When you're gone sweetheart (a harry styles fanfic)

Harry and Tessa have been together for 6 years and have got married and had a baby named Darcy who is six. Tessa leaves with Darcy in the middle of the night and something tragic happens, but who lives and who dies?


4. at the hospital

We did make it just in time I found out who lived and died. Darcy made it my 6year old made it but my first love Tessa was gone.

Darcy's p.o.v​ 

All I remember is mommy dragging me to the car early in the morning and then as we were driving mommy took her eyes off for one second and then CRASH another car and a van crashed into us. Mommy died at the scene appartally and she was protecting me. I wanna see my daddy but aleast I remember him and everything and I have the memories of mommy and daddy together and us on the beach. Mommy and daddy walking hand in hand in to the sunset like i always dreamed of so i was happy." I want my  Daddy I want him now" I screamed to the nurse eairler and she replied softly  "He's coming don't worry princess". 

Harry's p.o.v​

As I walk up to the door which led me to Darcy's room. There she was my beautiful little girl sitting up just like she was before. She screamed " Dada" I then replied "princess". She smiled and then I broke down into tears. Darcy asked "what's wrong daddy?". "You've got your mommy's smile." She started to cry but then I told her she could come back with me now. She didn't refuse. I get to the car and I relise that Darcy looked a lot like Tessa except from her eyes and her lips. She had my eyes. My bright green eyes which glowed in the dark but everything else was Tessa's I can't believe she's got my lips but I'm happy. We drive home. 

Hope u like this chapter. update soon happy reading xxxxx thx 

~Larryshipper and  Nialler's_Angel


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