"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


24. Chapter 22

 Morgan POV 

 The girls just left and I'm sitting alone in the house watching t.v. 

 I was in the middle of my favorite show when my phone began to ring. I checked the caller ID and saw it was a unknown number. 

 M- hello 

 U- Hey babe 

 M- umm who is this 

 U- Liam 

 M- Why are you calling from an unknown number 

 U- Oh it's pauls phone, My phone broke I have to get another. I rained and my phone was in my pocket. 

 M- Umm okay 

 U- SO I hear you've had problems with Lottie and Brooke 

 M- Yeah, They've been at each others throats since You guys left.

 U- Where are they? I want to talk to Brooke

 M- THey just left, Lottie said she wanted to make it up to Brooke and bring her to hang out with some friends 

 U- Oh Morgan what did you do!!! 

 M- What?

 U- You should know how Lottie is, I mean she's related to Louis, THey didn't go see friends!! Lottie took Brooke to a party. I've done that before with my friends. If you keep doing this they are going to take advantage of this. 

 M- Well I can't drive!!! I'm too big. UGH 

 U- *Chuckles* I know 

 M- SO what do I do?

 U- Nothing, just let it happen this time and get them when they leave next time or when they get home. 

 All of a sudden I feel sick and run to the bathroom. I drop the phone on the floor and throw up. 

 "Well there goes my dinner." I said to myself and then picked up the phone. 

 U- Are you okay?

 M- Yeah just pregnant!! I want it out!! 

 U- Well I do too

 I could picture his smirk through the phone. 

 M- Id love too see you pregnant and have to hold a child.

 U- And I'd love to be with you right now but it seems like we aren't getting what we want. 

 M- I guess not 


 U- Well I got to go Love, BYe I love you 

 M- Love you  too bye 

 The line went dead and I was left alone. I turned on music on my phone and closed my eyes. I slowly let the darkness take over me as  I feel into a deep  sleep.

 Brooke POV 

 "Alright look, This isn't a party, It's just me, you, and a few of my friends. Act cool and act like you belong here please" Lottie told me as we got out of the car. She came over to me and shook her head. 

 "Do you plan on wearing that in here?" She asked 

 "Yeah, what's wrong with it?" I asked worried 

 She took my shirt and handed me a white crop top with black lace. I quickly put it on and she handed me some high waisted black shorts and red wedges. I put it on and she fixed my make up before we went inside. 

 "Hey Ashton." Lottie yelled as she walked in and hugged a tall dirty blonde guy. She then hugged a averaged height guy with brown hair and a blonde streak, his name was Logan. There was another girl She called Lea. 

 "Guys, this is my friend Brooke Horan, You guys know Niall, his daughter." SHe said 

 "Actually I'm Morgans, I don't like to think I'm his." I corrected her. Everyone looked at me and I saw Ashton smirk. 

 "So what are we doing tonight?" Lea asked 

 "Strip truth or dare?" Logan asked 

 "What is that??" I asked 

 "Truth or dare but if you don't do the dare or answer the truth then you strip you clothes, one at a time." Ashton told me. I was nervous but I agreed. 

 Ashton POV 

 "Alright first, Lottie!!" I yelled and she sighed. 

 "Truth or dare?" I asked 

 "Dare." She Challenged 

 "Jump in the pool only in your bra and underwear." I said and she began to strip and we followed her outside. She screamed as she hit the cold water. She quickly got out and looked at me. I smiled and handed her a towel. 

 "B-Brooke." Lottie said as she took the towel. Brooke stopped and looked scared. Knowing Lottie she should be.

 "I pick dare." Brooke said with a little more confidence. 

 "kiss Ashton, has to be longer than 10 seconds." She said. I looked at Brooke and she looked at me. She walked over to me and crashed her lips to mine. I kissed back and soon she pulled away. 

 "Lea." Brooke said 

 "Truth." SHe picked quick. 

 "Who do you want to make out wit most in the group?" Brooke asked 

 "Oh that's easy, Logan." Lea said. We continued the game and by the game was coming to and end the dares and the questions got even more dirty. Brooke and Lea were both left in just there underwear and bra when Lottie's phone rang.

 She picked it up and left the room. I heard a bit of yelling and then she stormed into the room. She got Brooke and left the room again. Logan turned to see where they were going and knocked over the bottle of coke onto Brooke's clothes. 

 "FUCK!" He yelled and quickly grabbed her clothes. Brooke came back in and looked at Logan with her clothes. She grabbed them. 

 "It's cool Logan." She said and went back to Lottie. 

 "Ashton, Do you have a pair of sweats and as shirt I could wear?" Brooke asked. "You the closest one here to my height." She asked and I nodded and took her to my room. I took out a pair of sweats and a sweat shirt and handed them to her. 

 "thanks." SHe said and turned to the door. I grabbed her elbow and spun her around and crashed my lips onto hers. She kissed back and wrapped her hands around my neck. she pulled away and looked at me. 

 "I'm sorry, I should go get dressed." She stuttered. She grabbed the clothes and ran out of the room. I smiled and walked out of the room. I walked back to where the others were and saw Brooke and Lottie arguing. I walked over. 

 "Ladies, Ladies, stop arguing, you're both beautiful." I smirked and Lottie looked at me with a pissed off face. 

 "We need to talk." SHe said and took me outside. 

 "Why did you kiss Brooke?" She asked 

 "Because I wanted to." I said 

 "Well don't, because I swear if you hurt her you won't live to see daylight ever again. don't fuck with her Ashton, She's not someone to mess with, she will fuck you up. You don't want to mess with her." Lottie warned and walked away. 

 "OOO, feisty and sexy, just my type!!" I said and walked in behind Lottie. 

 "Brooke We have to go." Lottie yelled and they grabbed there things and left. 

 "So who's staying here tonight?" I asked and they both shook there heads. 

 "I have cheer tomorrow, sorry babe." Lea said and kissed my cheek then left. 

 "I've got football." Logan said then left. I walked upstairs and fell asleep. 

 Brook POV 

 We pulled up and slowly walked inside. I saw Morgan on the couch asleep and I quickly covered here and went to my room. I plugged my phone up and fell asleep.

 ****Hey my little kevins!! I miss you guys commenting on my books and stuff!! please become more active with me!!!!!! Anyway, I'm super sorry that I haven't been able to update as much I'm just soo lazy and there isn't much time!!! I'll update as much as possible!! I love you guys!!! BYEEE!!1****

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