"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


35. Chapter 33

 Brooke POV 

 I woke up too see I was alone. I walked out and went to the kids room and they were gone. I looked all over he house and didn't see them anywhere. I called Ashton. THe phone rang twice and went to voice mail.  I called about 20 more times and nothing. I quickly changed and drove off looking for them. They were gone. 

 I was sitting on the couch when I heard Ashton come through the door. I ran over to him to see the kids. I hugged them all and kissed them. 

 "Come on kids lets go upstairs." We all walked upstairs and I put elizabeth and Carter to bed. Harry stayed up playing.   Ashton came up behind me and kissed up my neck. 

 "Stop." I snapped and pushed him away. I went to our room and grabbed my phone and texted  Michael. 

 "What the hell is your problem?" He asked. 

 "Oh, I don't know, When I wake up and all of the kids that I am in charge of are gone, My husband doesn't answer his phone after 21 damn calls I get pissed." I snapped. 

 "My phone never fucking rang!!" He yelled 

 "Really because I called you 21 times and even if it didn't you should've fucking called and told me that you took the damn kids." I growled. 

 "One of them isn't even yours!!!" He yelled.

 "Get out." I said. 

 "What?" He asked

 "Get out, I don't want you here and I sure as hell don't want you around my kid or sister. Oh and you know since one of them isn't mine you can take care of him." I told him. 

 "This is my house." He said 

 "And it's also mine." I smiled and held up my hand. " or did you want to leave with this too."I said and began to take it off. 

 Morgan then walked into the room. 

 "STOP!! JUST STOP!!!" She yelled. "I'm tired of hearing you two argue. What happened to the loving and forgiving couple I moved in with. You are scaring the kids. Harry came to me crying and I bet you didn't even notice that Carter and elizabeth were crying either. Either work it out or move on." She said. 

 "I want you out. either you leave or I'll make you. Or I could leave you won't have to worry about seeing me again." I told Ashton. I rolled his eyes and walked out. Morgan left after I took the kids. I put them all down for a nap and continued texting Michael. 


 I got out of the shower and opened the bathroom door. Harry and Elizabeth came walking in. I smiled and they laughed. Harry helped Elizabeth on my bed and he hopped on. 

 "Harry, So from what I hear is that your 6th birthday is coming up." I said and he smiled. "What do you want for your birthday?" I asked. 

 "For you and Ashy to stop fighting." He said. 

 "Oh trust me honey, We will." I said and hugged him. 

 "Ewwwy, you wet." He said. I laughed. 

 "Really Brooke, You couldn't put on clothes before the kids see you." I heard Ashton say. I told Harry to wait and we walked out. 

 "THey came in right when I got out of the shower and since you don't care about me then care about your brother. He said that he wants us to stop fighting for his birthday so how about you get over yourself for a few days and stop being such an ass. After his birthday you won't have to worry about the fighting and you can go back to being a selfish bastard okay?" I spit and walked back into the room and locked the door. I grabbed clothes out of the closet and went to the bathroom to change. 

 I walked out and harry was watching cartoons with Elizabeth. I unlocked the door and started to tickle him. He laughed and Elizabeth joined in. Ashton walked in and watched us. 

 "Momma stop." Harry laughed and I stopped. No one said a word. 

 "Can I call you mommy, I want you to be my mommy." He said. I picked him up and sat him in my lap. 

 "Sweetheart, I can't be your mommy." I told him. 

 "why not?" He asked. I looked at Ashton. 

 "Because you have a mommy. Plus Ashton would have to be your daddy." I told him. 

 "okay, I don't want my mommy. I want you and Ashy. Please" He begged. I looked at Ashton and handed Harry to him and grabbed my phone and keys and left. 


 I pulled up at Michaels house got out crying. I walked to the door and walked in. I went to his room and saw him sleeping. I walked over to him.

 "M-M- Mikey" I sniffed. He groaned and looked at me. He sat up and hugged me.  I curled up to him and cried. He layed back and covered us. 

 "What happened." He asked quietly. 

 "H-Harry asked-" I tried and took deep breaths. 

 "Look, you can tell me later. Let's just get you some sleep okay?" He asked and I nodded and everything faded to darkness while I listen to michael sing amnesia. 


