"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


25. Chapter 23

 Morgan POV 

 I woke up on the couch and saw that I was covered up. Brooke and Lottie must have done it. I quickly grabbed my phone and saw that it was 4:30. I sighed and walked to my room and fell back asleep. 

 Lottie POV  

 I was texting Ashton when I heard Morgan's door close. SHe must be going back to sleep. I went back to texting Ashton and that's when Brooke came in my room crying her eyes out. I told Ash to hold on and looked at Brooke. 

 "Hey, What's wrong?" I asked 

 "I don't know if I can do it, I mean the new baby, Elizabeth being gone with Morgan's mom, My dad not being here, and getting a new dad. I can't do it!!" She cried. I grabbed her and told her it was going to be alright. 

 "Look, how about this, I'll try to convince Morgan to let me, you, Ash, and Logan to go stay at the beach or something this weekend. It'll get the things off your mind." I say and she nodded. 

 "Do you want me to call Ashton and tell him to come over?" I asked her. 

 "Please." She mumbled back. 

 I picked up my phone and quickly called Ashton. 

 "Hey Lot." He answered

 "Hey do you think you can sneak out and come over, Brooke isn't doing very well and I'm sure can help." I begged

 "Yeah not problem, give me like mmmmm.......... 10 minutes" He said 

 "We live 30 minutes away." I told him

 "I know but I'm out getting some food so I'll be over sooner." He said and then hung up. 

 "Hey, Brooke, He said he will be here in like 10 minutes." I told her. She cried a little harder. 

 "Come on, let's bring you to your room and wait for Ash." I said and we walked to her room.

 Ashton POV 

 I pulled into Brooke's driveway and texted Lottie. The door slowly opened and I got out of my car. I walked up to the door but it wasn't Brooke or Lottie. It was someone that looked about 10 year older than them. 

 "Who are you?" She asked 

 "Hi, I'm Ashton, Lottie called and told me that Brooke wasn't doing well so I came to see if I could cheer her up." I explained. Her eyes widened. 

 "You're one of Lotties friends, Hold on let me get her, Oh I'm Morgan by the way, Brooke's mom." SHe explained then disappeared down the door. After about 2 minutes the door opened and Lottie grabbed me and walked me upstairs. 

 We walked into Brooke's room and she was face down crying. I slowly sat next to her and she continued to cry. I put my hand on her back and whispered her name. 

 "Brooke, It's Ashton, Do you want to talk about it?" I asked and Lottie walked out. Brooke looked up at me and her face was covered in make up. I got a tissue and handed it to her and she wiped her face. 

 "I can't do it Ashton, I just can't, The new baby, Elizabeth being gone constantly, My dad's not here, and the thought of getting a new dad. I just can't do it anymore." She said and she put her head on my shoulder. I layed back with her and looked at her. 

 "Explain everything, Let it all out." I told her and she sighed. 

 "Well, I'm adopted and Niall is my adopted dad and Brooke is my adopted mom. Well Morgan and Niall got into a huge fight and now they aren't together anymore. Before Morgan got together with Niall she was pregnant to Niall agreed to be the dad, the baby is not elizabeth. Elizabeth is with Morgan's mom and I never get to see her and I miss her so bad. Morgan hooked up with Liam and now she's pregnant for another kid. All of the boys are on tour for a really long time and I can't take it." She explained.

 "That's a lot to handle, even for you and you're a tough girl. how about I make a deal with you." I said and looked her realizing she was still in my clothes. I smiled and she looked at me. 

 "Let's go away. Me, You, Lottie, and Logan. I have some cousins in Texas that own a vacation house near the beach. We can go stay there for a couple of dads until you get all of this off your mind or until you get it all figured out." I said and  her eyes widened like Morgan's did. I swear Morgan could be her real mom.

 "I'd have to talk to Morgan, She wouldn't dare let me go to Texas." She told me. I laughed. 

 "And that's where Lottie and I come in, We lie and say we are just going to my parents house to stay there for a while and have  fun, but we really go to Texas." I said. She nodded. 

 "I guess I can trust you and Lottie." She said. I wiped the rest of her tears and she smiled. I got up and took my sweat shirt off.

