"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


13. Chapter 13

 Niall POV 

 When she went to shower I finally had my chance. I took the kids and went to the hotel I was staying in. 

 When we got there Elizabeth started to cry and Brooke shot to her and quickly calmed her down and put her down for a nap. 

 "How do you do that." I asked in shock

 "It's an instinct, like motherly instinct." She replied 

 "But your only 13." I aruged 

 "It doesn't matter how old you are it matters if you truly care for the thing or person that you are taking care of." She replied back and turned on the t.v.

 I grabbed the remote and turned the t.v. off. 

 "HEY" She yelled 

 "I don't talk to you much so I want to bond with you." I said, she rolled her eyes and agreed. 

 "Okay so what do you want to know." She asked as she texted someone. 

 "Any guys you have interest in?" I asked 

 "Okay that's where I draw the line." She said and answered a text she had received. 

 "What I just want to know." I said 

 "Yeah ok." She said and grabbed her phone and bag with some money. 

 "Where are you going." I asked 

 "Out, my friend is here and she wants to hang out." SHe said and walked out of the room before I could answer her. Soon after that she walked back in and picked up Elizabeth. 

 "Where are you taking her." I asked 

 "We are going to the park chill." She said and walked out once more. 

 Brooke POV 

 I feel bad for lying to dad but I have to get Elizabeth to mom and if I leave with Elizabeth and don't come back I'm afraid what he'll do to me. 

 I'm staying with mom and want to see how long it takes for him to realize I'm gone. I like to say it's a test to see if I go live with him will he notice I'm even there. 

 My phone started to ring. It was Mark.  B- brooke M- mark 

 B- Hello 

 M- Hey Brooke, I'm going to the movies with a couple friends want to come.

 B- Sure I'll just tell my mom to drop me off 

 M- Cool met you there

 "Hey mom, Is it cool if I go to the movies with Mark and a couple of friends?" I asked 

 "Sure but be careful and don't do anything you will regret." She said

 "I'm not going to do that I'm only 13." I argued 

 "from what I saw the day I adopted you I could think you were 18." She said and we all got into the car. I was dropped off at the movies and bought my ticket then waited for Mark.

 About 10 minutes later Mark showed up but with no one with him. 

 "Hey ready to see that movie." He said then winked 

 "Yeah." I said and we walked into the theater. 

 **After the movie**

 I already called Morgan to come pick me up and she said I had a surprise at the house. I was excited. 

 "So did you like the movie." Mark asked 

 "Yeah, but I loved your plan even more." I told him and layed my head on his shoulder. 

 "What plan?" He asked as if he didn't know

 "You knowthe one where you say there are people coming just to get me to come but there really aren't" I said and laughed, He turned red. 

 Morgan pulled up infront of us and I turned and stood in front of him. 

 "I would have came with just you." I said and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and got into the car.   

 Morgan rolled down the window and called Mark over.

 "Yes Mam." He asked "Oh sorry ,Yes Morgan." He quickly said 

 "That's better and do you think your mom would mind if you came over for dinner and for Brooke's suprise." She asked, My face turned red. 

 "Nah I just have to tell her." He said and got into the car after telling his mom. 


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