When you're gone sweetheart (a harry styles fanfic)

Harry and Tessa have been together for 6 years and have got married and had a baby named Darcy who is six. Tessa leaves with Darcy in the middle of the night and something tragic happens, but who lives and who dies?


2. The day before everything changed...

Harry's P.O.V.

It was a cold winter morning. I was with Darcy and Tessa (or as I call them my girls). I went to push Darcy on the swings and push her down the slide. Tessa just sat there with her warm scarf, gloves, hat and her black designer coat. When Darcy wanted to go home we went hand in hand. I then thought of something why don't we go to the beach (yeah I know what your thinking in the winter). Darcy and Tessa were up for it so we packed a lunch and swimming costumes.

We got out of the car about 30 minutes later we had the picnic. We stayed till sunset Darcy saw us walk hand in hand through the sunset like she dreamed of every night. We went home after while it was getting cold and dark.

We arrived home at half seven. I helped bath Darcy. I tucked her in and I sung to her twinkle twinkle little star. She went off like a dream. I had a shower and tucked in next to Tessa. Tessa spoke to me she said we're over and she said she'd let me keep Darcy. She said she'd leave in the morning but little did I know that was a lie. 

I heard Tessa get up she said she was going to the bathroom but I heard a suitcase and Darcy waking up and then the car engine. 

"She's gone and I'm alone I need help" I screamed with tears in my eyes. 

Who will I ring now my mom's miles away  and the boys won't come now so I'm all alone I thought.

Hope you like this chapter sorry we left it on a cliffhanger thx for reading xxxxx

~Larryshipper and XxNialler'sPotatoXx


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