"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


38. Chapter 36

 Brooke POV

 Ashton and I divorce is final and he agreed to giving me full custody of Carter. Harry, Morgan, and Elizabeth went back to their moms and Now it's just Michael, Carter and me. I layed down on the couch after putting Carter to sleep, finally. Michael then walked in and slammed the door and Carter began crying again. 

 I groaned and picked her up. I started patting her back. Michael walked over with a sympathetic look and kissed me. I smiled and kissed him back then he was off to the bedroom while I went back to Carter. 


 She was finally asleep again and I went to the bed room. Michael was on his phone of course. I fell onto the bed and let out a deep breath. Michael looked at me then put his phone down. He started kissing from my jeans button and up. His lips met mine and traveled along my jaw until he found my sweet spot. 

 "You have no idea how long I've been needing this." He whispered in my ear. I moaned while he slipped my shirt off. 

 "Michael, I don't want this to end like Ashton." I said. He stopped and looked at me. 

 "Do you honestly think I would hurt you like that?" He asked. 

 "I don't know." I hesitated. 

 "If you think I'm going to hurt you then I don't want to do this. I want your trust." He said

 "Do what? Us?"  I said in a low tone. 

  "Yes, I want your trust." He said. I felt a single tear slip down my now red cheeks. I pushed him away and walked into the bathroom and locked the door. 

 I Stripped my clothes and drew a bath. I turned on some music and sat in the bath. The first song was His daughter by Molly Kate Kestner.

 I leaned back began singing along. When the song ended I felt tear drip down my cheeks they were silent. I wasn't sobbing, I didn't make a noise. I dropped my head back as the tears burned my eyes and went down my now soaked cheeks.


 I stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around myself. I opened up the door and instantly heard Carter crying. I looked to see Michael asleep on the couch. I rolled my eyes and picked her up. 

 "Wow what a father." I mumbled harshly under my breath. I took Her back to out room and layed her on the bed while I got dressed. I then layed down with music and Carter on my chest until she fell asleep. As soon as she was asleep I moved her to her crib and fell asleep myself.


 I woke up to my phone ringing. I saw it was Calum. 

 B- Hello 

 C- Did I wake you up?

 B- No 

 C- Yes i did. I'm sorry. anyway come over please. the guys are going out and I can't. you can bring the kid. 

 B- Give me about 30 minutes 

 C- okay see you later. 

 I threw my phone down and peeled myself from bed. I put on my favorite black high wasted shorts and a white tank tucked in with a military style button down and floral combats. 

 I dressed Carter in a cute white tank with black shorts and boots. she's gotten pretty big. she'll be walking in a few months. She is 2. 

 I grabbed out things and headed over to Calum's. 


 By the time I reached Calum's Carter was asleep and wasn't waking up anytime soon. I smiled and brought her inside. 

 We were al in Calum's room. Carter still sleeping while we watched a movie. I felt a hand go up my thigh and onto my side. I turned to Calum and he kissed me. I grabbed hid shirt to push him away but my grip loosened with every second. 

 Calum pulled on my lip a little then kissed my neck. He found my sweet spot and my breathing got heavier as little moans escaped my mouth. He took our shirts off and kissed down my stomach until he got down to my bottoms. 

 He slowly unbuttoned them with a kiss as he he did. He pulled my shorts off then his. He went back to my neck as I ran my hands through his hair. He reached under me to unclip my bra and I laughed. 

 He looked at me and I pointed to the clamp in the front. He took it off and dropped it next me. The door flew open and I pulled Calum down onto me. I saw his mom look shocked. I felt my heart beat get faster and faster. Calum must have noticed because he gave me a blanket to cover myself. 

 She shook her head and walked out. Calum looked at me and I started laughing.

 "you think this is funny." He said

 "Hell yes." I laughed. He kissed me hard and I was shut up quick. He continued down my stomach. 

 "If I were you I would lock the door this time." I moaned and he did.


 I woke up and looked around me. I grabbed my bra and put it on. I started looking for my underwear but I couldn't find them. I put on my tank and crawled over to Calum and slowly looked around him. He moved and held my underwear in his hand. I smirked. 

 "thank you." I said and snatched them back. I put on my clothes and turned to see Carter was gone. 

 "Calum, where is my daughter?" I said panicked. 

 "My mom has her." He groaned. I smiled and sat on him. He looked up at me and smiled. 

 "I'm liking this position a lot better. " He said. I rolled my eyes and climbed out of the bed with Calum right behind me. 

 "What about you and Michael?" He asked as he pulled me closer to him. 

 "I told him that I didn't want to get hurt like Ashton did to me and he said if he doesn't have my trust he doesn't want me." I explained. He hugged me but I didn't hug back. 

 "Cal, your still naked." I said and he laughed. 

 "Your right I need to go take a cold shower." He said. 

 "YOU PERVE!" I yelled as he walked to the bathroom. He walked back out and pulled me with him. He stripped me and pulled me in the bath with him. 

 "If michael finds out and doesn't want you there call me. I will help." He said.

 "I will cal." I said

 "Have you two even had  sex yet?" He asked, I shook my head and leaned my head back. He kissed me and then splashed water on me. I laughed and tried to splash him but I failed. He splashed me again. I gave an evil grin and grabbed him, Ha gasped. 

 "Won't splash me again will you?" I asked and he shook his head. I let go and he shook his head at me. 

 "Not fair." He whined. 

 "So fair." I smiled and layed my head on his  chest. 

 "I love you Brooke." He said. I smiled and kissed his chest. 

 **********HEYY GUYS!!!!!!!!!! I know I hsven't updated in a while but her I'm back and it feels amazing to be writing again. I hope you guys like the chapter and please like and favorite and comment you know all that good stuff. Anyway thank you and I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVINS!!!!***************


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