"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


8. Chapter 8

 Morgan POV 

 I've been home for about a week now. The boys already started tour. I'm going to meet up with them later in the tour. I've been here with Perrie, Eleanor, Dani and Brooke. Dani brought brooke to go shopping for a swim suit and get some friends since she was all alone with people older than her.  

 "So, Morgan. Do you plan on getting married to Niall?" Perrie asked, I haven't told them the baby isn't really Niall's or anything that happened. 

 "Umm, maybe." I said 

 "OOOO, Tell me how is he in bed." Eleanor said 

 "We haven't really done anything." I said "Hell, we don't even sleep in the same room most of the time." I said 

 "Wait, so the baby isn't Niall's." Perrie asked shocked 

 "No, It's my Ex's I got pregnant and He left me, then I meet Niall." I said 

 "Ohh, so draw back on my question." El said and we all laughed. 

 "Okay so do you plan on letting him meet the parents?" Perrie asked 

 "I don't have any parents." I told them. 

 "Damn child." El yelled 

 "Yeah my real parents go murdered and I went into foster care then I got adopted but they gave me back then I just left the home and moved in with my boyfriend and then he left me so yeah." I said 

 "O my goodness, That's alot." Perrie said

 "Yeah, it is." I said. 

 Brooke walked in with her friends and Dani. They all froze when they saw Perrie, El and I. 

 "Hi ladies and gentlemen. How are you?" I asked and walked up to them.

 "Y-Y-your Morgan." A little boy said 

 "Yes, I am and you are?" I asked 

 "Mark." He said 

 "Well, Mark, why don't you let you guys go change and I'll show you the pool." I said 

 "Yes mam," He said

 "Please don't call me that, It makes me feel old, I'm only 18, and you aren't going anywhere." I said to him "The girls are going to go change and then you can." I said 

 They ran off to the spare bedroom and Mark and I walked into the kitchen. 

 "So are you Brooke's Mum." He asked 

 "No sorry I'm just a friend, why do you ask?" I said

 "Oh no reason." He said 

 "Mmmhhhmmm, you like her." I said 

 "How could you tell." He asked shocked 

 "Honey I'm 18, I can tell these things." I said 

 "Well, yeah I do... Alot" He said 

 "So do you guys go to school together or what?" I asked 

 "Oh yeah." He said 

 "Well, The girls are coming so I'll put in a good word." I laughed, He nodded and got up and ran upstairs past the girls.

 "Brooke could I talk to you." I ask 

 "Sure." SHe said and walked into the kitchen. 

 "Well, Little Mark there likes you." I told her 

"Really!" SHe yelped 

 "Yes, he just told me." I said 

 "OMG, He's like the hottest guy in our school." She squealed. 

 "Now now, be careful, he could break you and hurt you really bad." I said " I'm sorry I probably sound like your mom."

 "No no go on, it's nice to fell like I have someone looking out for me like a mom." SHe said

 I smiled and then Mark came running down the steps. I winked her way and lead the way to the pool. 

**Skip to later in the day*** 

 Everyone went home about an hour ago except Brooke. We sat down in the living room and I turned on the T.V. I flicked to Celebrity news and watched as one direction where we are tour photos and videos played across the screen. 

 "Do you love him?" Brooke asked 

 "Who, Niall, Of course I do, with all my heart." I said 

 "He loves you too you know." She said 

 "How do you know?" I asked

 "They way he looks at you, His eyes sparkle when you're around, His smile brightens, He is himself and he wouldn't want to change a thing about it." She said 

 "How do you know so much about love." I asked 

 "Because Love is when you get the rush and spark when your around that person, You think they are perfect and you wouldn't want to change a thing about them, Love is when you would risk your life for that person, when you would do anything just for them. Love is hanging on to that one person through thick and thin, through bad and good, through rich and poor. Love is when you feel so much for that person nothing could change that." She said "But sometimes people think they are in love when they really aren't, your mind thinks one thing and your heart does another." She added 

 I was speechless. How does she know so much? 

 "Yeah love is infinite." I smiled 

 "Well, I think we should get to bed we have alot to do tomorrow." I said and we walked off to the room. 

 (If your wondering where Elizabeth is she is going to be out of the rest of the chapter and then added in the next.) 

 Niall POV 

 We've been on tour for about a month now and we are able to go home for a week now. I have just landed in England. I'm staying home for tonight then Morgan and I are off to Mullingar.  I got into the car and they drove off to my house.

 I got out of the car and walked into the house, I walked up to my room and found Brooke and Morgan asleep in my bed. I laughed and grabbed a pillow and a blanket and went into the spare bedroom. I laid down and went on twitter and followed Brooke since I had forgotten to. After about an hour on my phone I turned on the music and fell asleep.

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