"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


26. Chapter 24

Ashton POV 

 I walked up the driveway behind Brooke. She got to my door and I unlocked it and let her in.

 "What do you wanna do?" I asked, SHe shrugged.

 "Swimm????" SHe asked and I nodded. She stripped her clothes. 

 "WOAH!! WOAH!! WOAH WOAH!!!" I yelled. 

 "What??" SHe looked at me. I just stood there. SHe shrugged and ran out to the pool and dived in. I did the same and dove in after her. 

 ****30 minutes later****

 "ASHTON!??!!" I heard someone yell. 

 "YES??" I yelled back and got out of the pool. Brooke looked at me. 

 "WHere are you?" I heard the person say. They came to the back door and I realized it was my mom. 

 "Mom?" I asked 

 "Hey honey, I came to see youuuu." SHe said and stopped looking over at Brooke. Brooke swam over to the edge and grabbed it. 

 "Hi, I'm Brooke." SHe said and she got out. My mom looked Shocked, I mean I would too. A half naked girl at her 17 year old son's house.  Brooke looked down and then seemed really embarrassed. 

 "OH My Gosh!! I'm so sorry, Ummmm" Brooke freaked and grabbed a towel. 

 "Ashton, Is this your girlfriend?" My mom asked. 

 "No, We are friends, This is Lottie's friend. Brooke Horan." I told her. Brooke waved. 

 "Well, I came here to see you and Harry's in the car if you want to see him as well but don't bring her." My mom said. 

 "Excuse me" Brooke Shot back. 

 "I don't want a slut around my youngest son." SHe said 

 "Um Excuse me but I'm no slut." Brooke said. I saw her ball her fist up and look at me.

 "Sweetheart, you're half naked at some guys house, I qualify that as a slut." My mom said.

 "Okay, I'm done holding my tongue. Listen here you little bi-" Brooke started 

 "BROOKE!!" I yelled 

 "No, If you aren't going to say shit then I will!!" She yelled at me. 

 "You little bitch, I honestly don't care if you don't like me because you know what. I don't give a fuck!! So why don't you just take your old as back to where you came from!! If you want to call me a fucking slut then go right ahead because I can fuck who I want!!!" Brooke yelled. My mom looked Shocked. "Including your son." Brooke said and kissed me. I kissed back and saw the shock and surprise all over my mom's face. 

 "Mom?" I heard harry call.  I pulled away from Brooke and ran to Harry. I picked him up and hugged him tight. 

 "Hey Ash!!" He yelled. "Who's she?" He asked looking at Brooke. 

 "That's Brooke." I said 

 "The slut." My mom said after me. 

 "You're right because I could fuck your son anytime I wanted." Brooke fired back. 

 "MOUTH!!!!" I yelled at Brooke.

 "OMG I'm soooo sorry. Never repeat that word!! It's a bad word!!" Brooke said to Harry. He nodded. 

 "You're really pretty." He told her. 

 "Thank you, but not as handsome as you are." She said to him and grabbed him. My mom rolled her eyes and walked past me. 

 "Come get me when you're done with that thing." SHe said 

 "Oh, then you might as well just leave." I said 

 "Not without Harry." SHe said 

 "He can stay with me for a while, I have an extra bedroom and I have the money for the things he needs and you know that." I said. 

 "He has school." SHe arugued. 

 "I can hire someone to home school him." I said. 

 "Fine. He needs to come get him phone and things he brought." SHe said in anger then left.

 I smirked and walked to the back yard to see Brooke in my shirt and sweats playing with Harry. 

 "I spy, Something tall." Brooke said. 

 "ASHTON!!" Harry yelled. 

 "Nooo, It's a tree." Brooke said. 

 "Ashton!!" Harry yelled and pointed to me.

 Brooke turend and smiled at me. 

 "You ruined the game, Tree!!" SHe yelled and picked up Harry. SHe ran upstairs and too my room and locked the door. I could hear Harry laughing. 

 "Should we let him in?" Brooke asked 

 "NO!!" Harry yelled. 

 "You heard the kid." Brooke yelled back. I reached up and grabbed the key to my room and unlocked the door. I walked in and Harry screamed. Brooke looked pissed. Uh oh! 

