"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


40. Chapter 38

 Brooke POV 

 "Momma, Can we go see uncle luke and uncle calum?" Carter begged. 

 "Carter, No. I've told you multiple times before they are on tour and I will not see them for a while okay baby. Now come sit down and eat your dinner." I told her for the 5th time today. She ran over to the table and sat in her chair. We silently ate then went to shower. 


 Carter was sleeping and I was on the couch talking on the phone with Calum.

 C- So how's everything going so far

 B- Good I guess, She won't stop asking to go see uncle Luke and uncle Calum. It's hard to tell her no. 

 C- I understand that. I has got to be hard after giving her everything.

 B- I don't give her everything. 

 C- Brooke, that girl has a phone and Ipad, You both wear the most expensive clothing, you both go get your nails done together, she goes to private school. Brooke open your eyes you are raising a spoiled child. 

 B- Look I don't need this right now. Just because I give my daughter things doesn't mean she's spoiled.

 C- whatever you think Brooke but know that that little girl is trouble. Wait until her teen years babe, you are in for a lot.

 B- She already knows what she wants to do thanks to you guys. 

 c- And that it is

 B- She wants to drop out of high school and become a singer and travel the world just like her dad and uncles.

 C- Look babe, that's easy to change but raising her the way you are isn't okay. Just try it. If she asks for something besides us tell her no and I guarantee  that is a temper tantrum in itself. 

 B- Calum please stop. I don't need this right now. please 

 C- Okay, I'm done but I have good news. 

 B- what is it. 

 C- we will be off for a few weeks and we will come see the kid for a few days and then go to family. 

 B- Okay, I'm telling her though. This way it'll be a surprise. When are you guys off

 C- Tomorrow I think.

 B- Damn, I was going to bring her shopping. She wants to have everything with you guys face on it. 

 C- great, Our number one fan. 

 B- yes, This is going to cost you!! 

 C- Babe, I'll pay that off.

 B- CALUM HOOD!! No dirty dirty. 

 C- Okay whatever you say but you are mine!!! I have to go talk to you later bye

 B- Bye cal 

 We hung up and I dropped my phone onto the table and fell asleep on the couch. God I missed them so much.

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