When you're gone sweetheart (a harry styles fanfic)

Harry and Tessa have been together for 6 years and have got married and had a baby named Darcy who is six. Tessa leaves with Darcy in the middle of the night and something tragic happens, but who lives and who dies?


3. Terrible news

I decided to ring zayn he only lived up the road from me.

I dialled his number and he said hello in a tired voice.

"Hello Zayn I need you I know it early but Tessa and Darcy have left me please come I need some someone." 

"Ok Haz I'm coming."

Zayn arrived 10 mins later. He sat with me all day. Niall,Louis and Liam came round when I got a phone call. 

It was from the hospital. Tessa and Darcy had been in an accident and only one of them made it.I dropped the phone and Liam grabbed it he carried on talking while i explained to the boys. Louis drove me and the boys to the hospital in his people carrier but then we got stuck in traffic. Will we ever make it...

Hope you like this capter sorry for leaving it on a cliffhanger. Update soon thx for reading. 

~Larryshipper and NIALLER'S_ANGEL

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