"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


32. Chapter 30

 Ashton POV 

 I just finished washing the dishes when someone knocked on the door. I opened it and saw my mom with my sister and the boys. The all yelled Happy birthday. I brought my finger to my lips and pointed upstairs. 

 "Harry and Brooke are sleeping." I whispered. THey all nodded and walked in. I closed the door and we sat down on the couch. 

 "So Ashton, How's being a dad so far." MY sister asked.

 "Well, I'm not one yet but so far it's pretty good." I smiled. 

 "Ashton, can I talk to you in private please." My mom asked. 

 "It depends, are you going to insult my family or is it just me." I snapped. 

 "No, please." SHe said. I shrugged and we walked to the kitchen in silence. 

 "So, I'm sorry. Brooke is a great girl and I shouldn't have said anything about her.I guess I was mad that I was loosing you to someone else. YOu guys are perfect for each other and I know that baby is going to be beautiful. I happy for you and her. I'm sorry, I've realized my mistakes and I want to fix them." She said. 

 "I'm sorry too. You're an amazing woman and I shouldn't have said what I did and thank you. Trust me I won't ever take your son away from you." I heard Brook say. We looked at the stairs and Brooke walked down holding Harry's hand and her stomach. 

 "Thank you so much." My mom said and they hugged. SHe handed Harry over and everyone joined us in the kitchen. 

 "Can I feel your stomach." Emily said (I forgot Ashton's sisters name so now it's emily) Brooke nodded and she started rubbing her belly.

 "Ashton I have news." Emily said. 

 "Okay tell me ." I said.  

 "I'm pregnant." She said. 

 "Must be something in the water." Brooke said. 

 "Excuse me.YOU JUST TURNED 16." I yelled 

 "So did your wife." SHe said 

 "Hey watch it." Brooke snapped. 

 "That's different. You're my sister and at least I can support the kid I'm about to have." I snapped. 

 "Hey, I'm pushing this thing out of me." Brooke said

 "I shouldn't said anything.I'm going to walk." She said and walked away. Brooke walked over to me and hugged me. 

 "Baby, It's okay. She's going through the same thing I am." She said and kissed me. SHe grabbed her coat and went after Emily. 

 Brooke POV 

 "Em." I said as I walked to her.

 "If you're here to give me a lecture I don't want to hear it." SHe sniffed. 

 "I'm not here to do that. I know what your going through. I'm 16, pregnant and married. You don't think that's a lot to take in. Trust me, You can do it. Despite what everyone else says you can make it through this. We'll do it together." I said and we stopped walking. 

 "What do you mean?" She said. 

 "Come live with us. You can help me take care of Ashton and Harry. Get some practice in with Harry, I mean I have. And We can help each other through this. Plus My mom is pregnant too." I said 

 "Are you serious?" SHe said. 

 "YEah." I smiled and she hugged me. 

 "Thank you so much Brooke." SHe cried. 

 "No problem, if you don't mind me asking, where is the babies father." I asked. 

 "At your house." SHe said 

 "What?" I said 

 "Well, When you guys came to sydney to visit the boys came to see their parent too and I kinda hooked up with Michael. It was supposed to be just a one night thing, meaningless and pointless but It didn't end that way." She said. SHe said crying. 

 "It's okay baby girl."I said hugging her. 

 "No, please don't tell Ashton. My friend in sydney agreed to pretending to be the father if Ashton asked. His parents know he's pretending. But please keep it out of question until he asks. And when he does let me handle it." She said

 "I will. Promise." I said and we walked back to the house. Everyone was gone except Ashton and Michael. We walked up to the door and we stopped. 

 "Go down the hall right next to the door and up the stairs. Make a left and the first door on left is Harry's room. GO in lock the door and don't open it or come out. Got it." I said and she nodded. We walked inside and she went down the hall. I walked in the kitchen to see Ashton and michael talking. Ashton' back was too me and I told michael to not say a thing.

 I swung around him and kissed him. 

 "Hey baby." I said. 

 "Where's my sister."He said.

 "Oh, I'm fine don't worry about." I said. 

 "Where is she." He asked again. 

