"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


3. Chapter 3

Niall POV 

 I hadn't talked to Morgan since she had told me that she was pregnant. Who was the father? When did she get pregnant? I have to talk to her and now. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number, it rang a few times before that familiar voice came through the line. 

 "Hello?" She said 

 "Morgan could you come over please I want to talk to you." I said quickly 

 "Why, I'm surprised you still want to talk to me after that day." She said 

 "Look I was just in shock, could you please just come over." I begged

 "Alright be there in 10." She said and hung the phone up. 

 I rang upstairs and threw on my clothes then went back downstairs and waited. 

 Morgan POV 

 I walked out of my house and drove over to Niall's. I was there within no time. I hopped out of the car and knocked on the door. To my surprise Liam opened the door instead.

 "Um Liam do you know where Niall is he asked me to come over." I said 

 "Yeah come on in, he's upstairs the  3rd door to the right." He said, I nodded and ran up the steps.

 I knocked on the door and the door swung open. 

 "Hey Morgan come in." Niall said and opened the door wider. 

 "You wanted to talk to me?" I asked, he nodded and came and sat on the bed next me.

 "I don't care that your pregnant I like you and nothing will change the feelings I have for you, not even a baby will sop the feelings that come. But if you don't mind me asking who is the father?" He asked

 I smiled and slightly shook my head. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer to me and crashed our lips together. He kissed back and we stayed like this until he broke away for breath. 

 "I know this is probably really early but will you be my girlfriend?" He asked

 "Yes." I said 

 "I'm not finished," He said and took a deep breath "I'm gonna have to talk to Paul about this but I really want to be the father figure for this baby." He said. I sat there shocked. Why would he even want to be the father? Can he handle this, can I handle this? 

 "Niall, Will you be able to handle this I mean you have your singing career and you are gone a lot, Are you sure you'll be able to handle this?" I asked him 

"Yes, If I couldn't handle it I wouldn't have asked." He said 

 "Then ok, You can be the father figure. " I said with a very tiny bit of doubt. 

 He leaned in and so did I, soon we were in a full make out session. 

 "NIALL!!" Someone yelled and burst through the door. I pushed Niall off of me and sat up. 

 "Yes Harry?" Niall asked with a sigh 

 "I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt." He said 

 "No Harry you weren't interrupting anything, now what do you need." I said with a duh tone.

 "Well, we kinda have to be at the office soon, Simon called to discuss  some things about the upcoming tour." He said 

 "Alright, We'll be down soon." I said and gave Niall a wink. He winked back and Harry walked out of the room. 

 "Now, where were we." Niall said 

 "No no, You have to get to the office and I have to go home" I said 

 "C'mon!!!" He begged 

 "Mr. Horan, Go get ready I'm going to get going." I said and pushed him on the other side of the bed.

 "Just come to the meeting with us, It will give you a chance to meet Simon and learn what you need to get used to for the future." He said.

 "NO!!! I don't want to meet Simon, He is rude on television and I sure don't plan to get disapproved of." I said 

 "He's not as bad as he is n t.v., and I think he'll love you I mean you already won the boys over and that's pretty hard, they don't think anyone is good enough for me but I am older than Harry and he's the most protective." He said, I laughed.

 "Niall, Come on mate we have to go!!" Someone yelled from the bottom of the steps. 

 "I'm coming!" He yelled back 

 "So come on." He said and pulled me downstairs and into the car. Louis and Zayn were in the front of the car then it was me, Niall, and Liam in the middle and Harry was in the far back. 

 "Hello." Liam said 

 "Hi Li." I said 

 "Nice." He said and laughed 

 "Hey what about us." Everyone yelled.

 "Sorry, Hi Haz, Hi zaynie, Hi lou, Hi Ni."I said  

 "That's better." Harry said 

 "I'm sorry I didn't think you guys liked me." I said and put my head down

 "What! We love you!" Liam yelled with a chorus of yeah's behind him. We pulled up at a very large building and everyone got out. I sat in my seat and didn't move.

 "Come on it's not that bad." Niall said. 

 "I'm not ready for this Ni." I said 

 "Leeyummmm." He yelled and Liam ran over to us. 

 "Get her please." HE said. Liam reached over me and unbuckled my seatbelt. 

 "keep your head down paps are everywhere." He said and winked. He hauled me over his shoulder and ran inside to make sure no one saw me. 