 "Harry, Do you want to talk to Lottie?" I quickly asked and called Lottie. 

 "YES!!" He yelled and took my phone and ran downstairs on the phone. 

 "I thought, you liked me. You would never do anything with anyone else, but I see that's a lie now right?" SHe said with tears in her eyes.

 "What?" I asked. All she did was point to the bathroom and I walked in with her behind me. I looked around... Nothing. 

 "Garbage, Harry asked what they were." SHe said. I looked in the garbage and saw a positive pregnancy test and a used condom. WHat the Fuck!!

 "I swear that wasn't me. I haven't fucked anyone since the first time I met you." He said 

 "Then who's is it." SHe asked. 

 "I don't know, but that's not the size condom I wear I can tell you that for damn sure." I told her. I walked to the bedside table in my room and pulled on of mine out and gave it to her. She looked at me. 

 "Why the fuck did you just give me this?" She said. 

 "The size, the one in the garbage is too small." I said and she rolled her eyes. 

  "I'm going to talk to Lottie." She said and walked out leaving the condom on my floor.

 Brooke POV 

 "Harry, Can I talk to Lottie for a second, Ash is in his room." I asked and harry handed me the phone. 

 B- Hey 

 L- Hey Brooke

 B- I have a question

 L- Yessss

 B- Where you and Logan here sometime yesterday or this week 

 L-Ummmm hold on let me ask Logan 

 *** seconds later***

 L- Logan was but I wasn't, I was gone or at the house all week why? 

 B- Because I found a used condom and pregnancy test in Ashton's bedroom and He proved it wasn't him


 B- Not the way you're thinking, He showed me the condom wasn't his size. He showed me one of his and it was too big to be the one used.


 B- Hey I have to go find Harry. bye. 

 I hung up and put the phone in my pocket. I ran to the living room and turned on the news. 


 I screamed and Ashton came running with Harry in his arms. 

 "Can you bring me home please!!!!" I yelled and Ashton nodded. We quickly got into the car and drove home. 

 ****Skip the car ride****

 Ashton parked on the curb and I quickly got out and ran inside. I saw Liam sitting on the couch and he saw me and stood up. I ran over the him and jumped into his arms. 

 "Hey love." He said while laughing.

 "Why didn't you tell me." I asked and I got down. I'm really short, like 4'9" short. 

 "Why do you smell and dressed in some guys clothes." He said.

 "Forget that answer me." I said. 

 "We have a show downtown and I wanted to see you guys. Now tell me." He said. 

 "Well," I said 

 "Brooke??" I heard Ashton say. I looked behind me and saw him with Harry in his arms. 

 "That's why." I said and pointed to Ashton. Liam nodded and walked over to Ashton. He put down Harry and he ran to me. 

 "I'm Liam." He said to Ashton. 

 "Ashton." He told Liam. They shook hands.

 "And this is." Liam said pointing to Harry. (We are gonna pretend he's 5) 

 "This is Harry, My little brother." Ashton said and I saw Harry poke his head around the corner. THey jumped. 

 "HARRY!!!" I yelled and jumped into his arms.

 "BROOKE!!" He yelled back.

 "where is everyone else?" I asked 

 "Umm niall" He said 

 "Not him, I could care less about him. Liam and Zayn." I said 

 "With their family, Mine are on vacation so I'm here." He said.

 "SO I hear your birthday is coming up." Liam said 

 "SHHHHHHH!1" I yelled 

 "Wait, you didn't tell me that." Ashton said 

 "I wasn't going to." I told him.

 "How old are you going to be?" He asked 

 "16." I said. 

 "And suddenly I feel old." Liam laughed. 

 "Well, get over it because for my birthday you are going to bring me to the boxing gym and teach me how to fight." I said

 "Oh, no." Liam said 

 "Why not??" I arugued. 

 "It's to dangerous." He said 

 "You've done it." I yelled 

 "And that's why I'm telling you no." He said and walked away. 

 "Fine, I'll teach myself." I said and walked out with Ashton and Harry. 

 "Will you take me?" I asked. 

 "I can't I have Harry." He said. 

 "Alright, lets go back to the park?" I looked at him. 

 "Sure." He said and we left.

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