"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


18. Chapter 17

 Morgan POV 

 I woke up and saw I was alone. I grabbed my phone and called Liam. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. 

 "Hello?" He said in his morning voice. 

 "Hey Liam, Did I wake you?" I ask

 "Yeah but it's fine I'm up now. What do you need?" He asked 

 "I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for Brooke yesterday." I said 

 "Don't worry about it, I talked to her, she's fine." He laughed 

 "Are you doing anything today?" I asked as I made me a cup of tea. 

 "Nope, Movie day??" He asked 

 "YES!!!! My place?" I asked 

 "Sure, be over soon." He said and hung up. 

 "Well bye." I said and put the phone on the counter.

 "Don't tell me you and Uncle Li are gonna have another make out session?" I heard Brooke ask. 

 "No, Can you go get Elizabeth, I need to get her breakfast." I said and she left. I quickly made a bottle and Liam walked in. 

 "So much for knocking." I laughed

 He laughed and pecked my lips. 

 "MOM, Elizabeth needs to be changed." Brooke said and handed her to me. I quickly changed her and sat down in the living room. Liam came in and took Elizabeth and fed her. 

 Elizabeth soon fell asleep and I quickly put her in her crib. 

 "Soon it's her birthday you know, she's gonna be 1" I said and Liam smiled 

 "I know, She's growing and Brooke will be 15 in 2 days. Damn we are old." Liam laughed. I nodded and sat down. 

 ***After movies*** 

 I grabbed me phone and looked at the time. 2:00 AM. 

 "Li, It's 2 in the morning." I told him as he laughed. 

 "I'm tired, Let's go to sleep." I said and we walked to my room.

 I was woken up to Elizabeth crying. I got up and quickly grabbed her. I rocked her and sang a lullaby. She soon fell asleep and I put her back in her bed. I walked back into my room and saw it was 7 AM. 

 "SHIT!! LIAM GET UP WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!!" I yelled and he shot up. 

 "For what?" He asked 

 "You have a radio interview in and hour!! Then you have to met with 5SOS." I said and he shot up. I quickly got dressed and put on my makeup and did my hair. Liam already had Elizabeth ready and I told  Brooke we we're leaving and we went to the studio. 

 We arrived 30 minutes before it started. Liam was rushed into the studio. I got Elizabeth and sat down outside of the studio. I took out my sketch pad and began to draw. My phone began to ring. Harry?

 M- Yes Harry 

 H- Heyyyyyyyyyyy 

 I heard our conversation in the studio and I laughed. 

 M- you did not just call me and put it on the radio. 

 H- Oh but I did 

 M- What you need Harry 

 H- Just to say Hi to my favorite baby DUHH 

 M- Well she's right here. 

 I put him on speaker. 

 M- Say hi 


 She laughed. 

 M- There 

 H- Thank youuuuuuuu 

 M- Bye harry 

 I laughed and hung up. I finished drawing by the time they were finished with the interview. Harry walked out and grabbed Elizabeth.

 "Hi Harry." I laughed 

 "Can I have her." He asked 

 "No, but if you want she can sleep at your house tonight and you can keep her for the day." I told him and he agreed. I gave him the diaper bag that had everything he needs. 

 I walked out with Liam. 

 "Boy is he in for a rude awakening." I laughed. Liam and I headed back to my house. We walked in and found Brooke asleep on the couch. I laughed and dropped my things. 

 "I'll be back I'm going to change." I told  Liam and left.

 Liam POV 

 She walked upstairs and I sat down. I noticed a book in her purse. I grabbed it and flipped through. It's a sketch book. It's filled with amazing drawings. I flipped to the las drawing and say it was of the boys and I. 

 I smiled. She had every detail. From Zayn's beard to Harry's headband. I flipped through and saw amongst the empty pages was a drawing. I opened to the page and say it was of Brooke, Elizabeth, Me, and Her. 

 I smiled and heard her coming down the stairs. I shoved the book back into her purse and turned to the TV.  

 "Hey, Come on." She said and grabbed the book and some pencils and her phone. We walked outside and sat down. She turned on pandora and began drawing. A few minutes later she finished. She turned it to me and showed me a portrait of me. 

 "It's amazing." I smiled. My phone began to ring. Harry. 

 "Hold on it's harry." She nodded and I walked away. 

 Morgan POV 

 I put my things away and went to Liam. 

 "Let me talk to Harry." I asked and Liam handed me the phone. 

 M- HAzza how is my baby 

 H- Im doing great and Elizabeth is doing fine 

 M- HAHAHA thanks 

 I quickly hung up and threw Liam's phone in my chair. Liam laughed. 

 "I wouldn't be laughing if I were you." I said 

 "Why?" He teased

 "Because of this." I said and shoved him into the pool. He popped up and laughed. He got out and began to chase me. He soon caught me and threw into the pool. I came up and he jumped in. I splashed him and he splashed me. 

 This turned into a splashing war. I went underwater and grabbed his foot. I pulled him down and smiled. He swam to me and crashed his lips to mine. We came up and out lips never split.

 "Hey Mom?"I heard Brooke call

 "I'm out here." I called back and got out of the pool. 

 "Can a few of my friends come over?" She asked 

 "Sure, Who?" I asked 

 "Brittany, Alesha, and Taylor, They are from the orphanage." She said 

 "Yeah of course." I laughed 

 "Thanks!!" She smiled and left. 

 "That was close." I said and grabbed Liam's hand and helped him out of the pool. 

 "Come on we better go dry off and change." I laughed 

 "I don't have clothes." He said 

 "I think I might have a few of Zayn's clothes here." I said and he gave a me a confused look. 

 "He used to come over all the time when I was here by myself." I smiled and we walked inside.

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