"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


36. Chapter 34


Calum POV 

 I walked through the front door and dropped my things. My phone started to ring so I took it out of my pocket and answered. 

 "Hey, calum. Umm do you mind if I'm a little late. I'm having a little trouble with the kids." I heard Brooke say. 

 "Yeah no problem. I actually just got home so its cool." I said and she thanked me then hung up. I went to my room and got into the shower.

 This is going to be great. She's done with Ashton now.

 Brooke POV 

 I just finished dinner with Calum's mom and we were on the drive back when I got a text from Ashton. 

 Ash- Baby, I'm sorry. I know I've been stupid and horrible and pathetic but I you back please

 Bro- No, I'm sorry you can't just do that.

 We pulled over and got gas. 

 The next text showed ashton with no shirt on and his boxers down like a centimeter from his "area". Under it read "Daddy needs his princess to come home." 

 I gasped and choked on the drink in my mouth. I'm not gonna lie it turned me on big time. 

 Bro- Ashton

 Ash- Brooke 

 Bro- please

 Ash- I love you. I want you. I need you. 

 Bro- : / 

 Ash- You know you want me too. 

 Bro- you ass 

 I stopped texting him and put my phone in my purse and dropped his mother off. 

 "Where are you going sweetie." She asked 

 "I have to go and help Ashton with the kids real quick I'll be right back. cover for me?" I smiled and she laughed and nodded. Damn she believed that. 


 I slung open the front door and dropped my things. Ashton saw me and I grabbed him.  

 "Kids are sleeping." He said

 "Then we'll try not to wake them." I said and threw him on the bed and locked the door. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off of him then his pants. I saw him growing in his boxers and I kissed him. 

 "I hate you." I breathed. 

 "Then you need to hate me more ofter at this rate." He moaned and grabbed my ass. He flipped us over and pinned me down and started to strip me. He took of my thong and pinned my legs apart hard on the bed. 

 "Ashton, this is hurting me." I said and tried to move my legs. He grabbed ducktape off of the side table and put it over my mouth and secured my hands to the bed. 

 He grabbed a random dildo and shoved it in hard and turned it all the way up. I screeched and he laughed. He stripped off his boxers and up taped my mouth. He shoved himself in my mouth and pushed hard. He pushed hard on my mouth and grabbed my hair. He pushed me further on him and made himself fit. 

 He started breathing heavy and I closed my mouth a little. He slapped my cheek and forced my mouth open again.  

 "Fit it in." He growled and pushed hard with every word. His breathing picked up again and he pulled my hair. He threw his head back and screamed. I felt him come in my mouth and he moved himself out and put his hand over my mouth. I opened my mouth and let it out on his hand. 

 He wiped it on the sheets and taped my mouth shut again. He sat next to me and grabbed my hand and told me to rub him. I did and he moaned. I stopped and pointed to my mouth. He untaped it. 

 "Untie me and I'll do what you want." I said and tried to move with the dildo in. Every once in a while I would moan and he would rub me. My breath got shaky and he untied me.  

 I moaned loud and gripped the sheets. He pulled it out and sat next me again and pointed. I rubbed him and started slow then went quicker. He moaned and screamed. I kept going and he came for the 2nd time. 

 He tied my hand down again and pinned my legs down. He rammed into me hard and it hurt like a bitch. I screamed but It soon faded into pleasure. I started moaning loud. 

 "Scream it." He growled. He pushed harder into me and I started screaming. 

 "Scream my name." He yelled and I did. He hit his climax right before mine.

  He laid next to me and breathed heavy. He untied me and I got out of bed slowly and put on my clothes. 


 I pulled up at Michaels and slowly walked inside with tears in my eyes. 

 "Brooke, What's wrong?" He asked as he helped me to the couch. 

 "I-i kinda h-h-had sex with a-a-a-ashton." I cried and he looked at me. 

 "kinda?" He asked. I steadied my breathing. 

 "I went over after he sent me a picture. It was going to e meaningless sex and he went far." I told him.

 "How far?" He asked 

 "He tied me down and made me do things. It hurt so I told him if he let me go I'll do what he wants and he did. He got a hand job then tied me again." I said and held out my wrists which were covered in red marks soon the be bruises and scars.

 Michael ran to his room and grabbed a bag and came back. He opened it and helped the marks. 

 "Did he do anything else?" He asked. 

 "No, just that I could get pregnant. He didn't use a condom or anything and I ran out of my pill a few weeks ago." I sniffed. 

 He tensed up and finished the marks. He handed me another bag and some clothes. 

 "Can you walk fine?" He asked

 I nodded and looked at the bag. 

 "You have an interview with us tomorrow and there are some bracelets in there to cover the marks. Just incase it's pants, long sleeve green day shirt and some bracelets with black high tops." He said. "Oh and I'll pick up some cover up for the hickeys." He said and grabbed his keys and things. 

 "I'm coming with you." I said and he looked at me. 

 "no." He said

 "He has my kids." I snapped. 

 "No." He said again

 "Either I go with or without you. I will not let him keep my kids or harry and morgan." I snapped and went to my car. He came in next to me and we went to Ashton's house. 

 ********* ( Hey guys I just noticed that I've been calling his sister Morgan and I'm sorry that is so not this book so I'll just started calling her Emily now. I am so sorry about this I just get lost once in a while.) 

 I had the little ones in the car with there things and Michael was with them. I went back in and saw Emily with her things. 

 "I know. I talked to Uncle Calum and he said I could come stay with him." She said and I smiled. 

 "Such a mature and responsible girl. You are going to be a great person someday." I said and hugged her. 

 "And I'm hoping I'll have someone to lay on to help out." SHe laughed and so did I. We walked to the car after getting our things and I dropped off Emily and went back to Michaels. 

 ********** Night time passed, Next morning now ***********

 I woke up at 6 and walked to the kitchen and was followed by the kids. Lucky Michael has room here. I put Carter and Elizabeth in high chairs to eat and sat Harry down. 

 I cooked breakfast quickly and gave harry his. I scrambled eggs for Elizabeth and fried for Michael. I grabbed a baby spoon and Carters baby food and started to feed her. 

 After breakfast was done the kids were watching cartoons and I washed the dishes. I cleaned everything but the living room and bedrooms. I ran down the hall and picked up the toys Harry had left and went to the living room. 

 I was folding the throw blankets when Michael walked out of the room and saw me. He looked around and was confused. 

 "I'm in the right house right?" He laughed and came over to me. He pulled my waist to him and kissed me. 

 "Oh I'm sure now." He kissed me again. 

 "Momma, I thought you and Ashon" I heard Harry say. I smiled. I picked him up and sat on couch with him on my lap. For a 5 year old he's smart.

 "Baby, I'm not with ashton anymore. I'm with Uncle mikey." I said. 

 "Why?"He asked. I sighed. 

 "Because Ashton did something really bad to me and I didn't want him to do it again. That's why I came to get you and your sisters. Okay baby?" I said and kissed his head.

 "okay. what's wrong?" He asked me and pointed to my hand. This kid is smart and curious. 

 "Oh, I accidentally hurt myself." I said and he nodded and smiled. 

 "Soo. are you missing something?" I asked him. 

 "Nope." He said 

 "Well then I guess you can stay 5 forever can't you?" I said and he gasped. 

 "It's my birthday!!!" He said and hopped around. I got out his toys I got him and gave them to him. 

 "Happy birthday buddy." I said and he smiled.

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