"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


10. Chapter 10

 Niall POV 

 We just landed in Mullingar and I'm very excited to be home. I helped the girls off of the plane and we all grabbed our luggage, I grabbed Emma's, and set off to the car that was waiting for us.

 As soon as we pulled up to my mom's house I was greeted with bear hugs. My mom looked at Morgan with a disapproving face. I showed Brooke to her room and put Emma with her as well. Morgan and I walked into our room and started to unpack. 

 "See, I knew she wouldn't like me, I knew I shouldn't have came." Morgan yelled 

 "Look, it's okay, she doesn't have to approve of you because I still love you." I said, we froze, I've never told her I loved her she never has either. 

 "Yeah, That's it, I love you." I said reassuring myself. She pulled me to her and crashed our lips together. 

 "Niall, Could I talk to you?" My mom asked. We separated and she glared at Morgan. 

 "I'm sorry I didn't know I was interrupting something." She said. Morgan turned and unpacked her bag. 

 "No mom it's fine, Come on let's go outside." I said and walked out with her. 

 Morgan POV 

 I threw everything back in my bag and put it under the bed. I ran to the girls room and was happy they didn't unpack anything yet. I told Brooke not to unpack no matter what. 

 Niall and Maura came back upstairs. 

 "Dinner is ready." Maura said and walked back downstairs. 

 I walked into the kitchen while Niall was getting cleaned up for dinner. 

 "Hello Mrs. Horan, Do you need any help or anything at all." I asked politely.

 "Yes, for you to leave Niall alone, Your not the right girl for him." She said bluntly.

 "I'm sorry." I said and walked out of the kitchen. I pulled out my phone and called Paul to book 3 plane tickets back to england but don't tell Niall. He agreed and hung up.

 **After dinner**

 Niall and I went and out the girls to bed and then went to sleep ourselves. 

 I woke up and quickly got dressed. As I walked out out of the bathroom from doing my makeup Niall wrapped his arms around my waist. I spun around and kissed him passionately. He backed up until he fell onto the bed with me on top of him. I broke the kiss and stood up. 

 "Niall!!" Maura yelled from downstairs

 "You were summoned." I said and turned around to fix my make up. After about 10 minutes Niall walked back into the room and said he would be back, he was going to the store with is mom. 

 I took the chance and threw my bags along with the girl into the car. I got the girls and left to the airport. I'm not good with goodbye's. 

 "Mom where are we going?" Brooke as Niall ked I was surprised she called me mom. I simply answered with England and that was it. The car fell silent. 

 We soon got to the airport and went through security and everything else extremely fast. We went to sit down and wait. Just then my phone rang. It was.

 "Hey babe where are you and the girls." He asked 

 "I'm sorry Niall." I said and then hung up. A few minutes later he called back. 

 "Don't you dare get on that Damn plane Morgan." He said. He must of tracked my phone. 

 "I'm sorry Niall, I have to go." I said 

 "Well, I'm coming to the airport." He said then hung the phone up. About 30 minutes later our flight was called and Niall hadn't arrived. 

 The girls went first and I was last. I heard yelling and turned around to see Niall. I ignored it and kept walking. Niall called out my name and Brooke and I stopped. 

 "What Niall." I said 

 "Don't go." He said 

 " I have to." I argued 

 "why?" He pleaded

 "Your mom disapproves of me, Your dad glares at me every time I'm near you, and your mom already told me I'm not the girl for you. I can't do this, I don't want to get judged for something that wasn't my fault every time I get near you. If your parents don't approve of me then there is no point in it." I said 

 "FLIGHT 580 TO WOLVERHAMPTON ENGLAND, LAST CALL FOR BOARDING!" The lady yelled over the speaker. 

 "I'm sorry Niall, I love you forever and always but Life is Funny, Don't try to fight it." I said and we walked off to the plane as Niall stood in shock. 

 I borded the plane and watched as the ground got further away and the buildings got smaller and smaller. Goodbye my love! Forever and always. 

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