"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


20. Chapter 18

 Morgan POV 

 I quickly changed into dry clothes. I ran down the stairs into the kitchen and made snacks for the girls. I put drinks and food on a large tray and carried it out to the pool.

 "Girls, I made snacks!!" I yelled and they all jumped out of the pool.

 "Thanks mom." Brooke said 

 "Thanks Miss Maten" The other girls said 

 "Just call me Morgan or Mom, I don't care." I told them and left. I walked back inside just as Liam was walking down the stairs. 

 "Heyyy." I laughed 

 "Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting on ya come one let me sneak you out." He sang 

 "Oh I would but I have kids to take care of sorry Mr. Payne." I laughed 

 "You have work tomorrow ." I said as I sat at the table with a bottle of water. He sat next to me and sighed.

 "I don't wanna though." He whined 

 "Alright look little mr. 5 year old, I don't need another kid to take care of." I said as I threw my water bottle at him. He caught it and drank it. 

 "That was mine!!" I yelled 

 "Well now it's mine." He said and went back upstairs.

 He came down minutes later with his things.

 "I have to go but don't forget Elizabeth with harry." He said and left. I changed into my swim suit and sat outside and tanned. 

 Brooke POV

 "Brooke, Are they dating?" Taylor asked 

 "No." I said and began floating on my back. 

 "They look like they are a married couple already." Brittany said and I went underwater and swallowed some by accident. I popped up coughing. 

 "Brooke are you alright?" I heard Morgan ask 

 "Yeah I'm fine." I called back

 "Anyway, It would be really awkward if they were, Me and Liam are super close." I said 

 "Yeah but they are really cute together and they look like they love each other." Alesha argued. 

 I shrugged and hopped out of the pool. Just then the girls phone started ringing. 

 "Hey, Your phone's are ringing guys." I called and they ran over. There faces dropped suddenly.  

 "We have to go, Our ride will be here in 10." Taylor said. I nodded and they left to change. 

 "Mom, Can I talk to you?" I asked and she nodded 

 "Do you love uncle Liam?" I said bluntly. 

 "Well, Umm, Yeah I do but I don't think anything will happen anytime soon, Why?" She asked 

 "I'm just curious." I stuttered and went and changed into some dry clothes.

 ****4 hours later****

 Liam POV 

 I pulled up at Morgan house and called her. Nothing. I walked inside and saw no one was in the house. I walked out to the back and found Brooke and Morgan talking. I caught the last bit of the conversation. 

 "Why?" Morgan asked 

 "I'm just curious." Brooke stuttered. Brooked ran past me and up the stairs. 

 I walked up to Morgan. 

 "What's with her?" I asked and Morgan jumped. 

 "God Liam you scared me. I don't know, She asked me a question then started to act all weird." She explained. 

 "What did she ask?" I urged. 

 "Nothing, It's fine." She turned and began to tan again.

 "Come on, it can't be that bad." I tried again.

 "She asked me if I loved you Liam." She snapped and grabbed her things and ran inside. Why would Brooke ask that? But more importantly what was Morgan's answer? Does she love me? What if she doesn't? 

 "Uncle Liam?" I heard Brooke ask

 "Yeah sweet heart?" I asked and watched as Brooke sat in front of me. 

 "Do you love my mom?" She asked. I laughed.

 "Yes I do, Why?" I asked 

 "Nothing." She said and began to get up. I grabbed her and pulled her down. 

 "Why Brooklyn Morgan Horan." I asked 

 "I don't want to loose my best friend Uncle Li!!! I won't ever be able to tell you anything anymore!!" She yelled and ran inside.

 I walked to Morgan's room and knocked on the door. 

 "Brooke please go away I don't want to talk." I heard Morgan call from inside. I cracked the door and looked in. 

 "I'm not Brooke, I don't have boobs or anything else sorry." I said. She threw a pillow at me and I ducked. 

 "That was not nice." I said and sat down on her bed. 

 "I'm pregnant." She said and looked down at her hands. 

 "What? It sounded like you said you were pregnant." I said 

 "I did because I am." She told me.

 "The baby's mine isn't it." I asked. She nodded. 

 "It's okay. The real challenge her is Brooke and Elizabeth and then everyone else." I said 

 "I know." She sighed.

 "How far along are you?" I asked 

 "About a month and a half." She whispered. 

 "You don't look like your pregnant." I said and touched her stomach. 

 "I know, I've tried my hardest to work out a lot to try and hold down the baby weight." She said 

 "Well, don't I think It's adorable." I said and kissed her cheek. She smiled.

 "When do you want to tell Brooke?" I asked. Her smile dropped. 

 "I'm gonna do it now, I have to get this over with." She said and got up and went to Brooke's room. 

 "Brooke?" She called and walked into her room. 

 "Yeah." She asked and pulled out her headphones. 

 "Well, Umm, I have some news for you but you can''t take it bad please. This means a lot to me." Morgan said

"I promise." Brooke said and looked at me. 

 "I'm pregnant." Morgan said and Brooke froze. 

 "For who? Is it Liam?" She asked, Morgan slowly nodded. 

 "Of course!! Your ruining my life!!" She yelled at me and grabbed her phone and ran out of the house. I chased after her but I couldn't catch up. I walked back inside and saw Morgan crying. 

 "Morgan, It's okay, There is only two places she would go and I know them. Come on." I said and we went to the car. 

 "Well Three actually." I said and She nodded. 

 Brooke POV 

 I ran and ran and ran. Before I even realized I was at Zayn's front door. I knocked and he opened with shock. 

 "Brooke, What are you doing here?" He asked 

 Don't tell him Brooke. Make up something. I told myself 

 "I got in a fight with Morgan." I said and he nodded. I walked in and sat down on the couch and slowly drifted to sleep.

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