"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


16. Chapter 15

 Brooke POV 

 I got out of Morgan's grip and wobbled over to the waiting area. I walked over to my dad and looked him in the eye. 

 "You pathetic little bitch." I yelled at him. 

 "BROOKE!!" Zayn yelled 

 "Shut up!!" I yelled at him and turned back to my dad. 

 "How the hell could you do this to us!! Why would you even need Elizabeth!! If you think you were getting my mom back your better get your damn mind straight because it isn't fucking happening!! You didn't even notice I was fucking gone you bastard!!! I could have been killed for all you give a fuck!!! Don't ever fucking think you will come around me or my fucking family ever again!!! Keep to your own damn life and stay out of mine!!!" I yelled at him. He did nothing and just sat there. I turned back around and pick up Elizabeth and looked around. Everyone's eye were wide in shock. 

 "BITCH!!" I yelled at Niall and turned to leave and Elizabeth started to cry. I held her close to my chest and slowly rocked her. I walked back to my mom and stood by her. 

 "Wait right here." She said and walked over to Niall who had his head in his hands. 

 Morgan POV 

 "Niall." I said and kneeled down in-front of him. I grabbed his hand and lead him down a hall where no one was. 

 "Niall." I said again

 "What am I supposed to do, my own daughter hates me." He sighed 

 "It's okay but we can't do anything that would but her back in foster care, I can't let that happen." I whispered 

 "I know." He said 

 "Look Niall ,you have a tour coming up so why don't you just go and clear your mind. I'll take care of everything here and when you get back we can work things out okay." I said 

 "Alright." He agreed. I grabbed his hands and held them in mine. I kissed both of his cheeks and then his lips. I pulled away and we smiled. 

 "It's all going to be okay." I whispered and let go of his hands and walked away.

 I walked back over to Brooke and took Elizabeth into my arms. 

 "Now Brooke go apologize to Zayn for yelling at him." I told her and she walked over to him and apologized. 

 "Hey Can any of you guys watch the kids tonight I have some things to do??" I asked hopefully 

 "Yeah I'll watch them I mean El loves them." Louis said and took the kids. 

 "Thank you so much." I said and handed Elizabeth to Louis and left.

 I hopped into my car and drove home. I walked into my house and went into the kitchen and started to make some dinner. It was half way done and I pulled out my phone and texted Liam. 

 S-Hey Li could you come over but don't make it obvious

 L- Sure I'm on my way. 

 S- Alone please 


 The dinner got done fast and I fixed two plates. I hear a knock on the door and quickly answered it to Liam. I let him in and we walked to the kitchen. 

 "I made dinner." I said and gave him his food.

 "Thanks." He laughed and we quickly ate. 

 "So what now?" He asked 

 "I don't know I just needed a night to myself and away from all this drama." I laughed 

 "Movie??" He laughed 

 "YES!!" I yelled and we ran to the living room. 

 "I get to pick the movie!!!!" I yelled and snatched the notebook off of the shelf and quickly put it in. 

 "What are we watching?" He asked 

 "The notebook." I said and he groaned 

 "Shut up." I said and we sat down and watched it. 

 We got halfway into the movie and it got to the screen where they danced. I grabbed Liam and started dancing around the living room. We quickly finished the rest of the movie and I was tired. 

 "I'm gonna go to sleep." I said and stood up and walked to the stairs. 

 "Liam come with me I don't want to be alone." I said and he got up and followed. 

 We walked up the stairs and I jumped onto his back. He grabbed my legs and ran up the stairs. He dropped me on the bed and started t tickle me. 

 "Stop!!!! Stopp!!!" I laughed. 

 "Never!!!" HE yelled and continued to tickle me. He leaned down and kissed me. I was shocked but kissed back. He deepened the kiss. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pushed him down on the bed. His hand slid up the side and pushed my shirt up. 

 I tugged at his shirt and quickly pulled it off and threw it. He took my shirt off. Our lips part for a few seconds then connected back. I pulled his basketball short and threw them and he did the same to me shorts. 

 We were both in nothing but our underwear. He unhooked my bra and slung it away. I tugged at the waist band of his boxers and he slid them off. He pulled of my panties and threw them. (NO SEX SCENE!!!!!!!! SORRY GUYS!!!!!)

 Liam POV 

 I woke up to my phone ringing. I sat up and looked around and saw Morgan beside me. God this isn't good. I got up and grabbed my phone off of the ground. Zayn. 

 "Hello?" I asked 

 "Hey our plans have been canceled to we have a free day today." He said 

 "Umm alright." I said 

 "Alright what happened." He asked

 "What?" I asked 

 "You don't sound okay, what happened?" He asked 

 I put on my boxers and walked into the hall. 

 "I just did something I don't think I was suppose to." I said 

 "What did you do Liam?" He asked 

 "I had sex with Morgan." I blurted 

 "What!!??!! Dude." He said 

 "What do I do?" I asked 

 "Did you a least use protection?" He asked 

 "SHIT!!" I yelled 

 "Oh Shit, you didn't?" He asked

 "No." I sighed 

 "Well you better hope she isn't pregnant." He said 

 "That isn't the worst part." I said 

 "Then what?" He asked 

 "I think I might like her more than a friend now." I said 

 "Oh shit your screwed." He said 

 "I know." I said and hear movement from the room.

 "Got to go dude don't tell anyone bye." I said and hung up.

 I walked back into the room and saw Morgan getting out of bed. 

 "Alright." I said and covered my eyes. 

 "You saw everything before." She laughed

 "True, hey um we have a problem." I said and uncovered my eyes. 

 "What?" She asked 

 "We didn't use protection last night." I said 

 "It's okay, I've been on birth control for a while after I had ELizabeth." She told me 

 "ALright." I said 

 "Well, I'm gonna go take a shower. They have another shower down the hall or you could could shower with me." She said and grabbed some clothes. 

 "I guess I'll shower with you but I don't have clothes." I said 

 "Don't worry I have some track pants and a shirt you can wear." She said 

 I looked at her in confusion. 

 "I went and bought some guys track pants and a shirt cause I like to sleep in them." She said and puled them out and threw them at me. I shrugged and we walked into the bathroom. 

 *****Hey guys!!! I know it's been a while since I updated but I hope you lie this chapter!! Leave comments or ideas please I've been having a lot of writers block lately. Love you guys!!! Bye my little kevins!!!!!*****

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