Let me love you *Completed*

Amanda Wilson is a battered, beaten down girl who's just about had enough. She just wants it to be over and it's about to be, until a new kid comes into town. Seth Monroe. He can't figure out what's wrong with her, why she won't open up, why she can't let him love her. Is Amanda to broken to open up?


14. Unbelieveable

In the morning, I put on yellow skinny jeans and a dark brown button up shirt, sliding into tan boots and walking downstairs. Bye dad. I wheel myself out the door and see Seth leaning against his car in my driveway, watching me with a sheepish grin. I take off in a run towards Seth and I leap into his arms, kissing him. Baby I'm so sorry. I whisper against his ear. I love you so much. His eyes watch me, my legs locked around his waist. Can you come over to my house after school today? I nod quickly and kiss him again. Hey! Seth drops me in surprise, and I land on my feet. My dad's face was a blotchy red and he pointed at me. You whore! You good for nothing bitch! You fucking dick, get your hands off my daughter! Get in the car. Seth whispers quickly in my ear. I get in and lock the door. Seth drives away to my father's shrieking profanities. I run a hand through my hair and look out the window. Babe, are you alright? I look at him. Don't worry Seth, I'm used to it. Not knowing what to do, he just watches me. I bite my lower lip and put my hand on his belt. Unfastening it, I slip my hand down his boxers. His jaw is tight and I grin. He was very hard and I brush the top with my fingertips gently. He squeezes the wheel. Baby you're gonna make me crash. He says through gritted teeth. I withdraw my hand and stoke his face. That was a mini preview. He watches me unsteadily, but still grinning. I got my Seth back. I didn't know why I'd tried to let him go in the first place.

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