"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


34. Chapter 32

 Brook POV 

 I was running around the house like I'm insane trying to get everything cleaned and take care of the kids while Ashton slept. Carter started crying to I picked her up and picked up a few dishes and put them in the sink. Harry was watching cartoons and Elizabeth was running around the house. She ran past my legs and soon started squealing. 

 I ran to her and saw Ashton tickling her. I smiled and kissed him. He picked up Elizabeth.

 "Where's Harry?" He asked. I gestured to the living room while I walked back to the kitchen. I put Carter back in her bouncer and went to do the dishes. Ashton came in later and held my waist.

 "Hey, Elizabeth?" I asked. 

 "Living room with Harry." He said and kissed my cheek. I nodded and continued the dishes. I slowly finished. I turned around and Ashton grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. He kissed me and I felt something on my hand. I pulled away and looked at my wedding band back on my finger. I looked at Ashton and walked to get Carter. I picked her up and went to our room. 

 I slid the ring off of my ring and put it back in the box and put it away. Ashton walked in after me and grabbed the box. 

 "Do you not want to be Married anymore?" He said. 

 "I do but later not now. I'm giving you a second chance to fix things. Try again in maybe a few weeks or months." I said. 

 "Why? If you wont take it now what's the point later." He yelled. Carter started crying and I shot him a glare. I rolled my eyes and went to the living room. 

 "Harry can you get Carters sock right there please." I asked and he gave them to me. I put them on her. I got her diaper back and my purse. I put her in her car seat then went to the car and called Michael. 

 M- Hey Babe

 B- I'm coming over.

 M- Alright 

 We hung up and I drove.


 Guys I'm sorry this is such a shitty chapter but I'm trying. I don't really have good ideas right now. I love you guys so much I'll be update for a while so expect more. Better than this though. I love you my little kevins!!!!!!! BYE


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