"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


33. Chapter 31

 Brooke POV 

 'I've been staying with Jake for a few day. I know you don't like him anymore but things got complicated with Ashton and I can't stay there anymore. I'll still be at the hospital when you are I promise. Bye I love you.' I typed and sent to my  mom. 

 We are both due but neither of us have gone into labor. I'm really excited to have this baby. Ashton and I had agreed to keep the gender a surprise. I'm hoping for a boy. My phone started ringing interrupting my thoughts. 

 B- Hello 

 A- Baby please, Harry and I miss you. Please I want to be there for you when our baby comes. please. 

 B- Ashton,I never said I was gone forever but you hit me and I don't want our baby getting hurt. I just can't right now.

 A- Baby don't please 

 B- I'm sorry Ashton but We need this break. I'll still see you and Harry and you will be able to see the baby but not alone. I can't have this baby getting hurt. 

 A- Brooke please. give me a second chance.Everyone deserves one

 B- *SIGH* fine but i swear if you fuck this up I'm not giving you another one. I'll text the address so come pick me up. 

 A- Alright.

 We hung up and I texted him Jakes address. He was over within 5 minutes and packed my things in the car. I hugged Jake goodbye and we left. 


 By the time we got home and unloaded my things my phone was going crazy. I picked it up to see Liam calling. I knew exactly what was happening. I picked up and told him we were on our way. 

 "ASHTON, GET HARRY MY MOM IS READY!!!" I yelled and ran to the car. We sped to the hospital and saw Liam in the waiting room. 

 "Liam, Where is she." I asked.

 "THey took her and said she was bleeding too much for me to go with her." He said and hugged me. I stopped. Oh god. 

 "Oh no." I said. 

 "What?" Ashton asked. 

 "My water just broke." I said as I felt the warm water drip down my leg. 

 "NURSE!!!!!!! SHE IS GOING INTO LABOR!!" Liam yelled. Ashton grabbed my hand and the nurse took us to the back with my mom. I was transferred to a bed next to my mom. 

 "Hey mom." I smiled through the pain. 

 "Second is the best." SHe said to her stomach. 

 "First is the worst." I said to her. She laughed and the doctor walked in. He checked to see if we were ready. 

 "Sir, Could you possibly have Liam Payne back here please." I asked and he nodded. Liam walked in soon after that. 

 "Hey babies." He laughed and hugged us both. 

 "This is your fault." We both said at the same time. 

 "Excuse me but I don't think that kid is mine, you might want to look at the man holding your hand right now." Liam said to me. I smiled at Ashton. The doctor came in and took both of us. 

 "You too will be giving labor at the same time." HE said. I took a breath and looked at Ashton.

 "Ready for this." I sighed. He kissed me. 

 "More than ever." He said and we were rush off.

 The doctor told us to push. I grabbed Ashton's hand and pushed. After a few more I looked at Ashton. 

 "I can't do this anymore." I said. 

 "Come one Brooke, just two more." THe doctor shouted. I push one more time hard and heard a cry.

 "GIRLL!!!" The doctor yelled. It was then followed but another shout. 

 "BOY!!" The other doctor said. I looked at Ashton and kissed him. 


 We are getting released today and I'm so happy to go home. We were getting our things together and Morgan looked at me. 

 "What's the babies name?" She asked

 "Carter elizabeth irwin." I said and she smiled. 

 "And yours?" I asked. 

 "James Javadd Payne. He wanted zayn's name" SHe laughed.

 "So now I have you and James. Elizabeth is staying with Niall." SHe said. 

 "WHAT!!!! NO!! Why would you give him Elizabeth!!" I yelled

 "We can't handle two kids." SHe said

 "Then I'm getting my sister back. He doesn't deserve her." I said and grabbed my bag and walked out. Ashton looked at me with carter in his hands. I smiled and walked to him. I kissed him and looked at her. 

 "She beautiful." I said. 

 "I made that." He laughed. I shook my head and we left. 

 "Go to Niall's now." I said to Ashton and he nodded.


 I left Ashton with the kids and pounded on Niall's door. HE opened it with ELizabeth. 

 "Hey baby." I said and picked her up. I walked in past him and shot him a glare. 

 "What are you doing here?" He asked looking exhausted. 

 "I'm taking Elizabeth." I said. 

 "NO." He said.

 "Yes, look at this place. Look at yourself. It's trash. Me and you both know you can't take care of this baby." I snapped. 

 "You can't take care of yourself let alone 3 kids." He snapped back. 

 "Two of them aren't mine but You can bet your damn ass I can take care of these kids then you ever will." I said and he glared at me. 

 "Look it's either you go back to court and lose or I just take her without a fight." I said. 

 "Alright, Go ahead and take her. Just let me be able to see her please." He begged. 

 "Any time you want." I said and hugged him. I left and got her buckled in next to Harry. Ashton looked confused and drove off to our house.

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