Let me love you *Completed*

Amanda Wilson is a battered, beaten down girl who's just about had enough. She just wants it to be over and it's about to be, until a new kid comes into town. Seth Monroe. He can't figure out what's wrong with her, why she won't open up, why she can't let him love her. Is Amanda to broken to open up?


6. He couldn't

When I unlock the door with my key, I jump when I see my dad standing in front of me. Hey, you're home. He closes the door and presses me against it and kisses my mouth again. I'm about to push him off when I see the silver handle of his 8 inch switchblade in his back pocket; trust me, being stabbed by that thing once is good enough to last a lifetime. When I don't kiss him back, his hand starts pulling it out and with tears threatening at my eyes, I grab his face and kiss him back. He seems stunned for a moment before he grasps my back, making tears run down my cheeks. I'm kissing Seth. I tell myself over and over. I'm kissing Seth. My dad's at work, I'm kissing Seth. I break the kiss, falling onto the ground. He smiles at me. There's a good girl. You finally listen. I cower against the door, feeling broken. For that, you can sleep in your own room tonight. He must've seen my face brighten because he smiles and says if you do anymore favors for me, I'll let you live in there forever. That little closet room of yours will go back to being a closet, and it'll be like it never happened. I run upstairs and into my old room and close the door, pressing my back against it and sinking to the floor. Tears spill down my face as I sob silently. Would he rape me? Would I have to have sex with him or kiss him more before he let me have back all the stuff that was rightfully mine?

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