"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


41. Chapter 39

 Brooke POV 

 Carter and I had been walking around then mall as she drug me into stores jumping in excitement because she saw daddy and uncle Calum. We both had our arms overflowing with shopping bags and I was beginning to get tired from all of the weight. Carter squealed in excitement again as she ran into a store and I walked in right behind her. 

 "Momma!! I want this necklace. Momma please, it's so pretty." SHe begged as she picked up a pink diamond heart necklace. I nodded and we paid then left. 

 "Carter how about we go and get some food then we'll continue shopping okay baby." I said and she nodded fiercely. 

 We quickly bought our food and sat in the food court. I didn't get any food because I hadn't been hungry but I watched as carter devoured her food. I smiled at her and she gave a toothy grin back. I laughed as she tried smiing with a chicken nugget in her mouth. 

 I took out my phone and Calum had texted me. 

 C- Hey sexy

 B- Mr. Hood that is not very appropriate 

 C- Well Well I am sorry hotness 

 B- Cal!! no dirty  dirty 

 C- Oh no promises ;) 

 B- Wow okay I got a bad boy nice

 "Yes you do." I heard Calum whisper in my ear. I jumped and hugged him. Cal and I have harmless flirting. 

 "I let the boys take Carter to go shopping for a while." HE told me and I nodded. 

 "So Mr. hood, tell me you'll be long this time." I said hopeful. 

 "Yes I will. Tell me, am I going to get a reward?" He asking winking at me. I felt my cheeks heat up. 

 "Nope. I've got to take care of Carter. I have to be a parent you know." I smiled. 

 "Oh, That can be arranged. I'm sure she wouldn't mind staying over at her Idols hotel for a few days." HE smirked. 

 "She may not but I in fact do. I don't want my daughter involved in all of the craziness that is your fame. So no thank you matter of fact." I told him.

 "Well. then I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind staying over at your house for the night while you ran out to run errands." He said put air quotes around the word errands. I took a deep breath shaking my head at him. 

 "So tell me brooky, why are you not eating. We had a promise." He said 

 "I'm sorry cal, It's just been hard okay." I responded. 

 "Babe, we had a promise. You broke that promise. I told you what I would do if you did." He warned me. 

 "Calum do't you fucking dare. I won't let you." I snapped. 

 "Brooke, if you keep doing this you won't be stable enough." He told me. I was so mad now. I angrily threw myself out of the chair I was sitting in and ran. I ran past every store until I saw her. 

 I walked into hot topic and picked up Carter. I hugged her and walked out. I  put her on the ground and looked at her. 

 "Baby, I need you to hold my hand and follow me okay. If daddy or any of the boys tries to come near you don't go with them okay." I told her. She nodded with wide eyes and I quickly began to walk off with her. We walked back to my car and I buckled her in. 

 I walked over to the drivers side when my door was closed right before I could open it. Calum pinned me to the car. I locked the car with the keys in my hand and held them tightly. 

 "Brooke don't do this. You know better than this." He said. A tear slowly made it's way down my cheek and then they fell faster and more. I dropped the keys and hugged calum. 

 "I'm sorry, Calum. I'm so stupid." I cried into him. He calmed me and put me in the passenger side of the car. He got in the drivers side and started the car. 

 "The guys will get her things and meet us at the house." He told me as we sped off to the house. 


 We walked into the house and Carter ran to her room and we went to mine. I walked into the bathroom and took out my pills and took one. I walked back into my room and smiled at Calum. 

 "They guys are sleeping her tonight while we sleep there." He told me. I nodded. I walked over to my dresser and dug through my drawers looking for clothes. I pulled out a tank top with boy shorts and jeans with a tank and a flannel and of course underwear and bras. 

 I grabbed my bag and threw my clothes in. I threw in everything else I needed and zipped up my bag. I put it on my dresser and looked at myself in the mirror and Calum went behind me and smiled. 

 He kissed my neck and slowly made his way down. His hands slid under the hem of my shirt, slowly lifting it. He kissed up my stomach and up my neck while pulling my shirt off. 

 "Momma!! Someone's at the door." Carter yelled. I moved Calum and put on my shirt. I walked downstairs and opened the door and the boys ran in. 

 "Carter baby, the guys are going to be staying with you tonight. Momma isn't going to be here." I told her. 

 "Yeah you are going to have sex with Cal Pal." Michael yelled. 

 "MICHAEL!!" Ashton and I yelled at the same time. 

 "She is 6." I spat at him. 

 "What's that mean?" She asked. 

 "Well baby girl, I think you should go ask uncle luke." I told her and she nodded. She ran over to luke and asked. 

 "Umm, uh, it's what you do when you want to have a baby." Luke said. 

 "But how do you have a baby?" She asked. 

 "Well, When two people, a boy and a girl love each other they have sex and uh a guy does something to the girl and she has a baby." He said 

 "What does he give her?" She asked.

 "A drink." He said. I laughed so hard I started crying. Calum walked downstairs with my bag and we left. 

 "Goodnight guys, call me if you need me." I said then left.

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