"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


7. Chapter 7

 Morgan POV 

 Niall said he wanted to go out shopping today or baby things since it will be any day now. I'm 8 months pregnant and I want this thing out of me!! All she does, oh yeah it's a girl, is kick me and it hurts! 

 I quickly got ready and walked out of my room and to Nialls car where he was waiting for me. I hopped in and we were off to the mall. 

 **skip car ride**

 We pulled up to the mall. We walked in and first went to get a smoothie. As we were walking out of the store about 5 girls came running to Niall and I. 

"Hi, Niall could we get a picture and autograph." They asked in unison, He looked and me and I smiled and nodded. He quickly signed and took pictures. 

 "Hi Morgan." One girl said, I smiled and looked at her. She has gorgeous wavy long blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

 "Hi, and your name is?" I asked her 

 "Oh, I'm brooke." She smiled, I saw her stare at my stomach and dart her eyes right back up at me.

 "To answer the question you are thinking, yes I'm pregnant." I smiled 

 "I knew it!, OOO I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. But congratulations I'm happy for you and Niall. Could I have a picture?" She asked 

 "Don't be embarrassed, It's fine sweetie." I smiled and she quickly tok the picture. 

 "Could you sign my phone, under Niall's signature." She asked 

 "sure sweet heart." I smiled and signed. As I handed her back her phone scars on her wrist. I looked down at my scars. I pulled her into an unexpected hug. 

 "You  can make  it through sweetie, Don't let them bring you down or make you belive you aren't beautiful, Your gorgeous and unbelievably sweet. Here take my number and anytime you need to talk then you just call day or night." I said and entered my name in her phone. 

 She started to cry and she hugged me. I did the same and she left.

 "What was that about?" Niall asked me as we walked off

 I said nothing and just pulled up my jumper sleeve and showed him all of my scars. He grabbed my hand and kissed al of my scars then brought himself up to my lips and kissed me really quickly. 

We shopped for about an hour. We had gotten everything we needed and walked out of the last store. Just then I got a call for an unknown number. I answered. 

 "Hello? Morgan, It's brooke." She said over the phone

 "Brooke are you okay, it sounds like you've been crying." I asked worriedly 

 "Could you come help me? I'm in hot topic by the shirts. some kids came and started to yell at me and I don't know what I did but I ran into hot topic so they are close and looking for me." she cried 

"Yeah sure I'm on my way." I said and began to speed walk to Hot topic with Niall hot on my tail. 

 I walked into the store and looked around for Brooke. I quickly found her behind the shirts.

 "Brooke, tell me what happened, Come on we'll go for lunch with Niall and you tell me okay." I said, she nodded her head and I grabbed Niall's hand and walked out of the store with her right by my side. 

 As we were walking to the food court some kids came up to Brooke and started to yell at her and one girl slapped her in the face leaving a red print on the right cheek. I pulled away from Niall's grip and grabbed the girls hand mid air going for another hit. 

 "I suggest you back way for this young lady and go sit your ass down somewhere else." I said through gripped teeth. 

 "What are you gonna do if I don't, sit on me." She snapped

 "Aww you're cute if you think you just hurt my feelings cause I'm pregnant so I know I'm pretty big. So go sit you ass down before I do something I'm really going to regret and you can take you little group of pricks with you. I don't want to ever see you around this girl again because if I do I want be just talking to you at all." I said and grabbed Brooke and walked over to the food court. 

****skip lunch**** 

 "So Brooke how old are you?" I asked 

 "I'm 13." She smiled

 "Do you live locally?" I smiled 

 "Umm, yeah." She said 

 "Where do you live, We'll take you home since you know I'm pretty  sure you lost your friends somewhere. Right Niall." I laughed

 "Yeah Love, I can do that for a lovely young lady like yourself." He said in Brooke's direction. She blushed and looked at the ground. 

 "OOOOO, We have a Niall girl on our hands I'm guessing?" I laughed, She slightly nodded. 

 I put her in between me and Niall and she slushed even harder. I thought it was adorable. He put his arm around her shoulder and she smiled. 

 "So anyway, let's go bring her home shall we." I laughed and we walked off to the car. 

 **Skip car ride**

 Brooke POV

 I was really embarrassed. No one really knows where I live. I never wanted them to. What do I do if they ask why?

