"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


21. Chapter 19

 Morgan POV

 Liam pulled up to Harry's house and we quickly ran to his door. Liam knocked and harry opened the door. 

 "Harry!!! Is Brooke here?" I asked quickly

 "No sorry Morg, What happened?" He asked 

 "We got in a fight and she left." Liam explain. I teared up at the thought of her leaving. A million question blew threw my head. What if she gets put back into foster care?? Was the number one question in my head. I promised her that I wouldn't let her go back. 

 I looked down as I saw a tear hit my shoe. I couldn't hold it in anymore. At that moment I let it go. A rush of tears came streaming down my face as I lightly sobbed. 

 Liam POV 

 I heard light crying and looked down to see Morgan with tears streaming down her face. I pulled her close an tried to calm her down. She wouldn't stop so harry tried and she slowly stopped crying. 

 "Could you keep her here for a while so I can go look for Brooke?" I asked and he nodded. I thanked him and walked out to the car and headed to Zayn's. As I stopped at a stop light My phone began to ring. It was Zayn.

 L-Hey mate 

 Z- Hey, What's up with Brooke and Morgan? 

 L- How do you know about that? 

 Z- Brooke is over here crying her eyes out to perrie

 The light turned green so I continued to head to Zayn's house. 

 L- I'm on my way, I have to go Zayn. 

 I hung up and threw my phone to the seat beside me. I then felt warm liquid coming out of my head and side. I saw broken glass and people everywhere. I looked around as people screamed and an ambulance pulled up and lifted me and put me in the car and drove off. The only thing I was thinking of was Brooke, Morgan and my baby. Everything then went black.

 Zayn POV 

 I heard a thump and then shattering glass. I looked at my phone and saw I was still on with Liam. I listened as I heard people as someone if they could hear them. LIAM!!!! I dropped my phone and grabbed my things and rushed to the hospital hoping he would arrive soon. 

 As soon as I reached the hospital The ambulance pulled up and Liam then appeared. I ran up to him. and followed until they told me I couldn't go any further. I pulled out my phone and called harry,Niall and louis. 

 H&L&N- Hey mate 

 Z- Hey guys, Liam is in the hospital. He got into a car accident and I'm here now!!! Don't let the girls come I don't want them to see him yet or getting depressed or anything. 

 H&L&N- we are on our way.

 H- I'll drop off Morgan off with Perrie. 

 Z- Alright bye

 A few hours later the guys showed up and we waited to be called back. 

 ***3 hours later*** 

 "Excuse me are you guys here for Liam payne?" The doctor asked 

 "Yes." I said 

 "Good news, He is perfectly fine except some minor cuts and bruises. He has a headache for now but that will go away soon. He should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon. You can go see him." The doctor told us and we nodded. He pointed us in the direction of the room and we walked in. 

 Liam looked over at us and smiled. 

 "Hey guys." He laughed 

 "Why are you so happy. You nearly died." Niall asked 

 "Yeah but at least him alive now." He said and We agreed. 

 "Where are my girls?" Liam asked quickly. 

 "With Perrie." Harry said 

 "Are they okay?" He asked 

 "Yes they are perfectly fine." Harry told him. 

 "You really care about them don't you?" I asked 

 "Yes." Liam said and Niall looked like he was about to hurt Liam. 

 "Of course you do." Niall said through gritted teeth. 

 "Niall, you hurt her so just get over it, you aren't getting her back anytime soon. She left you for a reason. She didn't want you." Louis said. everyone was shocked. No one had ever heard Louis tell anyone off like that. Niall looked even more mad and stormed out of the room. 

 Soon after niall left the girls came running in. All of them were crying. Morgan ran to him and hugged him tightly. Liam winced but he hugged her back. Morgan pulled away and looked worried. 

 "Did I hurt you?" She asked 

 "No I'm fine." He lied 

 Perrie hugged him and Brooke go into his bed and layed with him. She cried into his chest. 

 "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!!" She cried into Liam. Liam rubbed her back.

 "It's okay love. It's the past." Liam said. 

 "It will never be okay." Brooke said as she sat up. 

 "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's no okay then it's not the end." Liam quoted Ed sheeran. Brooke smiled and hugged him. 

 "Where's Niall?" Morgan asked 

 "He left after Louis told him off. He was pretty mad cause louis stated the obvious." Harry spoke. "My Loubear." Harry hugged Louis and we laughed.

 ****Little filler. Sorry for not updating in so long but I've been really busy and lazy too. I hope you aren't mad at me!!!!!! I will try to update as much as possible. I love you my little kevins!!!!!!****

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