"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


1. Chapter 1

 Morgan POV 

 "Don't leave me! Your my everything, my life, my world!" I yelled 

 "Life is funny huh?" He yelled and slammed the door in my face. 

 Not what am I supposed to do? I have nothing, no one. Why would he do this to me? I never did anything to him. I walked slowly to my now half empty room and turned on music then plopped down on my bed. I started thinking. Why would he do this to me and the worst part I'm pregnant.

 Jake POV

 I slammed the door and walked to my car and threw my things into it. Why did I have to do this. I shouldn't have said anything. I'm so stupid. But there's no turning back now, right? 

 Morgan POV 

 I got up and showered. I threw on some clothes that looked presentable. When I get upset I go to my local bar and preform. I'm known and very popular around town because of this. I drove up at the bar and checked in then went and sat on the stool in the front. I pulled out my guitar and asked for request. 

 "Play DNA by little mix." Someone yelled 

 "Alright here we go." I said and began to sing and the music played in the background. After about 3 minutes I finished the song and asked for more request. I had gotten a lot of one direction songs and I sang all of them. I took a break and went to the bar to get a drink.

 "Hey sexy want to dance." A drunk guy asked pushing all over me. 

 "Umm, no thanks I'm fine here." I said and grabbed my drink from the counter. 

 "Come on one dance won't hurt." He said again and grabbed my arm. 

 I pulled my arm away from him roughly. "No thanks I'm fine." I told him once more. 

 He grabbed my arm roughly and made me spill my drink. He pulled me toward the dance floor and held my waist tightly. I refused to move so he pulled me. I felt his hands become removed from my waist then someone garb me gently and walk me back to the bar.

 "Thank you." I said putting my head on the counter.

 "No problem, He is a perv and ties to get with every girl." The guy said.

 "You know him?" I asked 

 "Yeah, He's my best friend." He told me. My eyes widened in shock. 

 "Wow, I'm sorry." I said 

 "For what?" He laughed

 "That you have to deal with that... ummm....ehhh.....ummm......thing." I said thinking. 

 He laughed and helped me back to the stage. 

 "Alright guy this is the last song I'm gonna sing you and I  by one direction." I told everyone. I sang the song and finished quickly. I paced al my things up ad walked to the door. As soon as I walked outside the building I heard someone behind me. 

 "I never really thought anyone could sing that better than me, I guess I was wrong." They said. I turned on my heal and saw the guy that helped me away form his friend. 

 "Oh, Umm, your Niall right?" I asked, how did I not notice him before. 

 "That's me love, here." He said and handed me and slip of paper and a card. I looked at it and saw his number and a singing company business card. I looked up and he was gone. I shrugged and walked to my car and drove home.

 Niall POV 

 I handed her my number and our management card. She looked at it and I walked back into the club. I watched her as she shrugged and drove off. I hope she calls or at least text.

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