"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


31. Chapter 29

Brooke POV

  "And all these little things." I sang as Harry slowly fell asleep. 

 "I love that song." I heard ashton whisper. I smiled at him and gave him a kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist and we look at Harry. 

 "You are going to be an amazing mom." He said and started kissing my jaw. I moved away from him. 

 "We shouldn't Harry is just getting to sleep." I said. He walked over to me and pulled me close to him. I kissed my neck. I pushed him away. 

 "I said no Ashton." I snapped and walked out of the room. I walked into our room and pulled out some of my clothes and took a quick shower. 

 I walked back in the room to see Ashton laying in bed watching tv. I ignored it and tried to get to sleep. I felt his hand rub up my thigh. I smacked it away. He pulled his hand away but soon put it on my shoulder and slowly into my shirt. I pushed it away and stood up. 

 "I'm going to sleep with Harry." I said and grabbed my phone and went to Harry's room and got in his bed. He woke up and looked at me.

 "It's okay, I'm just going to sleep in here tonight okay?" I said and ha nodded and snuggled up to me. We both slowly fell asleep. 


 I woke up and stretched. Harry was awake next to me and I hugged him. 

 "Hey buddy." I said and then felt a body behind me. I looked and saw Ashton with his hand in the side of my shorts.

 "Harry, Go get some clothes on we are gonna go to the park. But be quiet." I whispered. He nodded and ran off. I slowly pulled Ashton's hand out of my shorts and got up. I threw on some yoga pants, a sports bra and a light jacket with sneakers. I grabbed my wallet and my phone. 

 I walked downstairs and got harry and my keys. I drove to the park and let harry go play as I watched him. I pulled out my phone and called Michael. 

 M- Hey love 

 B- Did I wake you up?? 

 M- Yeah but it's cool, What's up

 B- Can you met me at the park near Ashton's house please

 M- Are you alone

 B- No I have Harry, He's playing.

M- Give me 5 minutes 

 B- Thanks you so much. 

 M- No problem 

 B- I love you Michael 

 M-I love you too B 

 I hung up the phone and went to Harry. 

 "You want some ice cream." I asked 

 "Yea." He smiled and we got ice cream as soon as Michael pulled up.

 "Mickey!!!" Harry yelled and ran to him. 

 "Hey buddy" Michael said and picked him up and walked to me.

 "Hey." I said and hugged him. 

 "Hey lovely." He laughed and kissed my cheek. He put Harry down and he ran off to the slide. 

 "So what did you need." He asked. 

 "Ashton's been really Umm touchy lately. Like he kept kissing my jaw and neck after I put Harry to sleep. Then he kept rubbing on me and I went and slept with Harry. Then I woke up to him with his hand in the side of my shorts." I said and looked at Harry.

 "HARRY DON'T THROW YOUR ICE CREAM." I yelled and Michael laughed. 

 "You are going to be a great mom." Michael said.

  "I want to start a family with Ashton but I don't want anything to happen to my family." I explained. 

  "I'll take Harry for a night or two and you and Ashton can have some time. You never know his mom might end up liking you in the long run. Plus Ashton's birthday is in like 3 day he'll be 18 and He s bound to be horny and your his wife." He said and held up my ring to my face. 

 "Promise that when I have this kid and She tries to take my kid that you won't let her." I teared up. 

 "I promise." He said

 I smiled and looked at my watch. I grabbed Harry and said good bye to Michael and we left.

 "Hey baby." I said and kissed him. 

 "Where's Harry." He asked. 

 "Yeah sorry about that but I brought him to the park and he'll be staying with Mickey for a few nights." I said.

 "That's a nice sports bra" He smiled. 

 "Just nice." I smirked. 

 "Well, It's a sexy ass sports bra but seeming how last night went I wasn't sure if I was allowed to say those words." He said. 

 I laughed and wrapped my fingers in the waist band of his boxers. He looked at me surprised. I started kissing his chest and he smiled. He grabbed my ass. I bit his lip and pulled. He moaned.

 My phone started ringing and we cussed under our breath. 

