"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


22. Chapter 20

 Liam finally got to come home and I'm so excited!!! He'll be moving in with us and Brooke is okay with it but not very happy. Liam carried is things upstairs and Brooke trailed behind him. 

 Brooke POV 

 "LIAM!!! Can I talk to you?" I called as I ran after Liam. 

 "Sure come in here love." He said and I sat down on the bed. 

 "What do you need to talk about?" He asked as he folded his clothes and put them away. 

 "My mom. Please don't hurt her. SHe's giving you another chance and you better not ruin it. She's been through so much and She doesn't have such a good past and I don't want her to relive it. She can't get hurt again. please don't hurt her please." I begged. 

 "Brooke, I would never hurt your mom again. The first time I just don't know what I was thinking. I was an idiot and immature. I can't believe I ever did anything to hurt her. I would never hurt her again. I love her." Liam said to be as he kneeled to my level. I'm pretty short. 

 "Thank you!!!" I cried and hugged him. 

 **Many hours later**

 Morgan POV 

 "Liam I think we should enroll Brooke in school. I mean we haven't done it yet and she needs to go." I said and he looked at me. 

 "Do think she's ready for it?" He asked

 "I don't know, I don't want her to go to school and be bullied or instantly popular or end up being used because of us. I mean I want her to have real friends that don't just like her to try to get to 'The one direction'. It'll be hard but I mean it's worth a shot." I said 

 he grabbed my hand and smiled. He took a picture of our hands and put it on instagram. I begged him not to seeming I was in sweats and you could see  but he did anyway. 

 "It's worth a shot." He said and I smiled. 

 "BROOKE!!" I yelled. 

 My phone began to ring and I pulled it out of Liam's pocket and saw Louis was calling. I ignored it and texted him. 

 MO- Hey louis can't talk right now give me a minute. 

 LO- OOOOOO are you and Liam doing the dirty???? ;) ;) ;) 

 MO- LOUIS TOMLINSON!! No we are not I'm talking to Brooke!! you are soo dirty. 

 LO- Hey! If you  ever do you have to tell me first!! and call back soon I have to talk to you in a serious manner.

 MO- I don't think you could ever talk to someone in a serious manner louis.

 LO- That is a Lie......... Maybe

 MO- I'll call you later Lou!! BYYYEEE 

 LO- OKAYYY!!!! 


 LO- okay but then we talk


 I locked my phone and shoved it in my bra. Brooke waked in and sat on the bed. 

 "YESSSSS." She said 

 "Well I was thinking that maybe we could enroll you in school. I mean you have to get an education soon. And we all know that everyone in this house aren't smart enough to teach you." I laughed and liam pouted. 


 "Why din't you tell us?" I asked 

 "Cause there was a lot of stuff going on and I didn't want to be a burden." She said 

 "Ok then it's settled you are going to school." I told her and liam nodded.

 "Okay." SHe said and skipped out of the room. 

  I sighed and layed my head on Liam shoulder. 

 "UGH KIDS." I sighed loudly and laughed. "We have three more to do this with. 3!!" I laughed and liam smiled. He put his hand on my stomach and drew shapes. I swatted his hand. 

 "Stop I'm fat!!" I yelled 

 He cocked a brow at me and grabbed my waist. 

 "Do you want to me to show you how fat you are? I can tonight." He said 

 "LIAM PAYNE!! I am 2 months pregnant." I said

 "The doctor said it was actually good for the baby in moderation." He stated. 

 "Well the baby is fine for now." I said and kissed his cheek. "Not I am of the tile chamber in which you spray yourself clean with a non scented liquid!!" I yelled and ran to the bathroom. 

 "WHAT??" Liam yelled from the room. 

 "THe shower!!" I yelled back and closed the door. I stripped and got into the shower. I quickly washed my hair, and shaved and washed up. I jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel tight around my now cold body. 

 I walked out of the shower and quickly grabbed some of Liam's boxers and his shirt. I changed and blow dried my hair. As I was walking out of the bathroom I heard Louis downstairs.

 "FOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!" I yelled as I ran down the steps. Liam and Louis turned around and laughed. I ran straight to Louis. 

 "WHERE IS MY FOOD!!" I yelled. He pointed to the table that had a chinese takout bag on it and I smiled. 

 "You know me so well." i said and fake cried. I then shot up and grabbed the bag. "  I'm so hungry!!" I laughed and started eating.

 Liam went back upstairs and louis sat with me. 

 "So I have a big favor for you and your going to do it because you just love me so much." He smiled.

 "Okay shoot." I smiled 

 "Well my sister Lottie is coming to town and is supposed to be living with me but we are going to be gone on tour and you aren't so could she stay here until we get back?" He asked 

 "I don't mind, I mean she'll have to go to school and follow my rules. She's 14 so she's close to Brooke." I said. ( I know lottie isn't 14 but in here she is)

 "Thank you soooo much." He hugged me and told me that he'll tell lottie. 

 "So did you guys do the dirty yet?" he asked 

 "No louis, but he tried." I told him.

 "OOOOO, just think after you get that baby out he is going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow." Louis said 

 "Louis, That is our business and besides I'm sure he would hurt me after." I said 

 "Well yeah not like right after but I mean think." He laughed. 

 "I swear your like a girl!! Are you sure you and Harry aren't together. I mean I've seen some pretty convincing videos and some pretty graphic fan fictions." I asked and he smirked. 

 "You read fan fics?" He asked 

 "Well yeah, of course I do. You guys have some pretty good authors out there. I'm in the middle of reading this book called Life is funny and it's amazing and the slave auction and what love does. I love them!! and then the larry smut comes in and that shit is like 50 shades of grey." I laughed 

 "I know, I've read a few. and I've seen the larry fan art smut." Louis said and laughed.

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