 I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I sat up and looked around to see Michael  next to me with his hands across my lap. I laughed and slowly got out of bed. This is a natural thing. I'm always sleeping over. I walked over to his closet and grabbed some of my clothes. I saw a bra drop on the floor that look new and it wasn't mine.

 I picked it up and my phone started ringing. I looked and saw Calum's name on the screen. I picked up quickly. 


 B- Shh, He's sleeping

 C- Whoooooo?? did you hook up with someone. I thought you were with Ashton. 

 B- I am wel I'm not sure but no I slept over at Michaels last night 

 C- Oh, boring. 

 B- What do you want Calum. 

 C- My mom if here and she want's to have dinner with us. She really misses you. 

 B- tell her I miss her too and I would love to have dinner tonight. I'll just michael to keep the kids. 

 C- Great see you at 7

 B- Bye Calum 

 C- Bye secret lover 

 We hung up and I looked at the bra. I looked at the tag and it was my size. I heard michael move. I hid the bra behind me and smiled. 

 "What are you doing in my closet nosey." He laughed and came over to me. 

 "Getting my clothes for a shower." I smirked. He snatched the bra from me.

 "and looking through my stuff." He said and holding the bra up. 

 "Maybe." I laughed. 

 "Well, if it's any thing to you, it's yours. I had to go buy it because the other one got lost." He said. 

 "AWwwwww mikey. you care about meeeee." I said in a child voice. He laughed and I went and changed. I walked out and plopped down on his bed. 

 "You don't happen to have any of my band shirts here do you?" I yelled to him. 

 "Dresser, top left drawer." He yelled back.

 I opened the drawer and saw all of my clothes that I've left over here including some new things. I smiled and looked for my 5sos shirt. I then saw a necklace and some pictures and a ring. I pulled them out and sat down looking at them. 

 The pictures were ones that I've taken with michael since I met the boys.  The necklace was a golden heart that said Love lasts forever  and it had me and Michael's name on it. I picked up the ring and it was my size and had michael's name engraved. 

 "What's taking you so long?" He walked in and asked. I turned quickly and he saw the stuff. 

 "Oh, umm, uhh," He stuttered.  

 "Why do you have all of this." I asked. 

 He walked over and put the necklace on me and picked up the pictures and ring. 

 "I was going to ask you to marry me?" He said and picked up the ring. He started to stick the pictures on his mirror on his dresser. I grabbed the necklace and looked at it. 

 "When?" I asked 

 "Let's see you and I are 20 now sooo." He thought. 

 I sat there waiting. 

 "I have loved you since we were 18." He said. I looked shocked. 

 "Michael, I don't know what to say." I said 

 "Go ahead, tell me you don't love me like every other girl has. Go ahead and tell me that you never want to see me again and that you love someone else and that we can still be friends." He rambled on. 

 "No." I said 

 "What?" He asked

 "I can't tell you that because........ I love you Michael." I said. " I couldn't tell you that for so long. I told Ashton to leave or I would. I'm leaving him." I told Michael. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I looked at the time.

 "SHIT!" I yelled and grabbed my 5sos shirt and took off my shirt. I had on my sports bra and put on the shirt. It was a black tank top and the arms hole came all the way down to my side and Had 5sos and the name and symbol in big white letters.

 I grabbed my keys and phone and ran to the door. 

 "Where are you going?" Michael asked.

 "I have dinner with Calum's  mom." I said and ran to my car. I pulled up at Calum's a few hours later and pulled my bangs up in sort of a half up half down look. I ran to the front door and knocked. I looked at the time and saw it was 7:10. 

 "Brooke, So ice to see you here." Calum's mom said when she opened the door. 

 "You too." I said and hugged her. We walked into the kitchen and sat down. 

 "So what are you doing here?" She asked. 

 "Calum told me you wanted to have dinner tonight. To catch up." I said confused. 

 "That boy." SHe laughed. "Honey, I think he just wanted you to come over." She continued. 

 "Well, How about dinner than. My treat." I smiled

 "Oh honey I an't make you pay." She said

 "You won't, I offered." I told her. She agreed and we left. 


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