Let me love you *Completed*

Amanda Wilson is a battered, beaten down girl who's just about had enough. She just wants it to be over and it's about to be, until a new kid comes into town. Seth Monroe. He can't figure out what's wrong with her, why she won't open up, why she can't let him love her. Is Amanda to broken to open up?


4. Crying

I hop off the bus and walk to my front door, taking out my key and walking in. My dad wasn't home. Why did he ask me to come home early? I just wished that he wouldn't come home at all. I just wish that he died in a car wreck or something on the way here. I think bitterly, jogging upstairs to the sorry excuse that was my room. It was barely bigger than a bathroom, and my bed was in the corner, just a ratty blanket on the ground and my old hobo satchel as my pillow. He uses the guest room as my fake room for when people have to come over, or social services. I'm not allowed to go in there. The last time I went in there without his permission, he whipped me across the face with his belt. Twice. It's supposed to be my pretend room- it was my real room when mom was alive. I decide to go in it, just until he got home. I leave the door open, and furry white carpet squishes between my toes. I open my closet and bite my lip. There were still my old clothes in there. My Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, my track sneakers, even my purple sweatpants with the stain near the crotch. I sit on the canopy bed and hold my pillow, the one with the letter A on it to my chest while tears silently roll down my cheeks. I missed living like this so badly it hurt. Then I hear the key jiggling in the door and I scramble out of the room and into mine, closing the door. I scramble out of my school clothes, putting on a purple tank top and red short shorts. As I put my light brown hair into a ponytail, my door throws open. I can't breathe. He stares at me in a way that made me want to throw my arms over my body. Come downstairs Amanda. He says softly, leaving the door ajar. I stand there, stunned. He never said my name in years. Amanda? He called shyly. I scramble down the steps and look at him in awe. He was sitting on the stool next to the counter, studying me. Wow, you get down here faster then when I yell at you. I stay frozen, so quiet I could hear the clock handles ticking. What now? I swallow and gather up the courage to ask a question. Why did you want me to come home early? He stands up and I reflexively throw my arms over my face. When nothing happens, I slowly lower my guard, but press my back against the wall. He was calculating me in such a way that made me stare back. He steps closer. Amanda, you look just like.....me. It was true. I was the splitting image of my father. I looked almost nothing like my mother- she had auburn hair that she always cut bluntly to her jaw and light gray eyes. The only thing I got from her was her height and gray eyes. I felt like I was about to cry- I was so scared. He holds my chin. Baby, look at me. I step back, my eyes bewildered. Baby? Where the hell is this coming from? I think, getting scared by the minuet. What are you doing? I whisper. My hands shake behind my back. He grabs my shoulders and I force myself to stand absolutely still. I brace myself for a slap and I feel utterly shocked when his mouth brushes against mine. Breathing hard and heavy in disbelief, I do what I should've done a long time ago. I push him away and pull back my hand, slapping him across his face. I stand there for those few scared moments. His cheek was bright red and my hand was swelling. I could hear the clock tick. You....you pervertic bastard! I shriek. He seems to regain his sense and slaps me across the face, sending me wheeling. Don't you ever call me that again. He snaps angrily. He grabs my waist. I struggle against him, screaming for help. He clamps a hand over my mouth and pushes me against the wall. Shut up! He snaps, punching my nose. You little piece of shit! My vision explodes into colors and I squeeze my eyes shut. He starts kissing me and I push and strain against him. It doesn't work. He's too strong. I claw at his back before he pins me and I can't fight anymore so I just don't do anything and stare at him. He breaks the kiss angrily. Kiss me! I shake my head numbly. How could you do that? I breathe. How could you.....treat your own daughter this way? His eyes look into mine and he automatically releases me, turning away. Then he grabs his keys and walks out the door, pulling it shut quietly. I sink to the floor, holding myself and sobbing.

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