"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


15. Chapter 14 the rest

 Brooke POV 

 I woke up and got blinded by bright lights. I heard a faint beeping in the room and I couldn't breath. Suddenly a doctor came in and looked at me then realized I was awake. 

 He realized I was having trouble breathing and hooked me up to a breathing thingy. I walked back out after checking my chart thing. 

 Soon my mom walked into the room. 

 "How are you doing sweetheart?" She asked

 "What's wrong with me?" I asked her 

 "I don't know yet, the doctor didn't tell us anything." She said 

 "Who is us?" I said

 "Your uncle's and *sigh* your dad." SHe answered 

 "Why are they here, they don't care about me." I snapped 

 "Don't say that, they love you." She told me

 "Yeah okay." I said in a duh tone and turned to the T.v. 

 "Now don't shut me out." She begged 

 "I'm not, I'm just not talking for a while." I Snapped 

 "Whatever." She said and turned away from me.

 Just at that moment the doctor walked back in with some papers.

 "Miss Maten and Miss Horan?" The doctor asked 

 "Yes." Brooke answered

 "Well, Miss Maten we would like to inform you that Miss Horan has a extremely rare blood disease." He said 

 "Is there a way we could get rid of it." Morgan asked 

 "Well, no, She will be limited from what she can do and how she does them. She can not be enclosed in an area for a extended amount of time of she will pass out, She can not be in very loud places a lot, She can not travel for a very long amount of time, and she has to do treatments, shots, and pills to keep it on the right track. I know I'm about to step over the line with this but there is another way to keep it down that works a lot better than the rest." He said 

 "And that is." I pushed him to go on.

 "Well, you could get her drunk." He said 

 "What!!" Morgan yelled 

 "Don't worry, it calms down the system and it could regulate the disease.It will work alot better than the treatment and other things but you can not get her drunk more than 2 times a month or it will harm her." He explained 

 "I'm sorry but you are prescribing a 13 year old with a blood disease to get drunk for treatment. Your insane." Morgan yelled 

 "Mam I said it was a rare blood disease and there are not many ways to treat it. She could do that or we could treat her every week." He said 

 "You're mentally insane if you think I'm getting her drunk." Morgan yelled "We are leaving." Morgan helped me up. 

 "All you have to do is sign the discharge papers and you're free." He said and we left. 

 Morgan quickly signed the papers and helped me to the car. 

As we passed the waiting area my uncle's and dad looked at me. I glared at them and kept walking. They don't truly love me. Especially my dad, I bet he didn't even realize Elizabeth and I left him for mom. 

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