"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


37. Chapter 35

 Brooke POV

 I put my headphones in and listened to one direction on full blast. I picked through the dark and layed back on Michael's couch until I had to get ready for work. 

 I closed my eyes and saw Ashton and my eyes shot open. I finally got my eyes to close after a few hours and I fell asleep. Before that I set and alarm of course because well it's me. 

 "Babe wake up. Brooke." Michael said and I sat up. 

 "What time is it?" I asked

 "Umm, 9 why?" He asked 

 "Fuck. I had work" I said and texted my boss and told him about what happened. 

 "Come on. The kids are with Calum tonight and tomorrow." He said and we went to sleep. 


 I couldn't sleep now so I went to the bathroom and sat in the tub. I know weird but I'm not sure why but when I can't sleep I sit in my bathroom and some how I get tired. I pulled out my phone and started to listen to strong by one direction. 

 I looked at the ceiling  and started to think. You know the thoughts you get  at like 2 am listening to sad songs, yeah that's me right now.


 Michael POV 

 I woke up to an empty bed. I got up an went to the bathroom. I saw Brooke asleep in the tub and laughed. I picked up her phone and saw strong on repeat. I smiled and paused it. I picked her up and put her in bed. I put her music on and let her sleep.

 I was getting dressed when she got a text from Ashton. I looked at it and saw a picture. 

 Remember this picture right. Daddy needs his princess again. 

 I looked through the old texts and saw the same picture. I looked at the date and saw it was when Ashton forced her. 

 I deleted the message and contact. I put her phone in my pocket and walked to the living room. 

 "Michael." she called

 "Yeah." I yelled back 

 "Do you know where my phone is?" She yelled. 

 "Yeah in here." I yelled and took it out of my pocket. 

 "Thanks." SHe said and kissed my cheek. 

 "You know I've been thinking about your number." I said 

 "Okay." She said 

 "I think we should get it changed, you know since Ashton still has it and I don't want him harrassing you." I said while make breakfast 

 "Okay. Today?" Sha asked and I nodded. 


 We just got her number changed and we walked out of the store. She gave the number to Luke, Calum, Me, Her mom and dad, Her bestfriend, work, and management.

 We went back home and started watching movies. 

 "Babe" I asked


 "Have you ever thought Of having more kids?" 

 "No, well yeah kinda. I only have one kid and Harry and elizabeth are going back to there parents soon anyway. But yeah. I thought of it." 

 "Do you want to try for one, you know in the future."


 Shelby POV 

 I got the mail and sat it on the counter. I picked up my mail. Yes I got it forwarded here. 

 I opened the packet and signed the papers. I put them back in the packet and set them on the counter.

 (Sorry guys I'm just having a bit of writers block and i don't really know what to say. I'll think Of something I swear and I'll have it up tomorrow. I love you guys and again I'm sorry. BYE I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVINS!!!!)

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