I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


6. A Deal With the Devil

That was the my third day without a frapp. And god help me, if there was a forth someone was going to get hurt. I went to university after dodging a few running fans and went about my day as normal. Well, as normal as i could be.

"Dani!" Someone yelled from behind me and i jumped 3 feet in the air. After ditching Luke, part of me was waiting for him to appear again and drag me back to the street for that frappe. Luckily for me, it was only Ben running to catch up. He was tall and big, with short brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hey Ben! You scared me halfway to death!"

"Its not my fault you're so jumpy today. Whats that thing on your forehead?" Great, he noticed the bump.

"I.. Fell" He laughed one of his big belly laughs "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because you're a jerk" he laughed again.

"Or because your really clumsy"

"Hey! I've managed for 17 years. Even all alone for the past weeks" He suddenly got serious.

"You're not alone Dani. I mean, i know you feel lonely sometimes.. and I called you on saturday to see if maybe we could do something together.. But " i kept on walking. The loneliness comment made me uncomfortable, talking about feelings is not my forte. We both had the same first period class, so there was no getting rid of him unfortunately. I love math, but this early in the morning its pure torture. Specially when Ben gets this way.

"Nah, I'm fine. Just slept in. Im sorry, i forgot to call you back" look ahead, walk fast.

"dont worry about it. Maybe some other time" now, I'm not that dense. I know he likes me, even though i don't feel the same way about him. But he's really nice when he's not putting the moves on, thats why we're friends. I manage to block him without hurting his feelings most of the time. But then, most of the time i've had my frappuccino and not dealt with screaming fans.

"Ben! I don't know how many times i have to tell you this. I don't date. Never have, never will. Its just not my thing, ok?" His face fell and i felt bad inmediatly.

Block it out. Its not important.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I just thought.." walking faster i entered the classroom first and slumped into a chair, dropping my bag on the floor. Ben got in after me and sat a few places away. He was hurt.

"What did you do to him?" Asked the girl next to me.

"Nothing Daisy, just leave it alone" She, Ben, Damon and I got assigned together on orientation our first day and since then we were inseparable.

"That doesn't seem like nothing to me. You promised not to be mean to him, Danielle!" She yelled-whispered at me looking pissed. It was funny; she was almost as short as me, had a short brown bob and green eyes. She was my best friend, followed closely by her twin brother Damon.

"I told you i would try! Im not good at not being mean" i sighed "Im sorry, i've had an awful day" her expressing changed to one of concern. She grabbed one of my hands in hers, reaching across the gap between our desks.

"What happened?" If our little group was a family, daisy was the mother. Taking care of everyone came naturally to her. Ben was the prodigy son, happy and a bit needy if you ask me. Damon was the mean older brother I always wanted. And me? I was the moody daughter. A part i was familiar with.

"Nothing. I couldn't get my frapp" i was sulking and she laughed.

"Call Damon and tell him to get one for you. He doesn't have classes until 10"

"He'd probably spit on it" she laughed again.

"Probably, but you'd get your caffeine"

"I don't drink coffee! Thats what the crème-thing means"

"Well i don't know what it is that you need from that drink then, but its for the common good that you get it now" she said with a smile that made me laugh.

"It controls my bitchiness"

"Then tell him to bring you 2 of them" thats what i liked about her. She could always make me laugh.

"Is that a bump in your head?" She asked at last, raising her hand to touch it softly.

"Its a hickey" i answered batting her hand away. she smiled and dropped the subject. Im known for my clumsiness, so it wasn't that weird to see me carrying bruises.

"Just make sure you don't get another concussion" she was still worried about that. A day after we met, i fell head first into a door.. One would think that they would eventually drop it, but noooo.

The professor got in and started taking assistance. My name was almost last, so i used the time to text Damon.

Danielle: wake up and get your ass to class!

He replied immediately, so he was probably doing some last-minute homework.

Damon: Looks like some1 wants a favour again

Danielle: get that look of your face

Damon: Asking nicely works 99% of the time, u know

Danielle: pls bring me a crème caramel frappe? Without ur ugly germs on it this time?

Damon: What r u willing to pay?

Danielle: if i pay for it, its not a favour

Damon: u lost that train when u talked about my "ugly germs"

Danielle: do u even know how many girl's salivas u got in there?

Damon: u're not helping your cause sis

Danielle: french homework?

Damon: make it lang. Arts and we have a deal

Danielle: damn. But no saliva got it?!

Damon: only a tiny bit 😉

Thoughts of my toxic frappuccino roamed over my head for the rest of the hour, pushing away all of my Luke-infested ones.

After math, Ben walked out without saying anything to either Daisy or me. I deserved it, but her? The only thing she had ever done wrong was to give away my stripped blanket to charity when she was helping me unpack. Who says those "poor, poor kids" need it more than me?! Im cold too! She got me a new one though, so we were fine now.

When we got out, we started walking to our language arts class. It was the only one the two of us shared with Damon, so it was no surprise when we found him standing outside by a tree waiting for us with a girl under his arm. He was 6'2, had brown hair the same shade of Daisy's and her eyes too. But where her face was warm and feminine, his was manly and a bit scary because of his stubble and hard jaw. But all that tuff-guy appearance didn't matter when it came to Daisy. Man, was that boy sweetly overprotective over his sister. And over me, to some extent.

The girl next to him had little clothing on, i couldn't for the life of me figure out how they did that with this weather.

"See what i said about germs!?" I yelled when they started kissing. They separated and the girl gave me the meanest scowl i've ever seen. Don't get your panties in a twist, little miss sunshine, he's like my brother. Laughing, Damon showed me my drink. My eyes must've gotten twice their size.

"You want this, little girl? Be nice. Oh, and i like your bump"

"Don't taunt her, Damon. Shes in a mood today and she'll probably bite your arm off" chimed in Daisy, always the pacifier. She was still smiling at my open mouth, though. He smiled at her.

"I don't think she could. She's all bark and no bite"

"Oh, Look who's talking big guy! I bet you've never even being in a fight" he opened his mouth to reply but i was faster

"Wii sports or whatever it is you play on the tv doesn't count" daisy and damon laughed and helet the girl go, crossing his arms and ignoring her completely, i felt kind of bad for her, not enough to ask her to stay though, so i watched as she took the hint and left. She was only one of many so neither did Daisy or me pay much attention.

"Oh, she's feisty today! Who ate your fruit-loops, huh?" He was having the time of his life. Damn. I had a last trick up my sleeve. Begging, shameful but necessary. I started jumping up and down, making my hair bounce to use all of my adorableness.

"Just give me the frapp, will you? pleaase? Pretty, pretty ple.." Was i going crazy? CaziER? Or was that Luke Hemmings leaning against the building's wall? I stopped and stared at him.

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