"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


47. Chapter 45

  Brooke POV 

 "Look Luke!!! It's so cute!!" I yelled as I finished putting my decorations up in my new room. Luke laughed as I jumped around so excited. 

 "It looks perfect." He mumbled and grabbed my wasit pulling me closer to him. I rolled my eyes and pushed away. 

 "Luke, we already talked about this." I said and walked over to put up my clothes

 "I know I know, Fuck buddies only but still Brooke!!" He groaned. 

 "Sorry but you already know what I said and that's that. Plus we've almost gotten caught already. The guys would kill me if they found out. I'll only be here for a short time I hope until I get y apartment then we can do anything we want." I smiled and kissed him. 

 "HELLO!! GUYS ARE YOU HOME!!" Someone yelled. 

 "Who the hell is that?" I whispered and Luke shrugged. 

 "GUYS?? WHERE ARE YOU?" I heard someone else yell. I slowly walked downstairs and saw Me mom and Luke's mom. I screamed and ran to them. I hugged them tight and they laughed. 

 "Mom, where's the boys? I haven't seen them in forever. Where's Liam and Harry?" I asked.

 "Sweetie slow down, They are outside I think drinking." She laughed and turned to Luke. I ran to the door and threw it open. I saw the guys around my car drinking a few beers. 

 "LIAM!!" I yelled and jumped into his arms. 

 "Hey, love I missed you. How's life been?" He asked.

 "Eh, Missing you guys and drama." I told him and jumped off of him. "I don't know about you guys but if I don't get a beer in the next few seconds I'm going to die." I snatched a beer from the cooler and chugged it. 

 "I haven't drank in like a whole year. Could I borrow one of you guys phone I just moved in here and I can't find shit."  I asked them and Harry handed me his phone. I saw michael pull up and I screamed. I gave harry his phone back and dropped my beer. I ran to his car and grabbed Carter out and hugged her. 

 "baby, I want you to meet some people okay?" I told her and she nodded. I walked up to the guys. 

 "Guys, this is Carter and carter this is Liam, HArry, and Louis." I smiled and Niall rolled his eyes. 

 "Who is she?" HArry asked. 

 "SHe's my daughter." I smiled and put her down. 

 "Where's her dad?" He asked again. 

 "Carter sweetie could you go inside and find uncle Luke for a second please?" SHe nodded and ran. 

 "I just broke up with him, That's why I'm living here unitl I get my own apartment." I told them. 

 "Who's house is this?" Louis asked. 

 "It's Lukes." I told them.

 "Hey brooke, Can I talk to you for a second?" Michael asked. I nodded and we walked away from them. 

 "The girl from back home in australia, She lost the kid." He chocked out. 

 "Oh my god Michael I am so sorry." I was shcoked. 

 "It's okay, really but um Harry is your uncle right?" He asked

 "Well, not really. We aren't related. It's like you and Carter." I explained to him. 


The guys are staying here so we are having a barbeque tonight. Carter was swimming and the guys were eating while I was sitting on the edge of the pool watching carter. 

 "Alrght sweetie, It's time to get you a bath and put you to bed." I grabbed her out of the pool and brought her inside. I quickly bathed her and put her to sleep then walked back outside.

 "HARRY!!" I yelled and jumped into his arms. He held me and drank his beer at the same time. I took his beer and thew it in the grass and kissed him. My hands went to his hair and his went to my ass. 

He turned and sat me down on the table and kissed me harder. 

 "Mommy!!" Carter yelled. I jumped up and Carter was at the door crying. I got down and ran over to her. 

 "Baby what's wrong?" I asked 

 "There's someone inside." She cried. I picked her up and walked into the house. I saw Zayn. 

 "Hey stupid. You scared the hell out of my daughter by the way." I smiled and hugged him.

 "Carter go get Harry and tell him I told you to bring you toyour room I'll be up in  a few minutes." I told her and she ran. 

 "Now, What are you doing here?" I asled 

 "I came to see my favorite neice." He smiled

 "Yea sure." I smirked

 "Hey babe what's wrong." Ashton said and coming up behind me. 

 "Oay first off why the hell are you here and second If i say im not marrying you again then that means we are over okay. Goodnight Ashton." I told him and walked upstairs to Carters room. She was knocked out and I smiled I walked to my room and saw Harry sitting on  the bed. I locked the door and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him too me. 

 I think you know what happened from there.


 (SOrry guys I know it was kind of boring and stuff. It's shitty I know sorry but I'm trying okay. I'll try adn do betternext ime. But anyway I love you guys and thank you so much.  Bye MY LITTLE KEVINS I LOVD YOU!!!!)

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