 "You're really light." He said 

 "Umm thanks, But no I'm not I was kinda expecting to get heavier." I said and Liam gave me a confuse look. I gave him the 'I'll tell you later' look. We walked into Simon's office I'm guessing. He looked up and smiled but it soon faded when he caught a glimpse of me.

 "Hi Mr. Cowell, I'm Morgan." I siad and stuck out my hand for him to shake. He excepted with caution.

 "She's with me Uncle Si." Niall said and pulled me by my waist toward him. I put my head down and kept my eyes focused on the ground. Niall pulled me down onto his lap as he sat in his chair. I looked at him with shock. He just shrugged it off and looked at Simon. 

 "So Morgan, Are you Niall's umm girlfriend or friend." Simon asked

 "I'm his girlfriend." I said 

 "Alright, How long dating Niall?" He asked

 "Since today actually." I said 

 "Wel where did you meet him?"Simon asked 

I nudged Niall. 

 "We meet at a club actually, Harry was being quite rude to her because he was drunk and she was a singer there." Niall told him the truth. 

 "So your the unnamed girl that he meet at the cafe" He said

 "Yes sir" I said and put my head down. 

 "Boys could I have a word with Morgan privately?" He asked, the boys nodded and walked out of the room. 

 "Look Morgan, If your going to date Niall but I need to get to know you REALLY well, and I know it may sound really weird but I don't want any surprises, You know like criminal records, bad things that might get us involved or kids." He said, I bit my lip. 

 "So, tel me everything please" He said 

 "Well, I don't have a criminal record, I did nothing bad, I had a hard past though, I'm actually a goody two shoes some people may say, And I'm pregnant." I said the last part in a cough so he couldn't hear me. 

 "Your what?" He asked me to repeat.

 "Could I get Niall in here please I would feel more comfortable with him here" I begged 

 "Sure, NIALL!" He yelled and Niall ran into the room.

 "She wants you here." He said and Niall nodded. Niall came and sat next to me. I grabbed his hand and and squeezed it.

 "So could you repeat the last part." He asked

 "I'm Ummm Pregnant." I said and tightened my grip on Niall's hand. Simon's eyes widened. 

 "You only meet like 3 days ago!! Niall why didn't you tell me." Simon yelled

 "It's not his!!" I yelled back, Simon sat down and looked at me.

 "It's my ex's He left me before I could tell him, Niall was being a good person and decided he wanted to help me with the baby." I said 

 "Well how far along are you?" He asked 

 "4 months." I said and put my head down 

 "You don't look that far along." They both said 

 "I exercise a lot and eat right, I don't like to get very big." I said 

 "Okay well, BOYS COME IN!!." Simon yelled They rushed into the room and sat down.

 "Okay so lets go over the tour dates." He said and pulled out some papers. 


 Liam POV 

 We got home and Morgan is going to sleep here. Everyone ran off to bed and I walked to my room. About 3 hours go by and I can't sleep so I got down to the kitchen. I hear someone singing near the pool in the back so I walk out. I find Morgan sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in.

 "You know it's not safe to be out here alone." I said

 "I'm not you're here." She said, I chuckled and sat down next to her. 

 "So want to tell me about that comment today about getting heavier." I asked

 "Oh well I'm kinda pregnant." she said

 "Does Niall know?" I asked

 "Yeah, He knew first." She said

 "It's not his is it?" I asked

 "No, My ex left me before I could tell him, Niall said he wanted to be the father figure in the babies life." She said

 "Oh, So why are you our here?" I asked

 "I was just thinking."She looked at the reflection of her in the water.

 "You know Niall would be a great father, I've seen how he acts around kids and they absolutely love him." I told her 

 "I wouldn't doubt it, But Liam, do you honestly think we can do this I mean I'm only 19 and he's 20, how are we going to make this work? " She asked

 "Honestly, I don't know, you'll have to take the journey and find out yourself, no one can know until they take the road that they are either forced to take or even decide to take it. Life is Funny, You'll never know what is coming until it hits you right in the face, Sometimes you can rise up and face everything or you could back away. If you back away how will you know if it turns out to be a good experience or not? Life will kick your ass but you have to get back up and fight back." I said 

 "Thanks Li, You will always be the big brother I never had." She told me and hugged me. She pulled her feet our of the pool and stood up. She walked behind me and then the next thing I know I'm underwater.

 "That wasn't very nice." I laughed when I surfaced. 

 "Well ,maybe I'm not a nice person." SHe laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. 

 "OOOHHHH I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS MORGAN!!" I yelled as she ran inside. 


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