"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


39. Chapter 37

 Brooke POV 

 "Hey baby girl," I said as I woke up Carter. 

 "Hey momma." She said and hopped out of bed. God so much energy. She's five. 

 "You wanna go out to the park today, just me and you. We can go get Lily if that's what you want." I asked. Her smile grew wide and she nodded fiercely. 

 "But only me and you today mommy." She smiled. 

 "Okay, well you need to go take a bath and pick out some clothes. I'l come do your hair in a minute." I told her and she nodded then ran off down the hallway. 

 I grabbed my purse and threw in my keys, phone, and a few other things. I pulled my hair into a lightly curled ponytail and put on some skinny jeans with a black halter top and sandals. I quickly put on light make up and walked into Carters room and saw clothes layed out on the bed. 

 She choose a cute pair of sandals and shorts with a cute tank and a jacket. She walked into the room wrapped in a towel and then put her clothes on. She sat down in the chair infront of her mirror while I pulled her hair into a cute messy bun. She put on some sunglasses and we walked out. 


 We got to the park and carter ran to the swings and I sat back to watch. She went back and forth with so much joy in her face and so much excitement. 

 I pulled out my phone and got on instagram. I haven't seen the boys in person for a few years now and I truly do miss them but I thought it was good for us at the time. I don't really see myself going back to stay but maybe a little visit could do.

 I've actually planned it out for Carter and I.

 SHe came running up to me out of breath and smiling. 

 "Momma let's go." She said. I nodded and we went back to the car. 

 "Carter, momma wants to bring you somewhere really exciting do you wanna go with me." She nodded. I stopped by mcdonalds and picked up her some food first and then we headed over to a hotel. 

 The boys were in town for a concert and I thought I could see them for a while. I had booked a room close to theres and already had everything planned out. 


 I checked us in and we went to out room. As we were walking down the hall I could see the security guards standing by the doors. I lead Carter into the room and put her on the bed. 

 "I'm going out side for a few seconds okay, I'll be right back to come get you." I told her and she nodded. 

 "Stay in here and don't answer the door okay/" I told her as I walked out

 I went to the guards and smiled.

 "Hey eric, do you remember me?" I asked. He smiled and hugged me. 

 "Brooke, I haven't seen you in forever." He let me. 

 "Could I ask the boys a quick question please, I have someone I want them to meet." I asked and he nodded and let me in the room. 

 I walked in and dodged the mess of clothes on the floor. I laughed and saw ketchup on the couch with Calum and Michael. Luke was in the bathroom from what I heard  and I think Ashton was outside on the balcony. 

 "Umm, boys. Can I talk to you?" I slightly yelled. Calum and Michael looked at me and Luke walked out of the bathroom.  I waved and they smiled. 

 "I have someone I want you guys to meet." I told them. I got them to come with me to my room and they followed. 

 I unlocked the door and we walked in. 

 "Baby girl." I said and she ran over and hugged me. 

 "Boys this is Carter." I said. 

 "Carter this is 5 seconds of summer. I've know them since before you were born." I told her. I told her. 

 "Really, That long." She said in shock. 

 "Yes baby that long, but guess what?" She tilted her head. I grabbed Ashton's arm and pulled him to me. 

 "This, is daddy." I told her. 

 Her smiled went to no expression. With that moment I didn't know what to do but whatever happened is what happened and  I don't think I could change that moment ever.

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