"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


17. Chapter 16

Niall POV

 "Okay so explain exactly what happened Liam!!" I said through gritted teeth.

 "Okay well, She asked me to come up and sleep with her because she didn't want to be lonley so I went up and started to tickle her. Then one thing led to another and we had sex." Liam said

 "That whore!!" I shouted 

 "Hey man, She isn't a whore it was my fault, I kissed her." He said in defense. 

 "But she could have told you no. Instead she had sex with you!!" I shouted. 

 "Be fucking quite!!!!" Liam yell whispered and pointed to Elizabeth and Brooke sleeping in the couch. Brooke had elizabeth on her chest and wrapped her arms around her safely.

 "This isn't her damn fault." He said 

 "What the hell ever Liam she is a slut." I said 

 "No she isn't!!" He defended her 

 "She has a fucking kid that is nearly 2 years old!!" I yelled 

 Liam shot me a glare and I quickly shut up. 

 "You know that damn baby wasn't her fucking fault!! How could you call her a fucking slut!! You loved that child and she loves her!! Don't you ever call her a slut ever again!! And if you insult her kids again you will deal with me you bastard!!!!!!" Liam said as he came closer and closer and pushed me back with ever sentence.

 He left me alone and walked over and picked up Elizabeth and her things and lifted Brooke off of the couch and brought them out to the car.

 "you can't take them!!!" I yelled 

 "Watch me!! You don't deserve to be their father!! You don't even love them!!" He yelled and got into the car and speed off. Do I love them?? Of course you do Niall, you're their father. No you aren't, You're only Brooke's. But you love them both. 

 I sighed and shook the thoughts out of my head and walked up to my bed and fell asleep.

 Liam POV 

 I pulled up to Morgan's house and walked in with the kids and quickly put them into their beds. I walked down and sat at the table with Morgan. I explained everything that happened and she began to cry.

 "I'm sorry." I said as I held her to my chest. 

 "Am I really a slut?" She asked worried through her tears.

 "No, You're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you anything different." I protested.

 "I have to go and call management." She said and whipped her tears and she stood up and fixed her clothes.

 "Why??!!?? Don't leave!!" I panicked, She laughed. 

 "I'm not leaving, My babies will grow up in the town of their real home. You guys have a month break after tour so I'm letting them know I'll be going home for vacation." She told me as she grabbed my cheeks and pulled me to her lips. 

 This quickly turned into a heated make-out session. 

 "UNCLE LIAM!!!!!!!" I heard Brooke yell from behind me. I pulled away from Morgan and turned to look at a shocked and angry Brooke. 

 "Baby girl I'm sorry." I said as I stood up and rushed over to her. 

 "NO!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU!!! BUT CLEARLY NOT, YOU GO BEHIND MY BACK AND NEARLY HOOK UP WITH ME MOM!!! *Deep breath* I thought I could trust you not to do anything uncle Liam. You were suppose to be my best friend I could tell everything to. Why did you this!!" She yelled as tears streamed down her cheeks and she ran upstairs and We soon hear a door slam.

 Morgan took a deep breath and ran her hand through her hair. 

 "Come on, let's you to sleep I'll talk to her later." I said and helped Morgan up and but her into her bed. I walked out and into Brooke's room. 

 "Brooke." I called and walked into her room. I saw her on her bed with a bottle of whiskey. 

 "BROOKE MORGAN HORAN!!" I yelled and yanked the bottle out of her hand. 

 "Give it back unless you want me to die, It's a prescription from my doctor for my disease." She said and yanked it from me and popped it open and took a lang drink from it.

 I took the bottle from her and took a swig from it. She laughed and set back. She went from laughing to mad in a second. 

 "What do you want!!" She yelled 

 "Look, It wasn't what you think okay-" I began but got cut off.

 "Oh so you weren't just making out with my mom and putting you hand down her pants."She snapped 

 "Okay just let me explain, I'm sorry, you can still tell me everything anytime and anywhere. I'm sorry but I love your mom." I said

 "ALright i forgive you, I'm sorry for blowing up like that. Bu I do have something to tell you." She said and got underneath the blankets. 

 "And what's that sweetheart." I asked 

 "Well Umm I'm not a virgin anymore." She said and I froze.

 "Does your mom know?" I asked 

 "No and please don't tell her uncle Li." SHe begged and I nodded. 

 "Well, to who, when and how many times and where?" I asked 

 "Well, This guy named Calum hood, about a week ago, 5 times and his place." I told him. (pretend like 5sos is young in this please) 

  "What!!! 5 times Brooke!! You only 14 now!! You know your mom is going to have to know about this!! Are you pregnant!!! Did you use a condom!!" I asked 

 "Please don't tell her!! And yes we used a condom." She said in tears. 

 "Babe come here. You are going to have to tell her." I told her and pulled her into my chest. 

 "Can We tell her tomorrow please?" SHe asked 

 "Yeah of course." I said 

 "Now you need to get to sleep, night babe." I said and kissed her forehead. 

 "Uncle Li guess what!!??!!" She squealed 

 "What sweetheart?" I asked 

 "My 15th birthday is in 2 days." She said 

 "I know princess, I can't wait, Night babe." I said and walked out of the room. I walked into Morgan's room and kissed her forehead. I grabbed my things and left to my house. 

 Tonight was a long night!! 

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