"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


5. Chapter 5

 Morgan POV 

 Liam and I had been out for about 5 hours just doing random things. I have to admit Liam is really nice and amazingly fun. We pulled up in the drive way and got out things and ran inside. I got attacked with hugs and questions. 

 "Guys, chill I was with Liam all day." I said, They all looked at me like I was completely out of my mind.

 "Why are y'all staring at me?" I asked and looked at them. Niall walked over to me and grabbed my bags and walked me upstairs.

 "Babe, I didn't know you had a country accent." HE said 

 "What are you talking about." I asked

 "There you go again." He  said 

 "I don't have an accent." I yelled 

 "Fine then I'll record you." HE said and pulled out his phone.

 "Niall, This is ridiculous." I yelled, He played it back and I listened. I slapped my hand over my mouth. I stood there frozen and then ran of to someone else's room and slammed then locked the door. I heard a knock on the door and the wiggle of the knob. 

 "What!!" I yelled through tears 

 "I kinda need in my room." They yelled

 I looked around and realized I was in Zayn's room. I got up and unlocked the door. I ran to his bed and quickly curled up under the blankets. 

"Will you please talk to me?" He asked 

 "No." I said 

 "Please." HE urged 

 "No" I argued 

 "C'mon you can talk to me about anything." He said 

 "Fine." I said and slid out from under the blankets.

 "Now why did you run." He asked and sat down next to me

 "We'll no one really knows not even Niall, I mean he meet me in a bar for god sake, But when I was around 4 my dad left my mom and my brothers and sister and my mom fell into depression and got hooked on drugs and drinking. One day she was in her room and my sister asked to go somewhere and she got mad and slapped her. She just started to abuse us after that on  a regular basis. She ended up beating my sister so bad the she died and my brother left and it was just me. She took me and moved to my dad wouldn't find me. As soon as I turned 18 I left and never looked back. The people that knew my mom said I sounded exactly like her and looked like her to. But the worst part is they said I acted just like her. I've tried for so long to convince myself that I'm not like my mom in anyway." I said and whipped tears off f my face "I've tried so hard, I never wanted to be like her or be compared to her. It hurt so much because when everyone said that I would cry and they had no idea what my mom had done. Every time someone asked about our bruises or cuts she lied and said we were playing around and hurt ourselves. It hurts so much." I said and cried into his shirt.

 "Shh, It's going to be okay." HE said trying to calm me down.

 I felt the bed shift and I go passed into someone else's arms. I looked up to see Niall. I soon fell asleep after all the boys had came and sang me to sleep. 


 I woke up to Niall's phone blaring. I picked it up and answered in a sleepy voice. 

 "Hello." I said as I sat up

 "Niall, you sound a lot like a girl." They said 

 "We'll I hope so Cuz I am a girl, I'm With Niall now but he's sleeping what do you need." I asked

 "Oh well could you tell him Calum called, It's about tour stuff." Calum said 

 "Sure." I said and hung up

 I got up and took a shower. I walked into the room to get my clothes. 

 "Well, good morning to you to." I heard Niall say which caused me to jump.

 "SHIT!!" I yelled and ran to the bathroom. 

 "Don't worry I didn't see anything." HE said 

 "Good, now get me my clothes." I said. He handed me my clothes and closed the door. I quickly changed and walked out and put my shoes on. 

 "Hey babe, some guy name Calum called this morning and said it was tour stuff." I said while putting on my make up

 "Aright I'll call him back later."He yelled from the closet.

 " Hey babe." HE said and wrapped his arms around my waist.

 "YEs?" I asked and finished putting on my make up and turned around to face him.

 He crashed our lips together and stayed like that until his phone rang. We broke away and he groaned. He quickly picked up his phone and walked out to the balcony.

****Sorry for the short chapters latley but I've been busy I promise either tomorrow or friday I will update a long chapter. Thanks for sticking around all of my books and reading them so much. I love you guys and wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! Bye my little kevins love you!!****

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