 Niall POV

 We pulled up at an orphanage and Brooke hopped out. Morgan didn't waste a minute to get out along with her, I didn't want to get out if they were having a serious conversation. They walked up to the door and I saw brooke hug Morgan and then they started to talk. 

 Morgan POV 

 I hugged Brooke back.

 "Brooke, don't be embarrassed I used to live in and orphanage too, in fact this on. But I promise a loving family or couple will come to adopt you soon. Don't be embarrassed, be proud because your different than the others your unique, your you!!" I smiled and hugged her. We said goodbye and went separate ways.  

 I got back into the car and smiled at Niall and turned up the radio. Niall turned it down and put his hand on my thigh.

  "Don't worry she'll be okay." He said and kissed my cheek then drove off. 

We pulled up to the house and we quickly got out. I didn't bother to shower I was to upset. Niall  and I quickly hopped in bed and fell asleep. 

***3 hours later***

 I quickly sat up. I couldn't sleep. I walked down stairs and logged onto Liam's computer. I started to go over some files for tour and other things. He got a skype call from Luke. I picked it up and waited for it to connect.

 "Hey luke." I smiled 

 "Oh hey Morgan, is Liam awake?" He asked

 "No sorry." I said

 "Oh well  then I'll just go." He said 

 "No, I can't sleep will you  stay up with me?"I asked 

 "Yeah sure." He said 

 We talked for a good 3 hours until we both got really tired and hung up. I was walking upstairs when I felt something wet. OH NO!! this can't be happening right now. 

 "Help!!" I screamed up the steps. I soon heard a door open and someone rush out. It was Liam. 

 "Liam help, go get Niall!! My water just broke." I said and he ran off. The rest of the boys came out of their rooms. 

 "Could someone help me to the car and drive me to the hospital now!!" I yelled, Louis ran over and walked me outside. Everyone except Liam and Nial were in the car. 

 "Just go!! Zayn call them and let them know we are at the hospital." I said and Louis speed off to the hospital. 

 ****Skip the birth and everything**** 

 The nurse handed me my baby girl. 

 "What's her name?" Zayn asked 

 "Elizabeth Morse Horan." I said proudly. Zayn smiled along with the others. Liam and Niall got here right before the birth. 

 "You know she doesn't need to have my last name." Niall protested 

 "Yes she does, Your the father figure and she'll know no different, no matter what." I said 

 "Could someone hand me my phone please." I asked and handed Elizabeth to Niall. Harry handed me my phone and I called Brooke. 

 "Hello?" She asked 

 "Hey brooke, I know it's kinda late, But do you mind if I send someone to pick you up?" I asked 

 "It's 3 am, What in the world do you need?" She asked 

 "Well, first you need to pack and over night bag because You'll be staying with me for a while and I just had my baby and I wanted you to see her." I said 


 "Great, So I'll send someone bye." I said an hung up. 

 "Zaynie and Li bear?" I asked 

 "WHat do you want us to do?" They asked

 "Go pick up Brooke, she if a fan also so be aware but she lives and St.Mark's orphanage." I told them. 

 "Yeah, alright." THey said and left. I got Elizabeth back and sat with laid with her. 

 Soon Brooke, Liam, and Zayn came busting through the doors. I handed Elizabeth off to Harry and hugged Brooke. 

 "I want to see her please." She asked 

 "Sure babe, she's with Harry." I said

 Soon after the meeting of Brooke and the baby everyone fell asleep.


 Liam POV 

 I woke up and looked around the room to see only Brooke was awake. 

 "Hey." I smiled 

 "Hey, what's up?" She asked and put away her phone

 "You want to go get some breakfast." I asked and she nodded. I grabbed my keys and phone while she put her shoes on. We walked out and drove to mcdonalds. 

 We orders everything that everyone liked and walked to the car. 

 We drove to the hospital and walked in. I walked into the room just in time to be met with the doctors and sleeping bodies around the room. 

 "Um, when do you think she'll be to go home?" Brooke asked 

 "Well, Today if she is okay." He said 

 "Great, so Could I He get the release  forms and we can return them to the front desk when filled out?" She asked, My jaw dropped at how much she knew. 

 "Yes, here you go." The doctor said and handed the papers over the me.

 "How do you know so much?" I asked 

 "I've been here alot, Let's just say I don't Live in the perfect place." SHe said and walked into the room.

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