Belong to the world // h.s

"I"m not a fool

I just love that you're dead inside

Im not a fool

I"m just lifeless too"


1. 1

I sat quietly in the vip section with my lads , sipping on my vodka and all my attention on her. How the dress fitted her curvy thick body perfectly , the way her hips sway to the beat of the song the dj was playing , her dark brown wavy hair was everywhere since she was also moving her head side to side like she didn't care at all , you can she her pearly whites in display peeking through her hair .  She clearly looks like she enjoying her self .

Her eyes locked with mine , no emotion whatsoever , she dead inside you can see it in her eyes but damn i loved it . She gave me a quick wink making me smirk at her actions .I signal her with my eyes to come sit next to me , but she simply shook her head no , she mouth " come to me". Making me stand on my feet instantly , i ignore the boys call for me and went straight into the crowd. Pushing through the crowd , my eye still lock on her. The smirk never left her flawless face , she walked up to me . My skin was burning when her finger lightly trace the bird tattoo that was peeking through my shirt . I looked down to see her dark brown eyes staring straight into mine . She took her bottom lips in between her teeth making dirty images run through my minds . She pulled my shoulders down so my ear is in the same level as her mouth .

"Follow me" she whispered i nodded in response

She walked through the crowds looking back at times to wink at me or to pull the bottom of her dress up a little  , making me want to just fuck her right her to teach her not to tease me . I finally step out of the crowd alone in the hallways , i looked around and she no where in sight . Suddenly i was push into the walls , and her body was pin into mine . She smash her lips against mine , our lips molded perfectly , she turned her head deepen the kiss more. My hands travel down to where her perfect round ass were and i gave them a little squeeze making her moan , i took the opportunity to enter my tongue into her mouth . Our touge fought for dominance , but she won which surprise me since i always win . I broke the kiss , both of us are breathless , gasping for air. I stared into her eyes , how dead but beautiful they are . my eyes then trail down to her pump full medium size lips. I hungrily stared at them for what seems like hours, its like she read my mind when the words left her pump lips.

"Kiss me" she said , i did as requested smashing my lips to her , biting lightly on her lips

"Jump" i whispered against her lips. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my torso not detaching her lips from mine.I spin us around and pin her against the wall hungrily kissing her. She tug on my hair making me moan in response. She then jumped off still not detaching her lips, her hands travel down to my growing bulge. She place her hands on my bulge making me groan in response.

"I want you" she nibble on my earlobe ,making me go crazy .

The door next to use open , revealing a red head with her hair all over the place and her make up smudge.

"Lets go im finish" the redhead spoke

"Gotta go love" she said give me a quick kiss while skipping to catch up on her friend.

"Wait!" I yelled

She turned around "Mhm?"

"Can i atleast get a name?" I asked

"Victoria babe" she wink and then disappear in a blink of a eye.


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