 "Look, You need to relax. It's not her fault and you know that." I said and he got up. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He turned around and slapped me. 

 "ASHTON!!" Michael yelled and Ashton's face dropped. Emily came running to me. 

 "Baby, I'm sor-" He said but I cut him off. 

 "No, just get away from me." I said and ran upstairs. I slammed our door and started packing a bag. I quickly finished only packing the things I needed. I walked downstairs and grabbed my phone, keys and purse. I grabbed EMily and got in the car. I locked the doors as Ashton came running outside. 

 I sped off down the street but soon parked when Ashton was out of site. I turned off the car and started crying. Emily touched my shoulder and I looked at her. 

 "Let me see." SHe said and I turned my face. She gasped. 

 "Switch seats with me now." She said and we switched. She drove to a near by hotel and we walked inside with my bag. 

 "Hi, One room, double bed please." I asked. 

 "Ma'am, Did someone hit you?" The lady asked. 

 "Oh no, I wasn't paying attention in the store and ran into the wall." I said and she nodded like she believed it.

 "Here's your room keys." She said 

 "Thank you." I said and took them and we walked to the room. We sat down on the bed. 

 "Here, You can borrow some of my pajamas. I don't fit them well anyway." I laughed and handed the clothes to her. I grabbed some sweats and I shirt and fell asleep. 


 I woke up and got dressed in some stretchy jeans and a cute top.  Emily woke up and I handed her some clothes from before I was pregnant. She was already showing a little and in the shirt she was wearing You could tell. I grabbed my things and we checked out. I put my things in the car. 

 "You need to put on some make up to cover that bruise." Emily said. I looked in the mirror and saw a huge bruise that covered from right under my eye down the the end of my jaw. From the corner of my mouth and the corner of my ear. 

 Emily took out some make u and put it on. A few minutes later we both had make up on and you couldn't even tell that I had been hit. 

 "THanks Em." I said and she smiled. I drove off and we drove off. I pulled up to the mall and we got out. 

 "Come one, We have somethings to do." I said holding up Ashton's credit card. SHe laughed and we shopped all day. 


 Emily and I walked up to my front door laughing and out arms filled with bags. We walked up stairs and put our things away. We walked downstairs and into the kitchen. 

 "Tea?" I asked and She nodded. I made tea for us. As we were talking the front door opened and Ashton and Michael walked through. They saw us and Emily looked at me. I nodded and her and Michael walked to Harry's room. 

 I walked  over to the stove and got the tea off and poured two cups. 

 "So, you're just going to ignore me." Ashton said. 

 "You slapped me Ashton. Did you expect me to go and come back and instantly forgive you? Because I'm sorry that's not how things like these work." I said and grabbed my cup. I started walking to the table but Ashton grabbed the glass and threw it. I watched calmly as it shattered. I sat down at the table. 

 "You know AShton. When something bad happens Life basically strikes you with a big Fuck you. But most people push through and suffer until the tragedy is over and through. Some still struggle to get back on their feet. But they prosper in the end. And that's exactly what's happening to us. Right now I'm really regretting this ring." I said and I played with my wedding ring. "But that's okay, I don't have anything to regret now." I said as I took the ring off my finger and walked to him. I placed the ring in his hand. "I love you AShton but right now I think I made the wrong choice. We can try again later but not now." I said then walked to his room and packed all of my things. I walked down stairs and put all my things in my car. 

 Ashton stood in the door way with the ring in his hand. I looked at him and smiled. 

 "Goodbye, I love you." I said and drove off. I didn't know where I was going but I was off. Before I knew it I was at his house and I don't know why. I got out and walked to the door. Here goes nothing. I nocked and he swung the door open. I smiled and he looked confused. 

 ***** THanks guys so much for reading. I love you guys for all of the views you have gotten this v=book and every other book as well. It's unbelievable. Anyway, I was thinking of a sequel. Comment your thoughts and let me know if I should. Again I love you guys and I can't thank you enough for everything you've done. Please comment and let me know what you think! I LOVE YOU!!!!! BYE MY LOVELY LITTLE KEVINS!!!!!*****

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