"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


12. Chapter 12

 Morgan POV 

 We landed in England not to long ago. Zayn said that we could stay in his house until I could get my own. We hopped into a taxi and went to Zayn's. I payed the man an got our things our of the trunk and went into the house. I put Elizabeth down for a nap and Called to Brooke.

 "Brooke come see for a minute." I yelled 

 "coming." She yelled back and stomped down the stairs. She looked mad. 

 "I want to explain why we left." I said 

 "K" She simply said. 

 I quickly explained all that happened and she still looked mad. 

 "Why are you mad?" I asked 

 "Because." She said and went to walked upstairs. 

 "Brooke horan come here right now." I yelled and she walked back to me. 

 "What is wrong." I asked again.

 "I want to go with Dad." She said, I was shocked but that quickly faded into anger. 

 "Why, his family won't approve of you because you are still my daughter." I snapped 

 "I don't care." She snapped back .

 "You know what, Fine, I'll bring you to him." I said 

 "You aren't going to fight." She asked 

 "No because you'll end up in foster care again because if we go to court they will tell me that I'm to young to get you and that he can't because he doesn't have the stableness to take care of you and I'm not letting you go back into foster care." I said and walked out of the room and into Eizabeths.

 Brooke POV 

 Wow she really does care about me. She is going to send me to Niall even though it hurts her, just to keep me out of foster care. Wow. 

 Niall POV 

 I landed in England a few hours ago and right now I'm staying in a hotel. I'm going to go to zayn's house tomorrow and talk to Morgan. 

 I checked in and went straight to my room and fell asleep.

Morgan POV 

 I woke up and went tot the kitchen to make breakfast. I quickly made eggs and bacon with pancakes. I was make plates for Brooke and I when the doorbell rang. That's odd no one knows we are here, Maybe the neighbors saw us. I quickly opened the door and became face to face with Niall.

 I  quickly slammed the door and went back to the kitchen and sat the plates on the table.

 "Brooke!!! Breakfast is ready!!" I yelled up the stairs. I heard feet thump the stairs and I nodded. 

 "You know that was really rude." I heard Niall behind me. I jumped and turned and slapped him in the arm. Brooke came down and saw Niall and her face lit up like a christmas tree. She ran and jumped into his arms. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to get Elizabeth.  

 I quickly changed her diaper, fed her ,and dressed her. I walked downstairs and put Elizabeth in her play pin. 

 "Niall, could I talk to you outside please." I asked an he nodded and we walked to the door. 

 "What do you need." He said as we sat down. 

 "what are you doing here." I snapped 

 "I love you." He said 

 "Niall I already told you I can't do this." I told him

 "I know but I want to try no matter what." he said

 "Niall, No, but You can take Brooke." I told him

 "What!! You don't want her." He snapped

 "No I do but she wants you not me so take her and go please." I said sadly

 "But, I need you." He urged

 "I'm sure you do Niall, you can make it without me," I protested

 "I need you" He protested  

 "I can't do this anymore, I love you Niall I always will, forever and always, So please just take Brooke and go it's for the best Niall. I love you." I said 

 "But-" he argued

 "Go" I stated 

 He got up and we walked inside. 

 "Brooke pack your things we need to go." He said and she nodded. 

 She darted upstairs and I grabbed Elizabeth. I walked to the kitchen and put her in her highchair. 

 "What are your plans for today." Niall asked 

 "I have work." I told him

 "You just got here." He said 

 "I know, one of my old fiends has a dad who owns a few companies around her so I have a job." I told him

 I picked up Elizabeth and walked to Zayn's room where my things were. Niall followed. 

 "Are you going to be here a while." I asked him

 "Yeah." He replied 

 "watch Elizabeth while I get ready." I told him and handed her to him and went to shower. 

**after shower** 

 I quickly got dressed and did my hair and make up. I walked out of the bathroom and Niall wasn't there. I shrugged and figured they went to the living room. I walked to Brooke's room and It was Empty and figured she brought her things to Niall's car. I walked down to the living room and there was no one. Now I'm worried. 

 I searched the Entire house but found no one. That little bastard left. With my kids too. I was pissed. I pulled out my phone and called Paul, Niall is going to be in so much trouble if I don't get my damn kids back. m- me p- Paul

 P- Hello

 M- Paul, Niall has both of my kids and left without my permission


 M- Please get them back for me!!  

 P - I'm on it. 

 M- Thanks

 I quickly hung up and called my friend and tld her that I cant come today cause I have to get my kids back. 

 Brooke is so not going with him now!! 

 If this bastard thinks he is going to get me back like this he is dead fucking wrong. After this he won't ever see my kids again.

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