Let me love you *Completed*

Amanda Wilson is a battered, beaten down girl who's just about had enough. She just wants it to be over and it's about to be, until a new kid comes into town. Seth Monroe. He can't figure out what's wrong with her, why she won't open up, why she can't let him love her. Is Amanda to broken to open up?


15. Heated

When we got to Seth's house it was empty. He pulls me upstairs to his room and locks his door. He presses me to my bed, kissing me hard and fast. He locks his arms around my waist and starts sucking my neck, making me writhe and groan against him. Then he unbuttons my top with his right hand. He pulls my shirt off my shoulders and throws it on the ground. My lips find his neck and I begin to softly kiss him, all over his collarbone. He pulls off my yellow tank top, and I felt cold in my pink bra. I take off his shirt and we kiss again, harder. He hooks his thumbs into the waist of my jeans and pulls them down quickly. My heart thudding in my ears, I pull down his jeans. He pulls off my underwear and starts fingering me, making me close my eyes and grip his back. He unhooks my bra and I pull off his boxers. He hovers over me, watching me carefully. Baby, I'm going to be careful, okay? I nod hard and close my eyes. His first thrust made me scream with pain, and then he did it over and over, and the pleasure built. Seth, Seth, Seth! I groan. He lays next to me, pulling hair out of my face, each of us coated in a sheen of sweat. I just had sex with the boy I loved, and I don't regret any second of it.

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