Let me love you *Completed*

Amanda Wilson is a battered, beaten down girl who's just about had enough. She just wants it to be over and it's about to be, until a new kid comes into town. Seth Monroe. He can't figure out what's wrong with her, why she won't open up, why she can't let him love her. Is Amanda to broken to open up?


23. Conclusion

Seth's POV

I marry Olivia and we have three kids. Ivy, Mason, and Willow. That's the name Amanda would want for her daughter. Ivy and Mason had my light brown hair, and Willow had Olivia's blonde hair. And the same silvery gray eyes as Amanda. I showed her the picture and I couldn't believe it. Other than her blonde hair, Willow was the splitting image of Amanda. Pale skin and everything. I decide to take very special care of Willow, so she wouldn't go down the same road as my lost love. As her pigtails brush my face as I give her a piggy back ride, her squeal in my ear, I almost hear Amanda's soft voice in my ear to take care of her. And I was holding Amanda's phantom daughter. I imagine Amanda cradling her to sleep as I watch Willow play with her dolls. I missed her to this day, and I'm scared Olivia will know. I love Olivia with everything in my being, but Amanda was my first love. And I would marry her too. I should've got her out of there and to live with me when I had the chance. Now it's too late.

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