"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


45. Chapter 43

 Brooke POV 

 It's been a week since Blake and Brooklyn have been here and It's hell for me. Overtime I hear the shower in our room running I think it's Ashton but nope it's Blake. I now have to start checking to see if it's Ashton or not, it's killing me. 

 Brooklyn has been happy playing with Carter but Carter isn't so happy with him. She complains that he's to mean and he doesn't play dolls very nice then shows me a doll with no limbs. I'd had enough but what happen this morning will deffinetly draw the line. 

 I was in bed sleeping of course and I turned to grab Ashton and pull him closer to me but instead it was Blake. I do not sleep clothed either and well I went to push away but Blake grabs my waist and pulls me to him and doesn't let go despite the pushing and hitting to get him to let go. 

 I yelled for Ashton but then remembered that he was out at the studio with the kids. I was so pissed that I grabbed blakes had and bit him. He screamed and jumped up. I smirked and grabbed my robe and tied it around myself then grabbed my phone. I called Ashton.

 A- Hello 

 M- He's got to go, I don't care he's your cousin if he is not gone by tomorrow you can go back to your place and don't bother with me. I am sick of finding him in our shower and in our bed. One more time Ashton and you will be gone along with them. 

 A- Okay, I'll tell him to go. just stay away from him as best as possible and if he comes near you or tries anything let me know and we will have a little talk. 

 M- I'm warning you. I'm done.

 A- I know I'll handle it baby

 M- Good luck and bring my daughter back safe. 

 A- Yes ma'am. bye babe

 M- Goodbye. 


 "Momma, Momma, Guess what!!" Carter came in yelling from me while Ashton and I talked. 

 "What baby?" I asked and put her in my lap.

 "Uncle Michael, he gave a girl the drink and now she has a baby." She told me. I laughed at her. 

 "Baby, you can't just say that." I told her

 "I'm not. I heard uncle Luke and Uncle Cal talking about it." She told me. 

 "Baby, stay here and I'll be right back." I said and gave her Ashton. I walked into the living room and heard Luke and Calum talking.

 "Is it true, Michael is going to be a dad." I said and they looked shocked. 

 "He told you?" Luke asked

 "No, Carter told me he gave a girl the drink and now she has a baby." I told them. Calum laughed and Luke nodded.

 "It's true. Michael has been seeing some girl from back home that he knew since school and when we got home for a while he went and saw her and got her pregnant." Calum explained. 

 "Oh my god. This is a big deal." I mumbled and walked away. I walked back into the kitchen and Ashton looked questioning. I just nodded and his eyes widened. 

 I was in shock. Michael of all people is so careful with this kind of stuff. He always said he didn't want kids until the band was done. Does he know? Did he plan this? What is he going to do? 

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