 B- Hello 

 L- Brooke you need to come to your mom's house now. 

 B- I'm coming now

 I hung up my phone.

 "What's happening?" Ashton asked. 

 "SOrry, I have to get to my moms now." I said and got Harry. Ashton grabbed some of his sweats and his jacket and we sped to my moms. 


 I threw the door open and heard a scream and ran to it. I went into the room and saw Harry and Some blonde girl having sex in the guest room. 


 I walked away and went to Morgan's room and walked in. 

 "Hey, We have news sit." Liam said. Morgan walked over holding her pregnant stomach. We smiled at each other. 

 "So, we found out the baby's due date." Morgan said 

 "And?" I said and grabbed Ashton. 

 "It's august 3." Liam said 

 "That's when I'm due." I smiled. They nodded. We celebrated. 


 We walked in the door and Ashton went and put Harry to sleep. We walked upstairs and I put on some pajamas. 

 "Your stomach is so big now." Ashton said and started to kiss my stomach. I looked at him and smiled. 

 "Ashton." I said 

 "Yeah baby." He said and looked at me. I tapped the bed next to me and he sat down. 

 "I know your birthday is coming up and all and I won't be able to have sex with you or anything sooo I want to give you a  pass." I said. 

 "What?" He said. 

 "You know a pass, You go out on your birthday and have fun and go have sex with some other girl but don't get her pregnant. I mean I can't and I don't want to hold you back or anything. You have needs and I can't fulfill them right now." I said

 "Baby, No, I don't want a pass. I love you and just because I'm horny doesn't mean I want to go fuck some other girl that's not my wife. I love you and I can't do that to you. You're carrying my baby and I can't put you through that plus if I want to fuck you I can." He said 

 "Really and why is that?" I said 

 "Because sex is good for the health of the baby plus it speeds up the labor for the baby. and the doctor said we can still do it and it won't injure the baby." He said

 "Good." I said 

 "Why?" He smirked. 

 "Cause pregnant women are always horny." I said and kissed him. 

 He started to pull on my pants and I stopped him. 

 "What now." He said 

 "I never said I wanted to." I smiled and laid down and turned on the tv. Ashton sat next to me and held down my hands with one hand and pulled down my pants with the other. 

 "Ashton." I said and laughed. He didn't and but started to kiss the inside of my thigh. I tensed up and reached for him but came up short. 

 "Ashton, that's not fair. I can't sit up or reach you and you know that." I whined. 

 "That's kind of the point. I get to eat you out and you get pleasure." He said and started. I grabbed the sheets at the sudden touch. I moaned and Ashton smiled. 

 "I-I-I hate you." I said and bucked my hips. 

 "You're enjoying it and so am I." He said and continued. He stopped after a while and looked at me. 

 "But the sad part is that I have boner and you won't let me have sex with you." He said and kissed from my chest up. I grabbed his collar and pulled him to me. 

 "If you hurt me or my baby I will kill you." I said and he laughed. 


 He laid next to me and we were both breathing heavy. 

 "I have to go take a shower." I said and went to the bathroom and got in the bath and quickly washed. I stepped out and put on my bra and underwear. 

 "AHHHHHHH!!"  I yelled from a sharp pain in my stomach. Ashton came running in. 

 "What happened?" He asked. 

 Before I could answer another sharp pain came and I screamed. Ashton grabbed my pants and help me into them along with my shirt. He grabbed his phone and we went to the hospital. 


 Ashton POV 

 I waited in the waiting room and a doctor came out and looked at me. 

 "She's okay and so is the baby. THe pain was from the baby kicking. When the baby kicked it hit a main nerve in her  stomach and it set her off some. We are just going to run a few test to insure that they will both be fine for a while and she can go. We also put her on some pain killers so she might be just a little loopy for a while." He explained and I let out a breath I hadn't even realized I was holding. 

 "Can I see her." I asked. He nodded and showed me to her room. I walked in and she looked at me. 

 "These pain killers are great." SHe laughed while holding her stomach. I laughed and she kissed me.

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