning revenge. Should I make you t-shirt pink?" He shook his head and entered, making me back up against the machine. He had both hands on his jean pockets.

"You should, but i don't think that's whats going on. You look kind of afraid of the thing" he said gesturing to the big chunk of metal behind me. I could se him struggle to maintain a straight face.

"Stop laughing! I've never used one before, ok? My nannies used to do the washing. Happy now?" I crossed my arms like the spoiled girl I'm sure he thought i was and glared at him. He was cracking up.

"Oh god, are you serious? How long have you been living alone? What was your plan for when you ran out of clean undies, huh Miss. Im-a-big-and-independent-girl?"

"Its not funny! Its tragic, i was going to buy more.. And i don't have to tell you this!" he was full on laughing at me! My pouting expression must've been pitiful because he took a big gulp of air before calming down.

"I'll teach you how to make it work and then we can watch a movie or something. Deal?"

"Does it take that long?" Now my curiosity was showing up. He smiled that big heartbreaking smile before getting all serious.

"No, but you can see it as payment for giving you my millenary washer knowledge. Its been passed down for generations" i rolled my eyes at him and smiled.

"Okey, i don't want to anger your ancestors..but we're even after that, got it?"

"Fine by me"

"Why are you still staring at me like that?"

"Im waiting for you to take off your clothes so we can get started" the devilish smirk was back.

"Ugh! Just.. Wait here" in my bedroom, i changed into jean shorts and a gray hoodie, leaving on my supper fluffy socks. They were great for sliding on the floor, so i used them a lot in the flat. Of course, since its me, most of my skating adventures in the halls end up with colourful bruises. And of course, i managed to crash against the kitchen door running back to Luke. Not that i was running back TO him or anything..

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