"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


42. Chapter 40

 Brooke POV 

 I woke up in an empty bed. I groaned and grabbed my phone off of the side table and saw a few missed calls from Ashton. I stretched and sat up only to be scared half to death by a knock on the door.

 "Brooke, Open the door please. It's Ashton." He said. I wrapped the sheet around my naked body and walked over to the door and opened it. 

 "Ashton, what do you want and do you know where Calum is." I asked.  He walked past me and closed the door. 

 "Calum went and got Carter from the house. I'm just kinda here." He said and layed on the bed. 

 "I wouldn't lay on that one." I said hold the sheet tighter. Ashton got up and sat down on the other bed.

 "I'm going to get a shower. I'll be back." I said and dropped the sheet and wen to the bathroom. 

 I turned on warm water and stepped into the shower letting all of the warm water flow over me. I grabbed the body wash but dropped it and in the processes ending up knocking all of the bottles into the tub. I slipped on bottle and fell over the side of the tub. I grabbed the curtain but it came down with me. My arm flew back hitting the sink and my head hit the toilet edge. 

 "ASHTON!!" I yelled. He ran in the bathroom and looked at the mess around me.

 "Hospital." I said. He picked me up and help me put some clothes on. He carried me to the car and we sped  off to the hospital.


 I was rushed into a room where they checked for any damage. I was left alone in a room until Ashton walked in. 

 "Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked. 

 "Like shit." I smiled. 

 "You'll get better." He said. I rolled my eyes. 

 "Where's Carter, Is she okay?" I asked 

 "She's with Calum and yes." HE smiled at me. "You care for her before yourself." He told me. 

 "She's my baby, I don't think that will ever really change. I'll always put her first." I said to him. 

 "Umm, Ma'am, You will be release with just a concussion. You have a lot of trauma to your head. you need to take it easy for a while." The nurse told me. My face flushed bright pink then I sat up.

 "Help me get dressed." I told Ashton. He grabbed my jeans and pulled me into them then put on my shirt.

 We walked down to the front desk and signed out. We got into the car and drove back to my house. 

 I walked in with my bag and went straight to my room where I found the guys sleeping with Carter in the middle of them. I smiled and sat my bag down. I ran over and jumped on top of them only to get yelled at by Ashton.

 "Brooke, Take it easy hello!!" He  yelled. I sat down with Carter in my lap. Calum sat up with Luke and Michael. I leaned over and whispered in Calum's ear. 

 "Trauma to my head." I told him and he laughed. 

 "I'm going to take a shower." I said. Calum closed Carters ears. 

 "Not with out one of us. We heard about the accident." He told me and they agreed. 

 "Fine them, I chooooooooooossssssssseeeeee, Michael." I smirked and grabbed him and went into the bathroom. 

 I hid behind the curtain and got undressed and ran the water and started taking a shower. 

 "Michael, can you hand me my towel?" I asked and he threw it too me over the curtain. I wrapped myself up and stepped out. He went wide eyed and stared. 

 "What, you've seen me naked before. I have been on tour with you guys before." I told him but he said nothing. 

 "You just look a lot different, better. Not that you didn't look good then because I mean you did" He stuttered on. 

 "stop michael." I laughed. I pulled on my clothes and we walked out. Calum and Ashton looked upset but Luke looked proud of michael. 

 "I'm going to get food, I'll be right back." I walked downstairs but stopped when I heard talking. 

 "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I heard Ashton ask. 

 "I can't help it she chose me." Michael said 

 "Ashton you have no fucking right, You already fucked her and had a kid." Calum snapped. 

 "Well at least I loved her at the time." He snapped back. 

 "Guys, she isn't a fucking toy. She's a girl. Calum if you only wanted in her pants you are pathetic, Ashton michael didn't do anything, and Michael chill out." Luke yelled at them.

 "Well, I cant help that I love her okay." Ashton said.

 "Ashton don't worry we are just friends okay, she's just my sister." Michael defended himself. 

 "Same." Luke said. "And we all know Calum just wanted to fuck." He said. No one said anything. 

 I walked in and went to Calum. I slapped him hard. I picked up Crater and put her out the room. I hugged Luke and michael. The guys walked out and I closed the door. I pushed Ashton on the bed and got on top of him. I kissed him slowly but he wanted more. He kissed me harder and pulled me down beside him with him on top. 

 He ran his hands up my shirt and unhooked my bra then removed it. He kept his hands under my shirt. I removed his shirt and pushed him down. 

 I kissed his neck and then gave him a hickey. A big one actually. 

 "Momma!!!" Carter yelled. 

 "God dammit." I yelled. I got up and walked out. I forced a smile and kneeled. 

 "Yes baby." I asked. 

 " Momma I'm bored, Come play with me." She whined.

 "Baby, momma's busy right now." I smiled.

 "No, momma come play." She whined. 

 "No. Carter go play with uncle Luke and uncle michael." I told her. She looked at me in shock, she started crying and throwing a tantrum. 

 "Go to your room, now!!!" I yelled. I walked back to my room and locked the door. I got back on the bed and kissed Ashton again. 

 This is all I want. This is everything to me. 

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