"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


14. Chapter 14

Brooke POV 

 We pulled up at the house and we walked in. Before We walked in Mark grabbed my hand. I smiled and opened the door. We walked into the living room and Mark and I froze. I looked at all of my uncle's in the room. Liam gave Mark a glare and he dropped my hand. I began to feel dizzy. 

 "Brooke how are you doing." Liam asked while still staring at Mark.

 "I'm doing good Uncle Li, Li, L-"I fell to the ground. I saw blurry figures moving around me and people yelling. Then everything went black.

 Liam POV 

 She passed out!! I quickly grabbed her limp body and rushed her to the hospital.  

 "Help!!" I yelled as I ran into the hospital. A nurse came over to me and asked what the problem was. 

 "I don't know, she just passed out." I said and she took her in a wheel chair and into a room. What just happened? Everyone came right after me. Including that Mark kid.

 "What did you do to her." I asked him

 "I didn't do anything." He said back 

 "You had to she was just with you before that." I said through gripped teeth. 

 "Sir, I can assure you I did nothing." He said 

 "You-" I was cut off

 "LIAM PAYNE!" Morgan yelled while she came in with Elizabeth. Anna came up behind me and hugged me to calm me down.

 Morgan POV

 I walked over to the waiting area and sat down with The boys, their girlfriends, and a new band that was supposed to be opening for them on tour. 

 "Hello." I said and sat next to Harry. 

 "Hey morgan, This is Katie." He said, I studied her and She had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She reminded me so much of Niall. 

 "And this is Eleanor." Louis said, She was beautiful with curly brown hair and gorgeous eyes.              

 "This is Perrie and Anna." Zayn said, I knew perrie from little mix already. Anna had amazing brown hair and hazel eyes. 

 "Well Hello, Anna, Perrie, Katie and Eleanor." I said and gave Elizabeth to Zayn and hugged them. 

 "Is this your baby." Perrie asked 

 "Umm, Uhhh." I said but I was cut off.

 "Don't worry We won't judge you." Eleanor said and picked up Elizabeth.

 "Yes she is and so is Brooke, but I adopted Brooke, She is also Niall's kid." I explained to them.

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