 "What are you doing?" SHe asked

 "Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone to cry your brains out." I said and got under the blanket and so did she. She put her head on my chest and fell asleep.

 Lottie POV 

 Ashton texted me about going to texas and I agreed and fell asleep. 

 ********NEXT MORNING********

 Brooke POV 

 I slowly opened my eyes making sure not to blind myself with the light. I lifted my head from Ashton's chest which cause him to grab my waist. 

 "Ashton, Ashton please wake up." I said as I tapped his hand. He opened one eye and looked at me. I looked over and the clock and saw it was 8. 

 "Ashton, it's 8 AM get up please." I said 

 "MMMMM It's too early." He said 

 "If you don't get up I'm not going." I said and he looked at me. 

 "Fine." He gave in.

 "Come on, let me go, I have to get dressed." I told him and he let go. I crawled over him and out of my bed. I grabbed a white tank top and pink and white shorts. I walked to the shower and put my things down. I walked out and saw Ashton sleeping. I walked over and sat on his stomach. He looked at me.  

 "Get off of me stupid." He groaned 

 "Not until you get up." I said. 

 "Fine, if you want to play that way." He said and grabbed me. He flipped me over on my back and got above me. I looked at him with shock. 

 "Now can I sleep." He said 

 "NO!" I yelled and pushed him. He grabbed my hands. I raised my eyebrows at him and grabbed him with my legs and flipped us. 

 "How did you do that?" He said shocked. 

 "I'm talented and stronger than you. now get your ass out of my bed and put a shirt on. I can't have Morgan coming in and thinking we did anything. She'll kill me." I said and got out of my bed and pulled Ashton out. I was Shocked when I realized he was only in boxers. 

 "Were did your pants go?" I asked 

 "I don't know." He said 

 I heard a knock on my door followed by my name. It was Morgan. 

 "Hold on, I'm kinda getting dressed.." I pulled off Ashton's pants and gave them to him. I pulled on some of my night shorts and Ashton put on a shirt. I opened the door and she looked at Ashton and then at me. 

 "Don't worry, nothing happened trust me, I mean look at him." I said 

 "Hey, I have feelings." Ashton called. 

 "Anyway, I just wanted to let you know Liam called last night while you were out. he said he loves you and misses you." She said.

 "Alright thanks." I said and she grabbed her stomach.

 "I gotta go." She said and then ran to the bathroom. I shut my door and locked it. 

 I walked to the bathroom and quickly showered. I pulled on my shorts and shirt and everything else. I walked out to see Ashton on my bed playing with my music box. I walked over and sat next to him. 

 "Niall, gave me that as like a 'welcome to the family' gift." I said

 "It's awesome." He said. I laughed and too it from him. 

 "Do you like him better?" He asked 

 "who? Niall?" I asked and he nodded. 

 "I don't know, I mean yeah he is my dad and all but he didn't really love us like Liam does. But Liam was the guy I told everything you. I mean everything." I said 

 "Oh." Was all he said.  

 "Well, I have to do my hair. If you want to go see Lottie She's like the third door down." I said and I put my box away. He shook his head.

 "I'm gonna do your hair." he said and grabbed my straightener and plugged it in. I shrugged and walked into the bathroom. 

 ****30 minutes later**** 

 Ashton finished my hair and I did my make up. We walked downstairs and I saw Morgan in the kitchen eating pizza. She saw me and stopped. 

 "Hey could I talk to you?" She asked. 

 "Sure,Ashton just help yourself, just pretend you're at home." I said and walked out with Morgan. 

 "Are you sure nothing happened." Morgan asked 

 "Yes, Nothing happened, He just talked to me. Then I fell asleep." I said 

 "Are you sure? Because If you do have kids at a young age then I'd rather it be him." She said 

 "Yes I'm sure and I  don't think I want a kid until I'm like 18."  I said. 

 "Well you're getting there, I mean your birthday is in a few days you know." Morgan said and I nodded. 

 "Well, I have to go get Lottie so I gotta go." I said 

 "She left, Said something about going to get Logan." She told me. I nodded and walked inside. 

 "Ashton, Let's go to your house, Lottie is gone. She went to go get Logan." I said and we got in his car and left.

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