"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


46. Chapter 44


  Michael POV

 I sat down no the couch after being pulled in the house by Brooke. 

 "What?" I asked. She didn't look so happy.

 "So I hear you're pregnant. Well not you but you got a girl at home prego." She told me. I looked at her with wide eyes.

 "How did you know about that?" I asked. 

 "Luke and Cal." She told me.

 "I never told them." I was beyond angry now. 

 "Well Apparently you knocked up some girl from back home. Michael this is a lot more serious than you think. Look at me and Ashton. We had some serious issues." She warned me. 

 "Look, I know what I'm doing and if I don't then i'll ask for your help but for now I'm not going to sit here and let you interrogate me. If I got her pregnant and if it's my kid then I'll help her. for now It's my problem." I snapped. 

 "My be your problem but I am trying to help like a good friend. If you don't want my help then goodbye Michael and don't bother asking for help from me." She snapped back. I rolled my eyes and walked out. 

Brooke POV 

 I watched as Michael stormed out and Carter ran out after him.

 "Uncle Michael!!" She yelled. 

 "What sweety." He asked as he picked her up.

 "I want to go with you today." She told him. He looked at me and I just rolled my eyes and walked back inside. I saw him shrug his shoulders and put Carter in the car. He drove off after that.

 "Babe?" Ashton called. I turned around and he walked over to me. He kissed me lightly and pulled me to him. 

 "Yes baby?" I asked and walked to the kitchen and pulled out an apple and an orange. Cut up the apple and peeled the orange and put it on a small plate. 

 "What are you doing?" He asked. 

 "I'm fixing car-, Yeah never mind." I said and bit into and apple. He laughed at me and took an apple slice. 

 "Babe, Marry me?" He asked me. I backed away from him. "Again." He said again.

 "Look,I love you but I can't Marry you again. I'm sorry. I think It'd be best if I left." I told him and walked out if the house. I didn't grab anything I just left and walked. 

 I walked past a small cafe and a lady came up behind me. 

 "Look don't be scared but there has been a guy following you for a while. I'm going to walk you home or you could use my phone to call someone to pick you up. I have a gun incase he tries anything. No if you want to use my phone just ask and act casual." She told me. 

 "Okay, Could I use your phone?" I asked. She handed me her phone. I decided to call Luke. 

 L- Hello 

 B- Hey Luke, No time to explain. Come get me please Ash and I got into A fight and I don't know where I am. All I know is I just passed Late Time Diner.

 L- Yeah, I know where that is. i'm on my way. 

 B- Thanks. Um, I have a friend with me aswell.

 L- Okay. I just passed Late time Diner. I see you. 

 I hung up and handed back her phone and thanked her. 

 "He's right there. Come on you are coming with me." I told her. She shrugged and we got into the car. 

 "Okay, so intoduce me to your friend then explain." Luke said. 

 "Actually. I didn't get her name. She helped me." I said

 "Oh my names Layla. Hi Luke and Hello Brooke." She said

 "You know us?" I asked. She just nodded. 

 "Nice well, Luke. Ashton asked me to Marry him again and I told him no. I need to leave that house so I'm going to live with you for a while." I told him.

 "He asked you to Marry him again!!" Luke sounded shocked.

 "Yeah and you know what else. I think I found someone for Cal." I told him. I tilted my head in the direction of Layla and he nodded. 

 "Hey Layla, Do you mind if we stop and pick up Calum. I want you guys to meet and we can all go hang out. My treat." I said. 

 "sure, I mean your car right?" She said

 "Perfect. Luke go to Calum's house." I told him. 



 We pulled up to Calum's place and walked in. I called him and he came running down stairs.

 "Hey Cal, We are about to go get some food. My treat wanna come?" I asked. 

 "Well ,I can't leave I'm kinda babysitting for a friend but I mean I have ice cream and we could all stay here." He told us. 

 "Okay, cool. Do you mind that?" I asked Layla. By this time Luke was already in the kitchen eating all the ice cream.

 "No, this seems pretty cool." She smiled. I walked off to the kitchen and left them in the living room. 

 Luke scooped up a spoonful of ice cream and was about to put it in his mouth. I ran up and put the spoon in my mouth. I smiled at him and jumped up onto the counter. 

 "Luke, can you get me a spoon and a thing of ice cream please." I begged and her nodded. He threw mw spoon and handed me a tub of ice cream. 

 I hopped dow off the counter and put my things down and jumped onto Luke's back. He laughed and ran out of the back door. He ran around the yard for a while then headed for the pool. 

 "Luke no."I screamed but I hit the water. I came up and wiped the water from my face. I swam over to the edge and pulled myself out. 

 "Give me a huge, Luke." I said and he ran from me. I chased him until he tripped over something and I tripped over him. I fell onto him and he groaned. I slapped his arm and got up. He pulled me back down and hugged me. I wiggled and moved trying to get loose from him.

 I gave up and just laid there with Luke in the grass. I looked up at the sky and smiled. This is the only time in a long time that I've had time alone just with my friends. 

 I sat up and walked inside. Luke followed.

 "Are you okay?" I Asked him.

 "Yeah why?" He asked. I walked up the stairs and of course he followed. 

 "You just follow me, you've never done that." I said and walked into Calum's room and grabbed some of his sweats. Luke sat on the bed. I stripped my clothes and puled on his sweats and grabbed one of his tanks. 

 I plopped down next to Luke while listening to music. I looked at me and I smiled. He pulled me close and kissed me. I didn't stop him but instead I straddled him. He ran his hands up my side and pulled me closer to him. 

 I stopped and looked at him. I shook my head and got up. I walked to the door but Luke stopped me.

 "what's wrong?" He asked me.

 "This is wrong. I'm with ashton. at least I think I am." I said and opened the door but it was closed just before I could leave. Luke held his hand to the door and locked it.

 He pushed me against it and kissed me. His hand ran up my shirt and the other held my leg. I wrapped my hands around his neck. 

 "Jump." He said in between kisses. I did what I was told and grabbed my legs around his waist. I walked over to the bed and climbed on top of me. Before I knew it we were both naked in the bed. 



 By the time I realized what just happened it was too late. I jumped out of the bed and pulled back on Calum's clothes. Oh  no, Calum and Layla. I slowly opened the door and walked downstairs I couldn't see them anywhere. No the kitchen, not the living room or anywhere. I walked to the front door and Calum's car was gone. 

 I ran back upstairs and texted Calum. 

 B- where did you go 

 C- we left a long time ago, we went out and brought the kid home

 B- oh u okay well Luke and I are going to go and get my things

 C- well of course

 B- what is that supposed to mean

 B- you know what never mind, I have to go

 I locked my phone and Luke finally got up and put his clothes on.

 "We say nothing of that at all." I told him and he nodded

 "My lips are sealed, now let's go get your things." He told me. I nodded and we headed off to Ashton's.

 ( hey guys. I know it seems kinda boring but still I am trying to make it interesting and good but I just am not feeling it. Bye my little kelvins i love you.)

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